INNA Featuring J Balvin - Cola Song

17 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Okay, I am shocked I haven't written about this to date, especially since I am a massive fan of INNA's and I've seen her twice, and I've written a lot about her songs, music videos, albums, and I even managed to interview her for CelebMix. So, I thought I better write up about this one today, for my Thursday Revisit since I reviewed her new music video for "Read My Lips" with Farina, this week. This song, "Cola Song", is possibly her most-recent international hit, which is crazy to think of since she has consistently released new music over the years. The song is totally a summer anthem and her voice sounds amazing on this track. It's an addicting grower of a song and has an undeniable Latin flavour to it, thanks to the feature from J Balvin.

The music video has gained over 200 million YouTube views, which is completely crazy and makes some of the scenes iconic to INNA because it has been seen by so many. However, this pure performance music video exudes sex, a visual we are used to from INNA and have seen in the likes of "Amazing", "Sun Is Up", "Déjà Vu", "Club Rocker", and "INNdiA" amongst others. There's not a lot going on, but INNA impresses me with her choreography which she totally knocks out of the park, and we totally need to see her dance more - for sure. Other scenes include her being in the water and also being topless, but most of the scenes show her in a bikini enjoying the beat of the song and enjoying the summer sun. It's definitely a track that is perfect for the summer, but the music video doesn't inspire me, and she has released better music videos both recently and further in the past.