Lauren Alaina - Next Boyfriend

January 13, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

More country music on my blog. This one came from a tweet from Cassadee Pope, the tweet in question can be found below. I wouldn't have come across this video, if it wasn't for Cassadee Pope. As for Lauren Alaina, I've had a love / hate relationship with her songs, some are brilliant, some are not that great, and most of them are meh! However, a few plays of this and it's already a track I like. Lauren Alaina eyes up a guy, claiming that he looks a lot like her next boyfriend, she teases and tempts him into her arms.

Lauren Alaina, real name Lauren Suddeth, first came to my attention when I bought American Heartland compilation album, where her single "Like My Mother Does" appears next to other great American country songs. She rose to fame by coming second in the tenth season of American Idol, losing out to Scotty McCreery. She has had mild success in the US, and little to none here in the UK, which is to be expected since country music isn't that big over here. This song is the first single off her second album and was written by Lauren Alaina, Emily Weisband and Matt McVaney. It is catchy after hearing it a few times, and if this is the direction Lauren Alaina's new album will be going, I'll definitely be listening to her more. She has transformed her style, image and music, bringing something new to country. She is starting a new path that may just work well. I can't wait to hear more new songs from her, if this is anything to go by, she has a good chance of having a hit somewhere in the near future.

Directed by TK McKamy, Lauren Alaina attempts to pull off miss flirtatious and sexy, and as well as miss available, which made me laugh when I first heard it in the lyrics. And she does a good job of it.

The guy in the video is Lauren Alaina's guy Alexander Hopkins, this explains the chemistry between the two. She is clearly a right tease. It reminds me of the scene in Footloose (2011 film) where the dance battle happens in the car park.

My problem with this video is the camera angles. They could've so made Lauren Alaina look more sexy, and it's not even what she is wearing, as she does look hot in the clothes, but there's just something completely missing, maybe she's uncomfortable acting sexy, or it is just the camera angles, because, at times, she looks perfect and sultry, but most of the time it completely falls flat.

A great relatable music video, with skaters on skateboards with fire extinguishers that release different colours as well as an extremely large piece of material that acts like a wave for the skaters, this is a great unique idea, although I'm not happy they've shown a clip where a guy falls off the skateboard in the background, that was a bad error. The video is meh, like many of her songs, but this song is probably my favourite by her so far. Keep fighting Lauren Alaina and you'll get the chart hits you deserve!
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