New Release: Kesha - Praying

July 07, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Praying - Ke$ha |

A big music video to review and any long-life readers of my blog would know that I've supported Kesha from the very start. I am so happy to be reviewing this as my New Release, and so very proud of my article I wrote for CelebMix. It's going to be difficult writing up about this music video since I have practically covered everything I need to for my CelebMix article and I don't want to write the exact same thing, so I plan to keep this short and in-depth as possible. Watch Kesha fight for herself instead of giving up in this expressive and emotional music video for her first solo release in four years, "Praying".

Kesha, full name Kesha Sebert, and originally stylised as Ke$ha; is truly back releasing music to her fans and people all around the world. It's been quite some time since she returned due to an ongoing legal case with Dr Luke; yet, finally we have some new music from her, and even though it's still on Kemosabe Records, which is owned by Dr Luke, it makes a change to see that he's had no role to play in her new musical releases. This is set as the lead single from her forthcoming third studio album, titled "Rainbow". This song was written by Kesha Sebert, Ryan Lewis, and Ben Abraham.

This music video is completely inspiring and expressive. We all know what Kesha is going through right now. There are so many scenes that make us see her belief that things will get better, she is such an inspiration to every single person in the world.

The opening scene is so good; if we aren't able to understand where she is coming from in this music video, the monologue at the start helps to focus on the meaning behind the song and the visual.

I love how she's perched on the raft as if her life is over; it totally reminds me of the times I've just laid on my bed not caring about the day ahead, wondering why I should even get up today; but it's that focused energy to get up every morning and tackle what's to come - we've all been there regardless of what issues we're going through, no matter how small it is.

There are golden scenes in this throughout; from the multi-coloured bird appearing to give her hope, to the mountainside that says 'God Is Love' which she climbs; from the pig-headed men who chase her, to Kesha dressed as a gorgeous angel playing the piano. Let's not forget the awesome TV scene where there are hateful words and comments displayed and Kesha, dressed as a cowgirl, smashes up the 'weapons of mass destruction' TV.

The ending finishes off this music video perfectly in every way. Where the start suggested the end and that Kesha was gone (maybe it signified the end of Ke$ha, someone she really wasn't); the ending suggested a whole new beginning for her. This song was 100% worth the wait, and this music video is absolutely incredible in every way. It's great to see her back, the legal case may still be going and I continue to fully support her, #FreeKesha; but at least her career is continuing.
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