New Release: CAZZETTE & AronChupa Featuring The High - She Wants Me Dead

13 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is one massive collaborative effort, not only is CAZZETTE joining forces with AronChupa and The High, they also join forces with Hello There Games. This is not the first time an artist has worked with this gaming company, they follow in the footsteps of Avicii, who released 'Avicii | Gravity', however switching it up entirely making a whole dramatic music video which is more like a prologue to the game. CAZZETTE, with the help of AronChupa and The High gives this entertaining music video for She Wants Me Dead, featuring a survival rhythmic game of the same name.

CAZZETTE is a Swedish musical duo consisting of Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer. Friends with Avicii, they have toured and performed with the DJ. Attempting to make an impact with their own music, already slightly known in their home country, their music is ready to hit the world. They just need much more promotion. AronChupa, real name Aron Ekberg, gained prominence in 2014 with his song "I'm An Albatraoz" which topped the Swedish chart as well as peaking at number 25 here in the UK. His follow-up singles didn't fare so well. He is one fifth of band Albatraoz, who are part of Byttorps IF, which is a fourth division professional football club. Music is a side project as they all focus on their football careers. As for the featured artist, The High, I can't find any information whatsoever, apart from The High being a UK vocalist. If anyone knows anything more than that about The High, please let me know below. The song overall is catchy, definitely something I would listen to over and over again. Quite reminiscent of a few songs, especially "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega & DNA.

The video is a fully narrative animation piece that is in almost total black and white. The video has segments of the game shown in certain scenes, allowing the viewers to see actual game footage.

Lula is our main character, she is a cat who is not happy with the way her owner, Max, is treating her. Pushing her off the bed, spilling toothpaste on her face, not letting her eat the goldfish. So Lula hacks a plan to get her own back, she will kill Max. First she kills him when he wakes up, an axe to the head. Then she sends a missile to his apartment.

Lula is an eccentric. She has an extremely vivid imagination that we are clearly invited into. In theory the narrative has a weird ending, because Lula ends up killing Max twice from what we can see, even though she has many different plans.

I am not so keen on the black & white theme, however it goes with the game as the game wouldn't work in full colour. On the other hand it makes the music video and the game cheap and low budget, and although the low budget games are usually the best, this doesn't quite meet expectations.

As for the game itself, it's difficult to play, and gets more challenging in itself. A very unique idea, where the game changes to the beat of the music. Intricate and detailed, it totally works well. Very addicting and slightly aggravating, this will have you screaming with joy to get to a checkpoint, and throwing your phone when you have to start from the beginning again.

Overall a brilliant idea of a collaboration, the first music video prologue to a game I have come across that works amazingly as a promotion for the game, the song, the artists and the game developers. Great idea, great translation, dysfunctional narrative full of illusion with a double confusing ending.
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