Lasgo - Alone

Alone - Lasgo |

I had a massive amount of choice for my Thursday Revisit music video review today. I chose this one, as I don't think I'll have much of a chance to review more Lasgo music videos in the future unless they do decide to make a comeback. So here we are, and I do not remember this song at all... Not only that but I don't even get the music video either, so confusing. Watch Evi Goffin walk around this cool building with a flashlight, as ghostly apparitions appear here and there, all the while she is followed by Peter Luts and Dave McCullen in the music video for "Alone".

Lasgo were a three-piece trance group from Belgium, consisting of Evi Goffin, Peter Luts, and Dave McCullen. They've had a few line-up changes over the years and will probably never make a comeback even if Evi Goffin and Dave McCullen have been seen performing under Lasgo's name together. Who knows what is happening? What we do know is that they haven't released a song since 2013, which is a seriously long time. This song never quite measured up to the success of "Something", but it was still a pretty big hit for the trio, even managing to hit number three in Belgium and Scotland, as well as number seven on the UK Singles Chart. It was written by Peter Luts and David Vervoort.

The music video is all set in this amazing cool building. It looks really haunting, so it's no surprise when ghostly apparitions appear - well that's what I think they are.

The opening scene sees Evi Goffin drawing and painting. She's creating images of her past with the guy she fell for. This guy isn't around anymore, and by the looks of the music video, he might not be alive - hence the ghosts.

As ghosts run around, the singer doesn't even act surprised, even when the champagne pours itself back into the bottle. Once again, she acts as if she's trying to find something or someone. Unfortunately, she never finds her lover and ends up back in the room with her drawings and Peter Luts and Dave McCullen appear behind her, just like she foretold in her drawing.

Overall, this music video could've been so much better. The cameraman clearly seemed more interested in playing around with camera angles and movements during the performance piece, that even their presence as they sang the song didn't impress. It's such a disappointing portrayal but gets kudos for the concept, which is relatable to some extent.
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Amy Lee - Speak To Me

Speak to Me - Amy Lee |

This is beyond beautiful; this is beyond stunning; this is beyond anything we've ever seen from her yet. The frontwoman of Evanescence has this amazing music video for her new single "Speak To Me" and Amy Lee totally brings it like you wouldn't believe. This came up in my YouTube recommendations, and I have actually been waiting for this, so I clicked on this straight away and just had to review it for my blog. I almost cried, almost. Watch Amy Lee, the frontwoman of Evanescence, deliver a gorgeous visual for her song "Speak To Me" that is a soundtrack theme song for the film "Voice From The Stone".

Amy Lee is best known for being the frontwoman of the band Evanescence, who are supposed to be returning to music soon. For the time being, she has been focusing on her solo career as well as looking after her son. This song proves that Amy Lee can really truly sing. You may know her for her rock songs, and undeniably she can sing rock really well. Evanescence would not have gained a number one single with "Bring Me To Life" if it wasn't for her amazing vocals, but this song right here shows her vocal range, shows her versatility, and also shows her ability to flood a song with raw emotion. Amy Lee deserves so much more credit than what she has, and if there's one singer that is underrated and underestimated, it's her. This song is intricately stunning, it's perfection. This should be a global hit. It was written by Amy Lee and Michael Wandmacher.

The music video was directed by Eric D. Howell, It shows Amy Lee in a stunning dress, that she designed herself along with Anna Lombardi, whilst playing the piano. There are short narrative scenes that show her watching over a child.

The child looks a lot like her son Jack Lion Hartzler (it's not, though; instead, it's the director's son), and he goes around the grounds of a castle, throwing stones in the water, playing with toy trucks, running about. Throughout, Amy Lee is following, as if she's a ghost.

The narrative continues as we see short clips of Amy Lee and the child spending time together, she is wearing something different and it has a feeling that it's part of their past. Throughout, there's a hidden meaning, suggesting that Amy Lee has passed away, hence why she is looking over the boy as if she is a ghost. Then we watch the rest of the performance piece.

Emotions run wild in the performance piece, enough to break all our hearts. This song means a lot to her and she's put that in the song and the music video. There's a lot of yearning for her child in this music video, and Amy Lee easily displays that emotion to us. She makes us want to cry.

Many fans have noticed some scenes are similar to previous Evanescence videos, perhaps an ode to her previous visuals; such as the black and white visual where she is floating in the water, is very reminiscent of "My Immortal", although she has been in the water since "Going Under". Then there's the angel scene, which we can all presume has a very tiny link to the album artwork of Evanescence's first self-titled EP, from way back in 1998.

Overall, this music video is completely stunning along with the song. She has proven herself as an artist, as a singer, and as a songwriter. This song deserves a lot more recognition. As for the music video, it relates to the song perfectly, and will probably work amazingly with the film "Voice From The Stone" that will be released soon. I've been battling with the rating all day, but due to the fact that the whole narrative isn't fully displayed, with the viewers having to gather what is going on, I have dropped a star. But this is a video I can't stop watching! Bring on more stunning visuals Amy Lee!
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Una Healy Featuring Sam Palladio - Stay My Love

Stay My Love (feat. Sam Palladio) - Una Healy |

Finally, she has dropped a music video. This will act as Una Healy's official first single, even though it is her third promotional instant grat single from her debut studio album. What a way to kick off your musical career; a duet with no other than Nashville's Sam Palladio. This is quite the fit for the song, although I'm not so keen on the song itself... It deserves to be a little bit more catchy, and doesn't quite go anywhere. The music video sees Una Healy missing her man, who just happens to be Sam Palladio, as they wish they ask each other to "Stay My Love".

Una Healy made her name as one-fifth of girl group The Saturdays. They are, unfortunately, on a hiatus with no sights on getting back together anytime soon. All five girls are doing incredibly well for themselves, away from the group. For Una Healy, she will be the first of the five to release a debut album. Her style is very different from The Saturdays, and it's a completely new route. It's quite a soft country sound that takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you're used to her pop-dance songs in The Saturdays. Yet, I'm proud she's making the music she wants to. Sam Palladio featured on this track, he's mostly known for playing Gunnar Scott in the TV show, Nashville. Although he has been in many other things such as Humans. This song was written by Una Healy and Amy Wadge.

The music video was filmed in Nashville and shows Una Healy revisiting a place where she spent time with her on-screen love interest, who is played by Sam Palladio. It all has an Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger feel to it, this video is definitely reminiscent of "Let Me Go".

The narrative is extremely intricate as Sam Palladio is almost a ghost. In his scenes, a cold filter is used suggesting that it is the past; whereas in Una Healy's visual it's all full of warmth, as she glances at pictures of Sam Palladio.

She ends up driving to a bench with a beautiful scenic landscape, she sits down on the bench and the video ends with them two together on the bench.

Halfway through the video, there is a performance piece and they completely shine throughout. Both artists are amazing singers and performers, really showcasing their love for this song. However, I'm not so keen on the song, it's not the sort of country I like, and it totally feels dated.

The video is an awesome concept, and I've only ever seen it similar in "Let Me Go" by Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. However, both videos are completely different and although this one is lacking in comparison; stood all by itself and compared to the meaning behind this song, it deserves an equally high rating.
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Chart Mondays: Calvin Harris - My Way

Going down a more country house music route, Calvin Harris' "My Way" is being reviewed as this week's Chart Mondays. He is throwing quite the spanner in my Halloween Special unless you supposed the love interest in this music video is a ghost, a pixelated one at best... Let's run with that, although, she is a robot. The song has been in the UK top 10 for a while, but the video has only just been released. With Little Mix's "Shout Out To My Ex" happily sitting on top, I'm reviewing this music video instead. Calvin Harris has stated that this song isn't about Taylor Swift, the song is about an ex-girlfriend being in his way. The accompanying music video for "My Way" shows her appearing and disappearing in a set of pixels, is she even real?

Calvin Harris, real name Adam Wiles, is the Scottish DJ who has won numerous awards and has worked with some of the biggest stars. He has a string of hits that just don't stop coming. He's definitely the one to watch around the world, because he is one of the hottest DJ's going at the moment, and I don't just mean his looks, even though he is pretty damn fine (especially considering what he used to look like when he released his debut single "Acceptable In The 80s"). This song was written by Calvin Harris.

The music video was directed by Emil Nava, who has directed a lot of Calvin Harris' music videos. The love interest is played by actress Emanuela Postacchini.

There is a kind of massive narrative behind this which is hard to follow. At first, I didn't get this video one bit, but I'm slowly understanding it, from my own perspective. This concept of the video may not be the intentional theory behind the narrative from the director or Calvin Harris.

We start off in a futuristic world, where there is a tall building standing in a desolate destroyed Earth. The camera pans into a window where we see a person with a Virtual Reality helmet on.

In an extremely clever cut, we see Calvin Harris on the steps of a country home. Into the past we go. We watch as Calvin Harris sings about the one thing being in his way, it's clearly his robotic love interest, but is she even there? The one complete stable throughout is Calvin Harris himself, everything else becomes a pixelated mess.

As the story continues, we watch her appear everywhere, taking control, destroying things. Almost as if it's a virus amongst his computer system; definitely an atrocity for any producer in the world.

The video ends with no one in the futuristic building; instead, there's a stand-alone computer from the 90s, maybe earlier, and there's one in each window-room of the building. Has this futuristic person become a pixelated specimen to run away with this person who isn't even real? Or does this video just not make sense?

What I do know, is that there is an awesome dance break during the barn house scene, where the choreography is nailed completely. With laser lights and an upbeat melody, you really can't go wrong.

This video is confusing, it gets even weirder the more you watch it. The pixels mess with your brain, disengaging the audience, which is the point of the video. Amazingly futuristically brilliant. Yet, I still can't quite make sense of this.
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James Morrison Featuring Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings

First off, Justin Timberlake is the thumbnail for no reason whatsoever, this needs to be corrected, although I suppose it's giving this already popular song more hits than usual, but still it's misleading. THIS IS NOT A JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE MUSIC VIDEO! Just wanted to clarify that. This is a James Morrison and Nelly Furtado song and is still being played on the radio today. James Morrison sings in a room whilst Nelly Furtado watches through a one-way mirror before their amazing electric voices blow objects up in the room; breaking guitar strings and heart strings.

James Morrison, real name James Morrison Catchpole, was one of the biggest British male singers back in the mid-00's, having a hit with "You Give Me Something" before this one became his bestselling hit. He has a Brit award and he has sung with the likes of Jessie J and Jason Mraz. He's still releasing music, but he's fairing much better in the Netherlands than in the UK. Featured on this track is the stunningly beautiful Nelly Furtado, who was also at the height of her career in the mid-00's. This song was the Olly Murs & Demi Lovato's "Up" of the mid-00's... Nelly Furtado is also still releasing music to this day but has yet to have another global hit after the amazing "Maneater". Yet with those vocals and her gorgeous style, I bet she could easily make a comeback. This song hit number two in the UK, beaten to the top spot by Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". It was written by James Morrison, Fraser T Smith and Nina Woodford.

This music video was directed by Micah Meisner. Fully relatable to the song, the video is mainly a performance piece with a narrative built within. It reminds me of a cross between Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" and every video that has a wall to separate artists (there's been a lot of them so I won't type them all down).

James Morrison starts the song off in his room with his guitar. He's singing to himself in the mirror, as if he can imagine Nelly Furtado on the other side, maybe she is actually there or it's just his imagination.

Nelly Furtado jumps in with her amazing vocals, and their hands are touching on the one-way mirror. FUN COMPETITION: Nelly Furtado swaps hands for one short snapshot before switching to the original hand. Find it and either Tweet, Facebook, Instagram me or comment below the time or a photo.

This inconsistency is surprisingly annoying. Like seriously? How do you miss that? It's not okay, it really isn't.

Luckily we're distracted by the amazing song. Objects blow up in James Morrison's room as they are connecting hands on the one-way mirror. Towards the end, they fix themselves and the room is just normal again. Nelly Furtado is gone for good. It's the same as heart strings when they are broken, they learn to fix themselves and the heart heals; it becomes stronger.

This song is completely powerful, yet the video is just as powerful. Back then this was a strong music video, and it completely relates to the song. Usually, that inconsistency would knock a star off my rating, but I can't bring myself to do it because this video is amazing!
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Måns Zelmerlöw - Cara Mia

Måns Zelmerlöw - Cara Mia by donna-bella

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, with "Heroes", I quickly became a fan of Måns Zelmerlöw. After buying his extensive collection from iTunes, Cara Mia struck me as a hit, and the music video is attached to his debut album "Stand By For...". This launched him in Sweden, top of the chart, a new star was released in the world. Eight years on and he represented Sweden and won the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Måns Zelmerlöw's debut music video, Cara Mia, may seem old, but it's refreshing with ghostly images, definitely defining music videos since 2007.

Måns Zelmerlöw is my Thursday Revisit this week after reviewing his latest music video for song "Fire In The Rain". Having came fifth in Swedish Idol 2005 and winning the first season of Let's Dance (Swedish Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing With The Stars), Måns Zelmerlöw is a household name in Sweden, with a number of hit singles, albums and Christmas tracks, this guy can sing. But internationally success seems to be far out of his reach. He entered Melodifestivalen 2007 with this song, and came third overall. The song soon climbed up the Swedish charts and hit number one for four weeks. I bet he didn't think he'd go on to win Melodifestivalen eight years later, let alone winning the entire Eurovision Song Contest 2015. This song was written by Fredrik Kempe and Henrik Wilkström.

The music video is mainly narrative, a very young Måns Zelmerlöw is obviously thinking of a girl he likes. The start shows him calling her up using a rotary dial-style phone.

As he performs the song, with his usual air and vibe, you can tell how much he has changed. Here he seems timid imagining being with a girl he loves.

This catchy song pushed him into success, given him the confidence he needed to become the star he is now. Acting is on point, so love-lost he felt the emotions of the song.

The actress or love interest is unknown, but plays an important role in the video, connecting with Måns Zelmerlöw, we feel the passion between them.

Overall, a great narrative video, with a perfect typical performance behind it. Nothing exciting or new, nothing we haven't seen plenty of times before. Just a plain average music video, with such a catchy song, that I'm disappointed it wasn't an international hit.
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Sia - Taken For Granted

Two music videos were released for this song, so I shall review both of them, although they feel pretty similar. This happened with Rihanna's single "Work", where two videos got a surprise release.

The reason why there's two for this single is that the first music video was apparently shot on just a 50 bucks budget. When this single became popular and hit the UK chart at number ten, they had the money to fund a more higher budgeted music video.

Sia, full name Sia Furler, started off her career in acid-jazz band, Crisp and provided vocals for their two albums. Crisp later disbanded, and Sia moved to London, she then worked with Zero 7. In 2000 she got a recording contract with Sony Music's sub-label Dance Pool and released this as her first ever single. It's nice to look back on old songs on my Thursday Revisits. This is a complete change to who we know Sia as. "Cheap Thrills" and "Chandelier" are totally different to this song, but this is definitely just as catchy. The song heavily samples Sergei Prokofiev's "Montagues and Capulets", which not only gets repetitive but doesn't make the song any more appealing. It was written by Sia Furler and produced by Nigel Corsbie. Sia is out in the open in both these videos, no hiding behind a wig. True to herself, her voice is soulful, but with no performance vibes, both videos fall flat. The song reminds me of P!nk's early work.

This is the first video, directed by Matthew Bate on a 50 bucks budget, apparently, it is slightly more appealing and interesting than the second one. Low budget music videos rarely interest me, as they haven't got enough money to capture the audience enough. The narrative isn't played out fully because of this.

However it is a nice idea, and some scenes are exact replicas of the lyrics of the song, relating exactly. There's an intricate scene in which ghostly Sia sings to the Sia crashed on the bed. I love this idea, although it isn't played out enough. This should've been the main narrative.

This video shows that some low-budget videos attempt to include too much, which leaves the audience, not only wanting more, but deprived of visual entertainment.
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This is the second music video that was released. Directed by Fatima Robinson and edited by Angus Giorgi. This one is much more visually friendly, because of the much higher budget.

Sia is a vision of beauty, although not so keen on the style of the bedroom scene, she looks poor and lonely which is the whole intention, but compared with the other two characters it feels totally out of place.

Sia proves that even different people can feel the exact same emotions. They deal with them differently too, which she undoubtedly displays for the music video.

Unfortunately, Sia fails to manage to capture us in this performance based video. It plods along with very little excitement or even an understanding of what is unfolding. There's a little ode to the previous music video, a scene which doesn't make sense no matter which video you view.

Overall, visually more appealing, but much more tedious and bland.
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New Release: The Girl And The Dreamcatcher - Glowing In The Dark

It's my birthday today, and what a way to start it off, finding a whole new duo that is currently exciting me, and being able to promote them as my New Release this week. I have not been this excited for a duo song since Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello collaborated on "I Know What You Did Last Summer". The Girl and The Dreamcatcher proves that Disney isn't who they are when it comes to their music. Catchy and meaningful, this duo is one to watch out for, with a spooky video to boot.

The Girl and The Dreamcatcher is currently my favourite duo. They have everything we want out of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's "I Know What You Did Last Summer", yet them two probably won't be collaborating again, whereas this duo is an official group. I'm fully excited to see where their journey will take them, hopefully many brilliant songs like this one, an amazing album, and a global hit, because they definitely deserve recognition. The duo consists of The Girl, who is Dove Cameron, and The Dreamcatcher, who is Ryan McCartan. Dove Cameron is known for playing twins Liv and Maddie in a Disney show of the same name, Ryan McCartan also stars in the show as Diggie. Disney is hitting these stars here, there and everywhere, and hopefully these two will follow the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Their first single was "Written In The Stars", and this song is their follow-up single. They also released two Christmas singles last year. Keep you're eyes open for these two, I'm calling it, they will be the next big stars, if not this year, it'll definitely happen next year. They just need more recognition.

The music video is pure brilliance, filled with Pretty Little Liars vibes as well as Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's "I Know What You Did Last Summer", the video pretty much starts with us all thinking it's going to be an amazing cover version. However the song is totally different.

A full narrative and performance piece, Dove Cameron visits the grave of Ryan McCartan, and drops a rose, which falls into his grave. His grave consists of a stage and I can just imagine him singing all day long to other dead people. Can I be buried in that graveyard in the future please? I want to hear his voice all day long, every day; but Dove Cameron has to be eventually buried there too so we can hear her amazing voice too, their harmonies are better than perfection.

The video continues and Dove Cameron envisions Ryan McCartan wherever she goes, she imagines him wherever she goes. It's his ghost or spirit coming back, wanting to see her, dance with her and obviously sing with her again.

The choreography scene is magical, The Girl and The Dreamcatcher shows us exactly what they've got, these two can dance, no doubt about that, and they prove themselves as credible dancers and singers as their emotion flows perfectly, I really would like to see these two live, it would be a show I wouldn't want to miss.

Overall a perfect song that has Eurovision vibes to it, can't we get them to represent the UK in this year's Eurovision? Especially since duos seem to do well in the competition, and this song is exactly what is doing well in the contest recently. The video is on point, perfect and although gives vibes of other things we may have watched, it doesn't matter, everything is a copy of everything no matter which way we look at things. Nothing's completely original even if we originally come up with the idea, with no inspiration. I can't wait to see where this group will go. The future is more than bright for these two.
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Anya - Beautiful World

Anya is my Thursday revisit, purely because I doubt she will appear on my blog again for some time. And what a cracking debut single from this girl! Catchy yet relaxing with a ghost at the wheel of the truck, Anya and her lover boy lye down sensually touching one another. Making me slightly jealous, I want that in my life, although I don't think I could put my life in the hands of a ghost though.

Anya, real name Anya Marian, looks like she won't be returning to the music industry for a while now, although I truly believe it's time for her to make a comeback, with the amount of Romanian stars making it big nowadays, especially the international successes of Inna and Alexandra Stan, Romanian artists should be jumping on the bandwagon, and push their music out there while Romanian dance songs are popular. Anya could be the next big thing, but only if she goes for it.

The music video is sweet and innocent, it was supposed to be the next big hit after "Mr Saxobeat" by Alexandra Stan, but it just didn't hit off. Anya just didn't become the star people was hoping her to become,

There's complete focus of lying in the back of this truck, which reminds me of the short scene in Inna's music video "Crazy Sexy Wild / Tu Si Eu".

There's not a lot to comment on, apart from the sweetness of this, although she is quite daring letting the truck drive itself whilst she goes and visits the boy in the back, as well as looking sexy on the front of the truck, although that is a bit more than daring, yet we all want to try this one day surely.

Overall, interesting, different, doesn't exactly go with the club vibes of the song, however it does relate to the song well.
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Shawn Mendes - Stitches

Saw this for the first time today on the music channels, I hadn't even heard this song before today and yet I just had to review this video. Just an invisible ex beating him up, a ghosty ex, or him beating himself up where the relationship went wrong? Either way Shawn Mendes shines through wishing I was the one healing Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Mendes first came to light on Vine, singing covers of songs. He soon became popular and got a record deal. He released an EP, and an album that has done well, and this song is his biggest hit. Most recently he has released a collaboration with Camila Cabello, one fifth of Fifth Harmony, called "I Know What You Did Last Summer". This guy, with this voice, will definitely be in the music charts for some time. Personally he looks a little like Nick Robinson, definitely a dead ringer for him.

Music video was directed by Jay Martin, it's simple. That is the only word to describe it.

Shawn Mendes sings the song in an abandoned car park, and gets beaten up by some unseen person. Figuratively speaking he could be beating himself up after a relationship gone bad, or a ghost has come to get their revenge. Either way it works easily, and definitely stands out; shockingly so.

I do have a slight problem, there is no wall behind him when he gets hit and flies through the air. At first I thought he fell through the car park floor, but I was definitely mistaken by that. So, other than invisible ex's, we also get walls appearing from thin air. The bathroom scene is a little dodgy, where did the bathroom come from? Yet he could've walked to the bathroom, who knows what the car park is attached to, some offices or corporation maybe? They would definitely have bathrooms.

Overall, great music video that definitely stands out on the music channels. An amazing song to go with it too. Dropped one star because of bad continuity edits, there was no wall behind him, just saying.
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Panic! At The Disco - This Is Gospel

After the last two music videos I have reviewed which were Ellie Goulding's "Burn" and Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop", both videos fail to keep me engaged, I thought it was about time I chose a video that did, and this one sure does.

I have to admit, I had lost hope that Panic! At The Disco will ever come back with an amazing track. Their songs are those sort of songs that fit the time period, ones that are catchy at that time of year but never stands the test of time, and when you come across those tracks once again you want to know what made you like them so much. And after the release of their most recent single "Miss Jackson" featuring Lolo, I thought it was the end of them, but this new song has definitely changed that around, and I actually want to hear their new album. This song has given me hope. The band is now a three-piece consisting of Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith and Dallon Weekes.

"This Is Gospel" was written by Brendon Urie, and is extremely personal to him, apparently it was kept back from the rest of the band for a few months before he plucked up the courage to show it's awesomeness to the band. I find it really catchy and something I'll be playing again and again. I hope it charts well here in the UK but since it has received quite a lot of hits on YouTube considering it was only released yesterday, this is bound to be a hit.

The music video is... I'm not quite sure how to explain this music video one bit. But I guess a lot of girls out there are enjoying this video, as the YouTube comments suggest.

Brendon Urie is being restrained and obviously for his own good, guess these surgeons don't let you leave against medical advice. And they sedate him to get him to comply. They clearly know what they want to do to him.

While asleep he gets all dressed up only to be contained into a coffin and filled with water, but he breaks out when the chorus kicks in and just like that he heads towards the light, leaving us wondering if he has gone up to heaven and died during the surgery, or was it the light that brings him back to life, all the surgery done and dealt with?

Overall a song that has impressed me, and I really do hope this band gets a hit out of this, that beats "Nine In The Afternoon" which got to number 13 here in the UK (which now sounds surprising since it's more of a guilty pleasure than anything else). The accompanying music video is good, and is representative of not just the song, but also their band mate Spencer Smith, who has been battling an addiction to alcohol and drugs. I have respect for this band, but they haven't brought me back as a fan of theirs just yet, but I hope their third single release from their new album will make me want to listen to them all over again.

Elliot Minor - Parallel Worlds

Elliot Minor becomes my Sunday Revisit, purely because I don't think I'll have a chance to review this band again since they may never stop their hiatus. So instead, I hope The Dead Famous or Spirits will be reviewed on this blog soon, as one member from each of those bands were in Elliot Minor. The band consisted of Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Ed Hetherton, Dan Hetherton and Ali Paul. Dan is now in The Dead Famous and Alex is in Spirits. The other three are studying in various different places.

I chose this song as I thought it would only be fair to review their first single, as I reviewed their most recent "I Believe" on Friday. "Parallel Worlds" was written by Alex Davies and Ed Minton and is about supernatural ghosts in a room, as when they were at school an attic flat was believed to have been haunted according to Alex. This song got to number 31 in it's original release, but a year later it got re-released, scoring the band's 3rd best charting single at 21, following "Still Figuring Out" which got to 17 and "Jessica" which got to 19. The UK chart was being dominated by rock bands, but now there is no successful charting positions for them, hence why teenage memories of famous bands is just a past-time (for the moment, I have a feeling the rock age will swing around again at some point).

This is not the original music video since I have been struggling to find the original. I'm sure if I was pushed I'd eventually find it, but for now we have the re-released version, which is a lot better nonetheless.

There is both a narrative and a performance, but surprisingly it's all rolled into one. The band are ghosts and so are their instruments (funnily enough), but they can still manipulate real-life objects, scaring the people eating at the dinner time, if only they knew how lucky they were to have Elliot Minor performing in front of them.

On paper this sounds amazing, in the music video... It's just as good, it's engaging, clever and different to other videos, therefore making it stand out. The only critique I have is that I think the editing has made the scenes short and quick, I had to watch it twice to see if I missed anything the first time round as it's speedy and you don't realise what is happening until too far in, and then it all clicks.

Overall a catchy song that deserves that 21 charting position, however nowadays it would have no chance. The music video is hauntingly creepy and shocking, I can't help but laugh at the wine glass, definitely my favourite scene. Apart from the speedy cuts of the camera shots, I have nothing else negative to say, and I'm willing to let the camera cuts slide, so here's a very deserving rating.

Deadmau5 Featuring Rob Swire - Ghosts 'n' Stuff

Again, I am sorry I haven't written any posts lately, but I dislocated my leg on Wednesday and I have been in and out of hospital since, unfortunately I never became a ghost, or maybe I did and haven't realised. However I have no tattoos so maybe I was a sensible ghost.

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, becomes my Sunday revisit, purely because I don't think I'll have much of a chance of being able to review one of his music videos for some time. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later. This track features Rob Swire he is the lead singer of the band Pendulum and have had a lot of success with the band, and he will continue to do so. However Pendulum has not yet featured on my blog. But I'm sure they will in the future.

"Ghosts 'n' Stuff" was written by Joel Zimmerman and Rob Swire, and is currently Deadmau5's highest charting single in the UK to date. It was originally made in 2004, and has gone through 10 revisions. The song is quite catchy, and I think I slightly remember it when it charted in 2008 at number 12. But I have not seen the music video before now.

The video is narrative with a clever performance side entwined. I love the ghost and the fact that it can't go through walls and everyone can see him reminds me of the complete opposite of the film "Ghost", and I also like how we see the bad ghosts try to capture him. I also like the tattoo, and how it is incorporated perfectly.

The performance side of things is good to watch. I like how we get to see Deadmau5 doing what he does best, and makes me really want to see him live. I also like how the ghost becomes someone in the crowd. Which reminds me of Avril Lavigne's "Losing Grip". And the fact that it isn't just a boring usual performance music video is good.

Overall, it's a great song which did well to get to number 12 on the UK Chart. The music video is very different to "The Veldt", which shows how much variety his music videos gives us. This video is great to watch as well, and I have nothing against it. I just feel that it doesn't capture me as much as it should. On the other hand, I can't fault it. So I have to give this rating.