New Release: Demi Lovato - Heart Attack

13 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Demi Lovato is setting herself up to hitting the UK charts big style. Her highest charting single "Skyscraper" only managed to get to number 32, yet here comes her new single, raking up the chart, making this song her best charting position to date. But will her album be such a success as this single is. She has failed to reach the top 40 in the album chart, but let's hope her new album 'Demi' will be just as good. Last year she was a judge on The X Factor US, winding up Simon Cowell much to our amusement, and clearly to his as she is to also be a judge on the third series as well. I can't wait to see what the future brings for Demi Lovato.

"Heart Attack" was written by Demi Lovato, Mitch Allan, Jason Evigan, Sean Douglas, Nikki Williams and Aaron Phillips. The song has been compared to Kelly Clarkson, and it is definitely her kind of style. The song is about being scared of falling in love again after being rejected. Demi Lovato, as usual, manages to put her own spin on things and push the song emotionally. I don't think this is her best song over the last few years, I still think "Skyscraper" is her best, but I can see why this one is more of a commercial success.

The music video fails to excite me. I was expecting something narrative similar to "Give Your Heart A Break". Instead we get a performance piece that doesn't quite fit the emotional song. She has proven herself in "Skyscraper" with an emotional performance music video, but this seems to lack emotion.

The song announces she's scared of being in another relationship, afraid to fall in love again, as she thinks she might have a heart attack. But the video shows her as a strong independent person, could that mean she is happy being single?

I like the black and white scenes, it shows she doesn't know what to do, and what she thinks. However there's still not enough to this music video than there should be. Showing her backing band also gave us a more rockier Demi Lovato, could that show us what her album is like?

Overall a commercially great song, although not her best. And a music video that fails to convey her emotional side, and lacks very much. On the other hand, her backing band, and the song shows us that she would be good to see live, but I am not impressed with this video compared to her others.