New Release: Diana Vickers - Cinderella

22 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Diana Vickers came fourth on The X Factor, a show that is probably dominating my blog since it started, and I reckon it won't stop being present since the artists are very popular and seem to do well in the charts. Diana Vickers came fourth in the fifth series of the show. She has had a break from music, but is now back with this amazingly catchy song, and an album to follow later on in the year. But where are her competitors from that series? Alexandra Burke (winner) working on her third studio album and has a U.S. record deal; JLS (second) due to break-up and go their separate ways; Eoghan Quigg (third) released a single called "28,000 Friends" and an album back in 2009 but nothing new since; Ruth Lorenzo (fifth) just released "The Night" and is gearing up for her first album release; Rachel Hylton (sixth) getting ready for her first release; Daniel Evans (seventh) released an album that failed to chart and no more new news from him; Laura White (eighth) released a single and now working under the stage name Martha. The others are either disbanded, haven't released anything or are planning to release soon.

"Cinderella" was written by Diana Vickers, Miranda Cooper, Simen Eriksrud and Simone Larson. The song is about being in love and wanting to be with that person no matter what is going on around you and not caring about anything else. The song is catchy and it is something I can't stop listening to, however radio play hasn't really picked it up and although it definitely will be charting this Sunday, it might not be as high as I hope it will be. It deserves a top 20 position but I think it'll be lucky to chart in the top 40 to be honest. More people need to download this now!

The music video works with the whole song, the fact that it is Cinderella-ish, works entirely, although I wouldn't think Cinderella wears what Diana Vickers is wearing, even a modern day version wouldn't be wearing what she is.

I like how they run together away from the ball and the party, to go and have fun and to be together. They clearly wasn't having such a great time there anyway. One of the lyrics in the song just fits this perfectly which is 'If Cinderella was here tonight, she wouldn’t walk out the door leaving you behind'.

The ending is good with the pool and the guards finding her shoe on the stairs. It's a nice little spin of a twist.

Overall a song I fully love and hope will chart high this Sunday as it definitely deserves it, however I doubt that it will, due to not enough radio play. The music video fits wholly with the song and I can't think of a single bad bit to this video. The teasing, the fun, and the sneaking away is just exactly what I wanted and more. So here's my rating.