Liberty X - Jumpin'

April 14, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This, along with "X" has to be my favourite song from Liberty X, I think it's mainly because I remember seeing this one on the music channels as a child. Today, Liberty X are my Thursday Revisit, after I reviewed their collaboration with Richard X: "Being Nobody". They will be performing at Birmingham Pride 2016, and I believe Kevin Simm will have his own slot on stage, since he recently won The Voice UK. Liberty X is jumping and dancing in this music video, attempting to look sexy, the girls all pull it off, but the stylist failed to give attention to the boys, who aren't looking that great to say the least.

Liberty X are a five piece pop group consisting of Kevin Simm, Tony Lundon, Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young. They had a number of hits in the 00's, after they were the runners-up in Popstars. They are currently back together, but I believe they are only doing a few shows here and there. Kevin Simm, on the other hand, has gone solo and is the most recent winner of The Voice UK. All he needs to do is prove everyone wrong, and release hit after chart hit and become the most well-known The Voice UK winner and maybe contestant; although competition for the latter definitely comes from Becky Hill, who has that title at the moment. This song charted at number six in the UK, and was written by Lucie Silvas, Charlie Russell and Mike Peden.

The music video is relatable to the song, a lot of dance choreography in this, that is performed perfectly, which is what we have come to expect from this band.

Kelli Young is once again taking lead vocals, which is not exactly how groups work nowadays, although she clearly has the stronger voice. Each group member has their own scene in the video, although what they are exactly doing isn't that clear.

The video continues as imagination roles in and the abandoned building is filled with people, Liberty X's costumes are changed in a split second and they release their amazing performance vibes. I am so hoping they have that sort of energy on stage in a month's time at Birmingham Pride.

Energetic, fun, in-sync, there's nothing this group can't do. The video is relatable to the song and it's quite sexy and well thought out. Problems are that it focuses on the girls much more, they could've at least made Kevin and Tony look more desirable. However, a solid performance-based music video.
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