New Release: Alesha Dixon - Tallest Girl

16 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Why are so many artists releasing singles without music videos? Music videos circulating on music channels, is promotion, and yet many this week have released relying on radio play and their fans, such as One Direction with "Perfect", Diplo & Sleepy Tom with "Be Right There" and Ben Haenow Featuring Kelly Clarkson with "Second Hand Heart". Then there's Taylor Swift who has released a remix version of "Wildest Dreams" instead of an official single. So here I am stuck with Alesha Dixon's new one. Powerful and entertaining, Alesha Dixon shows us what Britain's Got Talent has shown her: failure and how to get buzzed.

Alesha Dixon was one third of Mis-Teeq. She soon launched her solo career, and became notable for single "The Boy Does Nothing". Although her highest charting position is with "Breathe Slow". She has only recently released her fourth album, which this is her second single, after "The Way We Are". These two singles, she has released, are unable to chart in the UK, at her own request. She didn't want to define her album by the singles she releases. Yet I guess this is the reason why the album charted at 81. Is she just a failed artist now? She's clearly not making the cut is she?

The song is written by Alesha Dixon, Alex James and Harry Sommerdahl. Catchy and energetic, I had it stuck in my head for all of three minutes, at which point I played Little Mix's new release "Weird People", which I'm currently in love with!

Alesha Dixon is known for her dancing, she won Strictly Come Dancing, which kick-started her comeback, and yet where is the dancing in this bubbly song? And did she really do the robot? Are we sure this is a 2015 video right? It seems so dated.

Donning killer heels, and amazing fashion statements, you can see where the budget for this video has been blown, and yet it hasn't helped at all, compared to Inna's "Bop Bop". I'm bored, and uninterested in what she is wearing. Not only does she not look good, but she looks confused as to what she should be wearing, how to wear it and who she is as a person. Does this reflect in her music? Is she at her standstill where she's just releasing music because she wants to, and not taking a key interest in what she's releasing. She needs another hit, which charts high. Otherwise, she's not going to do as well as she thinks she should.
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