New Release: Nathan Sykes - Over And Over Again

November 20, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nathan Sykes has done something no one else has ever done! First time watching this and tears roll down my cheeks. This video has officially made me cry. A real Romeo and Juliet feel to this video combined with The Notebook, a truly amazing storyline full of love, devotion and such a sweet ending with an emotional song to boot.

Nathan Sykes is one fifth of boy band, The Wanted, who are currently on hiatus. Therefore Nathan Sykes is making a career for himself as a solo artist. His debut single "Kiss Me Quick" hit number 14 on the UK chart, however this follow up single has been played on the radio more often and has got a lot of people talking, and now with a video like this, it's bound to get heaps more attention. The song sounds more like John Legend than Nathan Sykes, but kudos to him for creating an emotional ballad that's bound to be a hit.

Directed by Frank Borin, the narrative side of the video is amazing, I love the old woman, painting scenes in which we get to see, like they're her memories. Going back into the past and watching their dates and how they met. A few errors bring questions up such as the film they see which was released in 2015, along with the smart phone he uses to get her number... Was that on purpose? Suggesting the old woman's memory isn't as accurate?

The young woman is played by MaeMae Renfrow, and they build an amazing on screen relationship, one you can't help but wish you had. As for the performance side of things, Nathan Sykes plays the piano well, and sings well, however there isn't much performance that can happen when one is sat behind a piano. Some people can pull it off such as Avril Lavigne in "Let It Go". Nathan Sykes, take notes.

But who cares about his performance behind the piano? When we have him taking his shirt off in a raunchy scene? This music video has everything I want and more for a song that is full with passion. Beautiful song, perfect video, and teardrops rolling down my cheeks. Nathan Sykes and Frank Borin, what have you done to me and everybody else?
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