Charlie Puth - Mother

26 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Charlie Puth's music has always been hit or miss for me, like, some of his songs are incredible and I love them a lot, some have grown on me and I like now purely because I've heard them so often, and then other tracks just aren't to my liking, and "Mother" is one of those songs - although I have a feeling it will grow on me, considering I only heard it yesterday. It jumped out at me as I saw it on TV as my brother was on the YouTube app, and I barely even recognised Charlie Puth with his shaved head, yet it so suits him and he looks damn fine in this visual. It was released just over a year ago and I'm surprised it didn't become an international hit, but it's gaining traction again and I have a feeling this will become a sleeper hit, or it'll forever be underrated.

Directed by Dawit N.M with COUSCOUS acting as the production company, this accompanying music video fits in perfectly with the song itself. It has a slight throwback to Christina Milian's "Am to Pm" to it due to the main female character sneaking out of the house, but overall gives a good narrative and Charlie Puth's relaxed performance vibe is stellar. The story follows a group of young adults spending time together by jumping in neighbours swimming pools and going for drives, with the ending scene showing our main character sneaking back into her home and getting under the bed covers just before her mother opens the bedroom door to check up on her. It's a great storyline that will never get old but this one has some unique camera shots that really transforms the narrative and Charlie Puth performs the song within the narrative as if he's both a part of the group and not a part of the group. It's clever, interesting, and engaging. It's another brilliant music video from Charlie Puth.