Little Mix - Holiday

October 07, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Another music video I haven't seen before today, from one of my favourite girl groups. I'm literally blaming YouTube for all the reasons why I'm missing these music videos, as they no longer send emails when a channel you're subscribed to releases a new video - I get it because my email is full of YouTube emails, so I do understand it from that perspective, but on the other hand, I am missing all these music videos that I want to watch upon the day of release, not weeks and weeks down the line. This one is another great performance piece from Little Mix and I've recently been watching their TV talent show Little Mix The Search where they are searching for people to form a band which will go out on tour with them as their support act; this song has been played a couple of times in the background of the show and it is so addictively catchy. It's a very sweet pop track about being in love and how that feels like a holiday.

The music video is a pure performance visual that was filmed during the pandemic and as with all the music videos that are being filmed during this time, there are restrictions, limitations, and plenty of difficulties, which explains why this music video is slightly disappointing considering their previous visuals, yet it can totally be forgiven due to filming during these tough times. Little Mix still manages to bring it, with all things considered, giving sexiness, dance, and fierceness. Throughout the video, they are depicted as mermaids and goddesses. It's an iconic video with some brilliantly edited scenes that transports them into such a magical world, but it's just missing the Little Mix fire that they deliver in all their other music videos.