Alex Aiono Featuring Trinidad Cardona - Does It Feel Like Falling

22 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Does It Feel Like Falling (feat. Trinidad Cardona) - Alex Aiono |

Since Alex Aiono has been doing so well on my blog when I reviewed "Work The Middle"; I thought, I might as well write up another review of one of his music videos. This is how I stumbled across this one and it is undeniably catchy. The music video is a care-free visual which certainly works with the song - although I disapprove of some of the actions of the characters in the music video. Watch Alex Aiono have a great day with a bunch of his mates alongside Trinidad Cardona in this music video for the collaborative song "Does It Feel Like Falling".

Alex Aiono is one of those male artists who is on form and continues to build up his career. He has millions of YouTube views and I expect it won't be long until he gets loads more and has an international hit behind him. His songs are pure fire and have definitely brought him a lot of attention, hence why he has some great collaborations to date. I cannot wait to see what the future brings to this male artist. This song sees Trinidad Cardona feature; he went viral at just 17 years old when his song "Jennifer" blew up on YouTube this year. It's a solid collaboration for sure and a song that is a total grower. It was written by John Ryan, Wayne Hector, Alex Schwartz, Daniel Griffith, Trinidad Cardona, Alex Aiono, Joseph Khajadourian, Nathan Andrew Cyphert, and J. Spargur.

Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, this music video literally transports the viewers into a day in the lives of Alex Aiono and his friends. They are clearly having a great time in the summer sunshine, making us all wish we could spend our days just like this.

We open up with a performance piece from Alex Aiono who shows off what this song means to him, adding all the emotion needed and fully bringing it for the visual.

Yet, it's the narrative that keeps us gripped throughout, as we watch practical jokes being played - although I do not approve of shaving someone's head as they sleep, that would make me completely mad if someone did that to me... Of course, the actor agreed to let that happen, so surely it wasn't spontaneous.

There's not a lot going on really. There's a pool party, and then they go to a deserted warehouse and dance, all before heading to the beach. At one point, Alex Aiono takes an opportunity to kiss a woman in a car. That's about it. The song is amazingly catchy, and even though the music video relates slightly to the song - and is making me jealous at the same time because I want someone who I fall for to fall for me too - I just feel that they could've done something better. This is pretty average.
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