New Release: Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here

24 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Now a lot of you have been waiting for this music video to appear on here, well now it is. Avril Lavigne is definitely my favourite female artist, I'm not entirely sure why but she is. I recently bought her new album 'Goodbye Lullaby', and I've played it way too many times, it's so powerful and endearing. This song is definitely one of them. After two releases this one could be her last from this album. We've had the pop song "What the Hell", and recently "Smile" that failed to chart well here in the UK. Now we have this song, by the looks of the iTunes top 1000 downloads she is definitely not fairing well with this song, clearly she needs to do a lot more promoting, or it's just this country isn't taking in her new soulful songs, which is such a shame as I reckon they are her most emotional songs she's ever sung so far.

This song was written by Avril Lavigne, Max Martin and Shellback, once again. These three create a perfect song, and they should definitely team up some more in the future. Max Martin has once again appeared as a writing credit, which definitely suggests that he's in high demand, and who could blame the artists if great tracks come out of his head? This song is about wanting your partner to be near you when you need them. Clearly the person Avril is wishing for can't be there, and that's why she's so upset. A lot of people have said that this song was written about Deryck Whibley (Avril Lavigne's ex-husband), and I kind of think they might be right. For those of you who have been living under a rock (or abducted by aliens, you choose), Deryck Whibley is the vocalist for Sum 41 (I shall do a review of one of their music videos sometime in the future, mark my words). He and Avril got married in 2006, and in 2009 ended on good terms, they are still friends, and Deryck helped with her album Goodbye Lullaby. Anyway, thinking about it, this song could be based on when they were both doing their career's imagine going on tour and leaving your wife at home, you wouldn't see her for at least a few months (also vice versa), and that must be difficult on any relationship. And I think this is where this song comes in (this is all speculation and I have no sources to prove what I'm saying.)

This music video is obviously low-budget, but who cares? It's amazing. It's emotional and awe-inspiring, if this can be made from something so simple, then it begs to question what else is going to come from Avril? I like the tears, it makes it a lot more emotional and apparently they were real. I like the flower, it suggests that the person Avril is singing about gave her that flower and now she wants him to come to her but he's not there, so she takes it out on the flower, poor flower, but obviously it was already harmed because a flower doesn't go up in flames like that (well I don't think it does, I've never actually tried so I'm not entirely sure). I also like the bath and how she considers drowning herself, but seriously it isn't worth it, and I think she gathers that at the last second.

There is a lot of comparisons with this very emotional song and video. First up is Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper", which has not been released here in the UK unfortunately, but both videos portray an in depth emotion that shocks you to disbelief. Another video that's similar is Britney Spears' "Everytime", but that's purely only because of the drowning in the bath idea, but the two scenes portray different meanings.

Overall, it's another amazing song and a perfect accompanying music video. You may think I'm being biased because I'm a fan of Avril's but if you watch I really am not. I like how emotive the song and the music video is and I don't see how a better job of this could have been done.