Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter

15 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today I watched clips from the interview Miley Cyrus did with Joe Rogan, and I thought I might as well keep with the Miley Cyrus theme today. This song, "Mother's Daughter", was released as a single in promotion of her EP, "She Is Coming" - which I simply adored from the first play. I'm sad that this single didn't chart that high, as it is definitely an anthem, but I feel like it's gained more traction this year than last year - when it was released. Is it possible it was just before its time by just a year? Regardless, it's a brilliant song and Miley Cyrus impresses to no end with her vocals and the lyrics. I cannot get enough of this song, for sure!

Directed by Alexandre Moors, this music video is all about women's rights and representation. The concept was created as the anti-abortion "heartbeat bill" in the US started to gain traction. Miley Cyrus is full of energy in this mainly-performance visual. She's wearing red latex which obviously has us remembering Britney Spears' "Oops!... I Did It Again" music video. Intercut throughout her performance visuals are clips of diverse women posing, giving representation like we rarely see. It's just a beautiful statement that shows that everyone is valued in this world. It's highly relatable to a lot of people and I'm so glad to see such a music video. There's also reference to Joan of Arc as she is wearing gold armour. Miley Cyrus' mother, Tish Cyrus, also makes a cameo in the video. Miley Cyrus doesn't shy away from making statements and we so need more visuals that spread representation and education.