Fast Food Rockers - Fast Food Song

March 06, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Last night this song came on whilst I was out clubbing, and we all still knew all the dance moves to the chorus. This was released when cheesy music was flooding the charts, looking back at all the past cheesy chart hits, it's surprising that they did as well as they did, if anything like this came out now it would have no chance. Bringing the cheese to my blog, the Fast Food Rockers actually made a name for themselves with this song, full of all you're favourite fast food restaurants and dance moves to go along with it.

The Fast Food Rockers were a three piece band consisting of Martin Rycroft, Lucy Meggitt and Ria Scott. They released three singles, and was dropped after their album failed to chart and a disappointing low charting position for their final single, which was a Christmas song. However their charting positions would be considered good nowadays. This song got to number two, held off the top spot by Evanescence with "Bring Me To Life", as if number one was a rock song, and number two was cheesy pop, you will never see this happen in the chart ever again. The other singles "Say Cheese (Smile Please)" and "I Love Christmas" charted at numbers 10 and 25 respectively. This song was written by Mike Stock, Steve Crosby, Sandy Rass, Eric Dikeb, Martin Neumeyer and Bob Patmore. It samples the folk song A Ram Sam Sam, I learned this in nursery, but had totally forgotten about A Ram Sam Sam. This song has been going before it got released and has been adapted for many different countries, and became a hit in those countries.

The music video is complete cheese, even including pvc clothes which doesn't look comfortable at all, but definitely identifies them with the song as they are the normal fast food colours.

The choreography is on point, it gives children something easy to copy, and we were definitely dancing to the chorus like this when we were in the club last night.

The blue dog makes an appearance, he is the Fast Food Rockers' mascot and he's called Hot Dog. He appears in all their music videos.

Overall,. even though it's full of cheese, the song is also full of cheese, it's what we expect from a music video for a cheesy song. It's fun, bouncy and joyful, with simplistic dance moves for kids and adults to easily copy.
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