Fleur East - A Day In LA (More and More)

I am breaking the rules, once again, since this is not an official music video for this song, this is more of a promotional video, as Fleur East has confirmed there will be an official music video released soon, however it's been a couple of months now, and there's no sign of an official music video any time soon, it especially didn't help with this song not charting. I have broken the rules a few times before, examples includes Justin Bieber's entire promotional videos for his album, titled "Purpose: The Movement", as well as Revisit Thursday Nathan Sykes "Born To Dance". Fleur East brings the summer with this tune, and this video is some fun in the sun, which we definitely need in this cold UK weather. Everyday we love you more and more Fleur East

WHO WOULD LIKE A BIT OF SAX?We would! We love the fact that the amazing Fleur East will be one of our headliners on...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Fleur East has been confirmed for Birmingham Pride 2016, as one of the main headliners. After supporting her throughout The X Factor, I am so excited to see her perform and hear her sing "Sax" live, her dancing will be incredible, undoubtedly. She came second behind Ben Haenow, but it seems that Fleur East has won overall, because of her chart hits. This song was released with very little promotion, no official video and no release date announcement and no performances around that time. Whether they were relying on radio to pick it up, I don't know, but the radio didn't pick it up that well, and the song failed to chart. Maybe the release of the official video might push sales. The song was written by Fleur East, Edvard Førre Erfjord, Henrik Michelsen, James Abrahart and Camille Purcell.

Directed by Robin Fenlon, the video was released as a promotional video for the song. It shows Fleur East in Los Angeles, having a sun fun day, which we all love to do now and again don't we?

This could slightly work as an official video, since Fleur East is dancing and singing to the song, the performance side is subtle, but interesting, it's nice to see her relaxed and just having fun, maybe a bit of freestyle would have made this performance side a little more interesting, but I guess we all need to wind down after the full dance choreography of "Sax".

Fleur gives us fun fun fun, fun in the sun! She has fun on the beach, on the pier, in an arcade/amusements (Dance machine, oh yeah!), at a funfair, in a red convertible car, in a funky clothes shop and at a basketball court. She makes me want to go to LA on holiday, in this exact place.

Overall, as an official music video, it works slightly, but it's only a promotional video, and so it works well. The song is a grower, one that may eventually chart as it's getting more and more catchy, but it needs more and more promotion... Definitely needs a remix, which would definitely help it to chart better. Overall, fun, sun and confident.
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Fleur East - Sax

We have all been awaiting this video since the single dropped and I can't help feeling a little on the disappointed side. Been a fan of Fleur East since she appeared on The X Factor. Since then she has grown as an artist, and her first single since finishing second on The X Factor is one catchy song, this is my JAM in a club! Fleur East shines throughout the video, looking a bit like a celebration, a quality street and a heroes sweet you find in the sweet tubs, she throws in a tonne of effort for the choreography, leaving us with a show that is flawless.

As previously mention, Fleur East came second on The X Factor, just behind winner Ben Haenow. The 11th series gave us those two stars as well as Andrea Faustini, Jake Quickenden, Lauren Platt, Only The Young and Stereo Kicks. "Sax" was written by Fleur East, Edvard Førre Erfjord, Henrik Michelson, James Abrahart and Camille Purcell. Inspired by "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson, the song is infinitely catchy, and I cannot help but dance to it. I just want to go clubbing every time I hear it. It is now being used for the Asda Christmas commercial.

The music video was directed by award winning Colin Tilley, he directed Nick Jonas' "Levels", Tulisa's "Live It Up", Cheryl's "Crazy Stupid Love" and JLS's "She Makes Me Wanna". So surely he can bag an amazing video right?

Wrong. I wouldn't go as far as saying this was amazing. This has a killer dance choreography. One that makes me on my feet prepared to learn it. I already have the "get loose" section down to a tee. Probably the only bit I'm going to learn and nail.

Fleur East does her best to look incredible. The spotlight is on her, and she is looking mighty fine and damn well sexy. She pulls off the dance moves as if they're nothing, and although her clothing looks like a sweet wrapper, she still shines through.

However there is no saxophone in sight, no narrative to the story, and that changing background is definitely off putting. It's almost as if there wasn't much budget for the music video, and yet we don't need it with an amazing choreographed dance routine and a perfect smash hit of a song. Do we really need a perfect video on top?
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