The Fairchilds Featuring Orianthi - High

12 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Fairchilds were introduced to me thanks to this amazing collaboration. They consist of one person as far as I can tell, who is Cyril Niccolai. However there is more behind this "one man band" than what is perceived with various producers and instrument players, however after a lot of searching I only ever come up with Cyril Niccolai leaving this band pretty mysterious, which is always a great intriguing factor. They have released a few singles and albums world-wide, but none have charted in the UK. Orianthi, full name Orianthi Panagaris, is the amazing guitarist in this video and used as the love interest of Cyril Niccolai. I have been following Orianthi's career since 2010, and I'm a really big fan, she just needs to be more known, however she is already getting the credibility she deserves. This song is extremely catchy and should've charted high, however the collaborators are not known enough and hence this great song failed to chart.

This music video is more performance-based, with an added extra of a narrative, which is a nice surprise that makes you more interested. This is definitely a favourite video of mine already, and I've only watched it once at the moment.

The performance side is calm and peaceful, which goes perfect with the piano, and even though you would think the guitar would be out of place, it moulds well with the whole tranquil side of things.

The narrative, also follows this theme and manages to intrigue the viewer even more as it connects to the song perfectly, not only that but Orianthi and Cyril suit one another so much, it's surprising to think they aren't actually together.

Overall, a great song that if it were sung by Nickleback or another well-known artist, would have surely got high in the charts all over the world. However since The Fairchilds and Orianthi are not known enough as they should be, this song failed to chart. The music video is just as great as the song, and I have no choice but to give this video the rating it clearly deserves.