Sofia Carson & R3HAB - I Luv U

16 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ever since I saw Sofia Carson in the Disney Descendants movie, I have followed her singing career and her voice just keeps getting better and better with every song she releases. The video opens with a short statement from Sofia Carson, setting the storyline with the words, "She fell for him like a petal falls from a flower until every piece of her was his. She loved him and now nothing will ever be the same." - Anyone who has ever been in love, who has ever taken another into their hearts, and made their world theirs to share, will fully understand this, it's how I feel right now and have been feeling for the last two and a half years, although the song takes on a different meaning, there are bound to be times in any relationship where you'll understand the meaning of this song, either slightly or whole-heartedly.

The video sees Sofia Carson posing for the camera in a warehouse, clearly, she's doing a photo shoot. She looks absolutely stunning from start to finish. It's the perfect setting for something so emotional whilst being emotionless, as when posing for photos you are meant to express yourself in a different way to the way you are feeling, which is what we see during the other scenes of the video where she is off-set from the photo shoot. There are black and white visuals spaced between the narrative, showing Sofia Carson in the studio with R3HAB, recording the song, adding the much-needed emotion that allows the lyrics to connect with the listeners.