Philip George - Wish You Were Mine

30 April Critic Jonni 3 Comments

After a three hour wait for a game to download thanks to the insistence of my brother and his girlfriend, only for my laptop to the crash whilst we manage to play it; we discussed music videos and this one was the one we talked about, and how it's confusing and doesn't make sense. It surely doesn't relate to the song. Philip George becomes various people, as we follow the central character as he dances his way through the day, in the wish you were mine music video.

Philip George is a 22-year-old DJ from Nottingham in the UK. This is his debut single released on 3Beat Records, his follow-up single "Alone No More" was as much of a chart success as this song was. It seems Philip George is the DJ to watch as he releases hit after hit after hit, and with 3Best behind him all the way, promoting his every step, we'll definitely be seeing more from him. This song hit number two in the UK, just missing out from the top spot thanks to "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. The song samples "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder. Hence why the song was written by Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy and Henry Cosby.

The music video is intricately thought out, although it doesn't relate and it doesn't make sense.

The start is unsettling slow and focuses on the home setting and his home life. the video inspires dreams and to go after what you want. He turns on his music player and envisions a day filled with dancing, wishing a girl would be his.

Although there isn't a central love interest, the start suggests that the girl he passes on the street is who he is thinking of. The neighbour is an incredible dancer, but it's too obvious that it's a fake setting, it's supposed to make us realise we're in his daydream, yet it just confuses us more with the spotlights.

Philip George turns up in this video as one sexy policeman (I'd stand in front of that window all day if it meant he would appear and tell me to stop looking)! He appears as a good looking shop keeper (I'd be in that shop all the time, not going to lie), and a bus driver (less emphasis on him in this scene). Philip George sees the dancers dancing in reflections or on a camera, and yet they are just going about their normal days,. This is the kid's daydream, and yet Philip George can also see the daydream. It's a nice idea although it suggests the kid wishes Philip George was his, instead of actively including a love interest for the kid.

The ending tells us that this is all a daydream, but the kid smiles nonetheless. He's clearly obsessed with this song and this is what goes through his head whenever he hears it.

Unrelatable and yet some pretty good dancing that is slightly in time with the song. It's not suggestive enough leaving the audience confused. It doesn't make sense and it doesn't relate to the song. This could be linked with any song and it still wouldn't make a difference. A nice idea that isn't followed through enough.
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  1. qual o nome do garoto que dança?

  2. I mistranslated your question, sorry :) Actually, you have the same question I do, what IS the name of the boy body-popping in the video? I'd like to see him dancing now.