Relley C - Liar Liar

13 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ever since I started blogging again I've been impatiently waiting to review this music video because this is Relley C's best music video to-date and I absolutely love the narrative, the performance and the incredible song. I previously wrote up about it for CelebMix. This is just well-packaged and a perfect and unforgettable music video. I love it so much and could watch it again and again and again - well, I have been doing just that. The song, "Liar Liar", is taken from her most recent EP, titled "We've All Been There", and it's a stand out track. Relley C's vocals are stunning as she sings about not having time for liars and cheaters in her life - which is something I can totally relate to! Like, liars annoy the hell out of me and I respect people who tell the truth a hell of a lot more (even those not-nice truths) than those who simply lie. Every time I hear the song, now, I can't help but sing it out loud! Total fire!

Accompanying the track is this amazing music video which starts off with a narrative that shows Relley C's love-interest spending time with another girl in their apartment, and Relley C walks in on them, and so after an argument, she chucks him out - good for her. The rest of the music video is mainly performance scenes in the apartment, at a piano, at the recording studio. She looks stunning throughout and she showcases emotion and fierceness, and you can really tell she means every single word!