Cassadee Pope - I Am Invincible

07 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

My go to song when I feel like the world is on top of me, as I previously explained, fitting everything into one day is not exactly easy for me (click here for my blog post), and this song is my feel good song, where I prove everyone wrong. I am invincible. A perfect bully music video, reminding me of Taylor Swift's "Mean". Empowering and inspirational, Cassadee Pope shows that no matter what is going on in your life, anything is possible.

I have rooted for Cassadee Pope ever since she was in rock band Hey Monday. After the band went on hiatus, she entered The Voice, and eventually won, releasing her amazing heartfelt country song "Wasting All These Tears". Country suits her voice and country has accepted her, now she just needs a worldwide hit, and with her vocal range and her emotional lyrics, it's more than possible. The song was written by Brett Boyett and Nash Overstreet. Similar to Rachel Platten's "Fight Song", it's self-empowerment, a song that should've been a hit. It surprisingly wasn't written by Cassadee Pope herself, however her portrayal of the lyrics is completely emotional. She means every word. My go to song to lift my spirits up.

Directed by Roman White, known for his music videos for Carrie Underwood, he has portrayed Cassadee Pope's background. The song is about bullying and not letting anyone put you down, We know this is from Cassadee Pope's personal experiences and this has been perfectly captured in the video.

Bullying is something close to most people, as they have either been through it, received some form of it, or know people whose lives have been totally affected by bullying. I love how it shows Cassadee Pope's childhood, I love the transition of the tattoo, even from that early age, it helps us identify her in different stages of her life.

The performance piece is electrifying, Cassadee Pope please do a tour in the UK, I need to hear your vocals live, and watch you perform on a stage. I truly believe she will become the next big country artist, she has fought for many years to get to where she is now, and with that kind of effort, she deserves much more. Hopefully it'll come sooner than we all think.

Roman White has done a stunning visual with this video, capturing us from the first second to the very last. Hope is a powerful thing, as well as achieving what you set out to do. This video proves that, and helps to communicate the lyrics of the song.
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