Chart Mondays: The Chainsmokers - Paris

Paris - The Chainsmokers |

It's Chart Mondays today, and anyone who has been following my blog these past two days will know that I've batted out seven catch-up blogs to get to this point, so I am totally feeling proud of myself right now. Ed Sheeran is still at number one with "Shape of You", and so, once again, it opens the top ten to my Chart Mondays review. It looks like The Chainsmokers may drop out of the chart next week so hence why I chose this song and music video to review. Both narrative and performance, watch a house fly up into the sky before our main character, Martha Hunt, jumps out and falls to Earth, in The Chainsmokers' "Paris" music video.

The Chainsmokers are a duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They have seriously proven themselves within the music industry, even though their musical style has changed a lot since they first came out back in 2014. Their progression has been phenomenal and just showcases their diversity and their ability to release hit after hit after hit. This song features uncredited vocals from Emily Warren. It was written by Andrew Taggart, Kristoffer Eriksson, and Fredrik Häggstam.

This music video was directed by Mister Whitmore and stars model and actress Martha Hunt. In the description of the music video, the duo explains what Paris is. '1: a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn't genuine. 2: an irrevocable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia of day dreams'. In this case, this music video and song has nothing to do with the French capital Paris.

Which is why the music video isn't set in Paris. We watch a house rise up high into the sky, whilst The Chainsmokers just look on as Andrew Taggart sings along to the song.

Inside the floating house is Martha Hunt, who looks out the window in bewilderment before sitting on the edge; pushes herself over and freefalls. We watch as she falls down and down, I kind of expected Andrew Taggart to run and try and catch her; but instead, she just keeps falling; until the end where she floats down into bed. If that happened to me, I'd be doing it over and over again, looks like fun.

Overall, the video works well, The Chainsmokers doesn't really give it their all during the performance side of the music video; however, there is a complete focus on Martha Hunt, who acts her character out perfectly. I guess she makes up for The Chainsmokers' lack of enthusiasm in this music video.
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Chart Mondays: The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey - Closer

It's a Monday, and Little Mix is still at number one with "Shout Out To My Ex", which is amazingly catchy. This opens the top ten to my Chart Monday review. I've chosen this one because it was at number one for many weeks without a music video, but finally it has one just as it's dropping out of the top ten. Sexual tension between The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart and Halsey at a party is completely visible, as flashbacks of a past night where they slept together is reminisced over.

The Chainsmokers are a duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They made their name known when they released "#SELFIE" but it wasn't until a few years later, through a reinvention of their music, that they once again hit fame, but this is clearly their best-selling single. I am hoping they will reinvent themselves once again, something we aren't expecting and it'll be even bigger than this was. Featured artist is Halsey, real name Ashley Frangipane, who has made quite the name for herself in the media, but has yet to have a hit song. Then again, this one is totally her best yet. This song was written by Andrew Taggart, Ashley Frangipane, Shaun Frank, Frederic Kennett, Isaac Slade, and Joe King. Highly compared to The Fray's "Over My Head (Cable Car)", the latter two songwriters were added for credit.

This music video was a long time coming, but it's here now, directed by Dano Cerny, it's a great concept. An elaborate performance piece situated in quite an awkward narrative.

Sexual tension is obvious between these two singers. As they lock eyes at a party, Andrew Taggart and Halsey remember what happened between them some other night in the past. This is where things get even more steamy.

They start making out in the middle of a different party, which is then taken back to a bedroom, where both artists are in a state of undress. They both look incredibly sexy. Full of sexual chemistry, with tantalising quirks that we all wish we were doing with another person in a bed instead of watching this video, which is totally making us jealous; or just me.

The ending sees Halsey walking out of the party, not being able to deal with her ex being at the same party as her; I know exactly how she feels. Yet, this is where our similarities end because Andrew Taggart follows her outside, and it's clear there's still an attraction between them. Some sort of unfinished business.

A fully fleshed narrative that everyone can relate to, with a sexy performance piece during a gorgeous bed scene. We've waited so long for this music video, yet it was so worth it especially since they have knocked it out of the park!
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Chart Mondays: The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya - Don't Let Me Down

The DJ duo that just keeps coming back and back and back, with hit after different hit after completely different hit. This is nothing like the "#Selfie" song that we experienced a few years ago. The Chainsmokers are on a roll with their most-recent songs and the way they are going, they're not going to go down. With Major Lazer still happy sitting at number one on the UK chart with the "Cold Water" track which features Justin Bieber and MØ and still no music video, it opens my Chart Mondays up to the UK Top 10. This song looks like it's going to be in the chart for some time. Bouncing up and down in a hydraulics car, The Chainsmokers are not allowed to let Daya down, so instead they become stranded in the air, whilst Daya steels the car in this weird video for "Don't Let Me Down".

The Chainsmokers consist of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They have had various hits over the years and various not-so hits that definitely should've been. Every chart hit has been different from the rest, and they really are proving themselves as one of the hottest DJ duos around. These two definitely don't mess around, or maybe they do in the studio. Featuring on this track is Daya, real name Grace Tandon; she is the new girl on the scene. At just 17, she's already had a global hit called "Hide Away", which didn't quite make the UK chart, but got on the UK indie chart. her follow-up didn't fare so well. She released a self-titled EP. With this song blowing up worldwide, and her vocals killing it, she is definitely one to watch! This song was written by Andrew Taggart, Emily Warren and Scott Harris.

This video was directed by Marcus Kuhne, and it is definitely a low budgeted music video, that or they just spent the entire budget on a car that has awesome hydraulics.

A lot of editing clearly went into this, however the story line really isn't thought out, like why are The Chainsmokers walking into the car in the first place... If they were exiting a building or a house, fair enough, but it looks like they've just been out for a stroll and they've seen this car all by itself and decided to take it for a ride. Or they really did park there and stood around looking at the trees before hopping back in the car... Maybe, just maybe, they were playing Pokemon Go and had found a Mewtwo, we all would pull over to catch that.

Daya is just wondering through the forest with her girls. She's clearly not a dancer, but she is one hell of a performer, I mean this girl was meant to be on screen, although she seems totally out of place as the girls dance around her; it adds a bit more dramatic effect I suppose.

This entire video doesn't make sense whatsoever, apart from launching The Chainsmokers into the air so they are stranded and can't possibly let anyone down. Maybe they did let Daya down once upon a time and this is her revenge, whatever the meaning of this video is, it's something we'll probably never understand. Regardless Daya performs amazingly, whilst The Chainsmokers practise their stability in an extreme hydraulic car.
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