Antonia Featuring Puya - Hurricane

October 08, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This has got to be one of the best music videos that Antonia has ever released. I discovered it when I was creating a CelebMix article titled 5 of Antonia's Best Music Videos and I couldn't help but crown "Hurricane" as the best one. I do wish that the track had become an international success just so that the music video could've been shown on music channels all around the globe because it really is so amazing and it's shocking that there are only 6 million YouTube views, I mean, that's still a lot but this so deserves a tonne more. The song reminds people of Eminem and Rihanna's song "Love The Way You Lie", and whilst I agree with them on the meaning behind the songs, Antonia's vocals are completely off the chart filling the track with so much heart and passion throughout. Puya's rapping switches the track up adding more Eastern-European vibes to the track whilst also making it truly Romanian. The lyrics of the song paints a story of a love that has its ups and its downs, but one she would fight for, for every single day - I need someone who would fight for me!

I've already stated that I think this is one incredible music video but I'm willing to say this again and again. I could literally watch this on repeat, over and over. It's both a narrative and a performance piece with Antonia completely selling it from the get-go. We start off with a scene where Antonia is dressed impeccably in a black dress as she walks down the corridor away from her on-screen love-interest who has clearly done something wrong. We flash through performance scenes, which we continually see throughout the visual of both Antonia and Puya who are giving it their all, you can see in their eyes that they mean every single word they are singing. The narrative continues with a flashback of Antonia meeting her love interest for the first time as they both work at a cute small bar where she's a waitress and he's a barman. During this scene, when the chorus kicks in, Antonia jumps up onto the stage and sings her part of the song, to which the audience applauds her.

The story continues in which they move up in the world and go into the business side of things. He has his own office, and Antonia looks amazing as she struts around promoting Avon - she's even on the cover of his assistant's Avon book. Antonia returns to his office, only to see the said assistant with her hands all over him. Let's be real, Antonia isn't someone you want to get on the wrong side of, and her face in that exact moment, says it all. She ends up forgiving him, until their fancy dinner comes along, in which she's already got her doubts about him and then, on top of that, he gets a message from another woman saying that she misses him. Well, Antonia flips, and rightly so, shoving him and throwing a glass of wine over him - you go, girl! She returns to the bar that she once worked at and takes a seat, he later follows hoping to make it up to her, she goes to sing on the stage and the ending scene sees them hugging. Their love is clearly so strong and forgiving is never easy. It's great to see the representation of a real relationship in this visual. There's so much going on, so much detail, which makes me want to watch this again and again. Definitely one of Antonia's best music videos to-date.