Snakehips & Anne-Marie Featuring Joey Bada$$ - Either Way

Either Way (feat. Joey Bada$$) - Snakehips & Anne-Marie |

What have I just watched? How does this video relate to this song? It doesn't! It's just a bunch of random clips put together to show diversity and real life. Although they're not bad, they don't really represent the song. I chose to review this music video due to it appearing on my YouTube Recommendations - since I'm a fan of Anne-Marie; unfortunately, she isn't in this music video but the featured star, Joey Bada$$, is. Watch a bunch of video clips that show different groups of people hanging out and having fun in this music video for Snakehips & Anne-Marie's "Either Way" featuring Joey Bada$$.

Snakehips are a DJ duo consisting of Oliver Lee and James Carter. They went viral with their collaboration with Tinashe and Chance The Rapper on "All My Friends" which charted internationally. They've had quite a successful career to date with many of their follow-ups charting around the world moderately well, and it seems this song follows suit. Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson, is an inspiration to us all. She's one of those acts who has fought for her music career and fought and fought and fought. After a collaboration with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul on "Rockabye", she's finally made it! She continues to inspire all the fighters out there who are reaching for a career - such as myself - because we can all get there in the end; hard work and determination always pays off. This song features Joey Bada$$, real name Jo-Vaughn Scott, who is an American rapper and actor. He came to my attention when Kiesza featured on one of his album tracks, and he's one that will steadily grow and grow, one that will no doubt have a hit song go viral in the coming years. This song peaked on the UK chart at number 47, and I doubt it'll do better than that. It was written by James David, Julia Michaels, Warren Felder, Oliver Dickinson, and Jo-Vaughn Scott.

Directed by Hector Dockrill, this music video shows a bunch of clips of various friendship groups hanging out and chilling. Billboard asked "How do you spend your Saturdays?" and that is certainly what this music video showcases.

There are various scenes from drag queens getting ready to young adults pulling wheelies on bicycles in the streets. There's a lot of smoking and clubbing going on - the latter of which I would totally spend every one of my Saturdays doing if I had the money to do so.

Is there anything else I can comment on? Not really. There's just no substance or relatability to this music video. Nothing here that makes me want to repeat this visual, and although it shows off real life it just doesn't give me anything that I want to see.
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Nick Jonas Featuring Anne-Marie & Mike Posner - Remember I Told You

Remember I Told You (feat. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner) - Nick Jonas

When I heard that Nick Jonas had collaborated with Anne-Marie, I just knew it would be a match made in heaven; add Mike Posner to the mix and we not only do we have an incredible song, but we also have a fun music video that is easily memorable. The song is one of my favourites by a male artist that is out at the moment, and Nick Jonas sounds amazing on the track throughout; the song has also had some killer remixes and I hope there are more to come. Watch Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie, and Mike Posner perform in a box-like room, mainly having fun throughout, in the music video for "Remember I Told You".

Nick Jonas first hit the music scene as one-third of the Jonas Brothers who have now split as they pursue solo projects. He has seriously become one of the leading male singers around at the moment, fully bringing amazing songs that suit his voice perfectly. His latest album "Last Year Was Complicated" is one I still haven't got over yet, and I'm shocked it didn't receive better international success. Collaborating with Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson, definitely excited us all. I have followed her career since her first few songs, and I claimed that she would be one to watch, and she just proved me right in every way. There will definitely be more hits from her in the future. As for Mike Posner, he's forever being an international chart success and then you don't hear much from him before he brings out another hit single, this is what makes him a good person to connect with. This track has all the right stars, all the right lyrics, and all the right energy to be a brilliant song; and, that is exactly what it is, but it has underperformed on charts around the world, more so than you could possibly imagine. It peaked at number 97 on the UK charts - which is beyond unfair. It'll just have to become one of my treasures, like so many others. The song was written by Nick Jonas and Mike Posner.

Directed by Isaac Rentz, this music video is completely basic; yet, looked so much fun. All three artists perform in this box-like room where the camera stays in one position as it looks into the room. The colour filter is played with, originally starting off in black and white, and ending in colour; for reasons unknown to us all.

Throughout, the clips are segmented between Nick Jonas alone in the room, and Nick Jonas with a bunch of female models. As the song builds, Anne-Marie and Mike Posner appears out of nowhere and performs alongside Nick Jonas.

Overall, it's not all that appealing to the audience watching it. There are no wow moments, and there is mainly a focus on having fun and a good time, which has next to nothing to do with the song itself. I don't find this enjoyable to watch at all, and even though it does have a lot of fun involved, it's not enough to save it.
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Chart Mondays: Anne-Marie - Ciao Adios

Ciao Adios - Anne-Marie |

Finally, the chart has sorted itself out, slightly; and I can finally get back to my Chart Mondays reviews, now that Ed Sheeran isn't dominating quite so much, he's still at number one with "Shape of You", though. I'm so glad Anne-Marie has got into the top 10 with this awesome song, she's been fighting for her career, and finally, it's paying off and people are noticing her like they should. She's been on my radar for over a year now and I have supported her ever since. I'm excited to see her progress and become someone everyone is talking about. Watch Anne-Marie perform with her girls in this music video for "Ciao Adios" that has got us all copying her dance moves.

Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson, has really come into her own, and that was definitely with the help of Rudimental and Clean Bandit, especially the latter where she featured on "Rockabye" which became a UK number one hit for weeks on end. She's an inspiration to us all as she really has developed her own sound and kept true to herself whilst building a career for herself. She's managed to become someone everyone's talking about, and I'm so proud to see that she's finally at that stage. She just needs to hold on to her fame, but her genuine personality and her real songs are what will allow her to continue to succeed. This song is at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart, hence why I'm reviewing the music video. "Ciao Adios" was written by Anne-Marie Nicholson, Tom Meredith, Jennifer Decilveo, and Mason Levy.

The music video is a pure performance visual with Anne-Marie totally releasing performance vibes, and she definitely gets kudos for the dancing, although it's a shame it's cut up so much by the editing team; I want to learn the chorus dance moves.

Following a perfect theme from "Alarm", it's clear her debut album is going to be complete fire! We see her giving this music video her all, whilst being relaxed and trendy at the same time.

The choreography is easy for people to copy and I can so see youngsters doing the "Ciao Adios" dance; I'll be there at her concert doing it myself! As per usual, she's a trendsetter, making her mark in the music industry with iconic but different songs. She is one to watch for sure, and she performed amazingly at Birmingham Pride 2016 - I hope she returns to that stage this year.
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Chart Mondays: Clean Bandit Featuring Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - Rockabye

Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) - Clean Bandit |

It's Chart Mondays again, and we have a new number one! Once again, Clean Bandit remain supreme on the UK Charts. This marks their second number one after "Rather Be", and it is their sixth top ten hit. It was released a few weeks ago and had stalled at number three, before jumping to the top spot. Sean Paul racks up another number one; but, finally, Anne-Marie has scored her biggest hit, her vocals are pure fire on this track and I knew she was destined for success! Clean Bandit, now as a three-piece, perform in a bar with Anne-Marie and Sean Paul whilst the narrative shows a mother doing what she has to do to support her child in the "Rockabye" music video.

Clean Bandit are now a three-piece band consisting of Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson. Recently Neil Amin-Smith left the band but that doesn't stop Clean Bandit releasing killer hits. They are definitely one of the biggest bands out at the moment, with everyone watching to see what is next for them. They will always be a massive influence in music, there is no stopping Clean Bandit. Featuring on this track is Sean Paul, full name Sean Paul Henriques, and Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson. The former has worked with some of the biggest stars, managing to help them reach number one, most notably with The Saturdays on "What About Us"; however, he's never had a solo number one yet. He is definitely one of the biggest reggae/hip-hop artists around at the moment. Anne-Marie isn't exactly new to the music industry, having built her career up from no chart placements to hitting number one with this song, talk about never giving up; you go, girl! This song was written by Jack Patterson, Steve Mac, Ammar Malik, Ina Wroldsen, and Sean Paul Henriques.

The music video is directed by Grace Chatto and Jack Patterson. It features a number of actors and dancers as well as a pole dancer. Dancers are Siriana Mecca, Rita Maria Conte, Nife agunbiade, Alicja Blachut, and Joanne Elizz. The young boy is played by Elijah Dallen.

In the video, there is both a narrative and a performance piece. The narrative focuses on single mothers, and how they end up being someone they never thought they would be to support their child.

The woman is a pole dancer, although she makes it look effortlessly sexy, turning it more into an art-form than that of what our perspectives of pole dancing are. She is a total expert.

Anne-Marie shines throughout in the performance piece, nothing we wouldn't expect because she manages to nail it every time in every music video. She was amazing at Birmingham Pride, when I saw her perform. Sean Paul adds some comedy as the pub punters lip-sync to his lyrics in his performance piece.

There's an amazing dance scene, with Grace Chatto proving her dance ability; totally in sync with the backing girls, it's nice to see her doing something different. She also took to the stage at Wembley at the Kiss Haunted House Party 2016 and danced her way through this song to massive cheers!

There's not much else to comment on, this video is jam-packed with a flawless performance piece and a stunning narrative that is endearing to watch. There is not one problem with this music video. It's completely beautiful with high emotion that makes an intended impact.
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New Release: Anne-Marie - Alarm

Alarm - Anne-Marie |

If anyone's killing it recently, it's Anne-Marie, and this new summer hit is definitely one of my favourites from her. Staying cool and true to who she is, Anne-Marie is getting popular, fast. Her sound is unique, and she will be at Birmingham Pride 2016, and after this release, I won't be missing her on the stage! Anne-Marie describes the cheating alarm that rings through her head when she doesn't trust her boyfriend, beautifully replicated in this video.

Anne-Marie is hitting the charts with this song. She has already charted with "Do It Right" which gained traction months after it's release. She has collaborated with Rudimental and Wretch 32, both of which should've made the chart. Now her name is being thrown about, this is one girl who is confident in her music. Alarm will be her biggest hit to date, but definitely not the last!

The music video is directed by Malia James. It features three main characters: Anne-Marie, Romeo and Sirena (Romeo's conquest). It confuses me at the start though, because Romeo has a phone number on a piece of paper by Amelia, is that his ex? Who knows? But it's definitely not Sirena.

The video continues. Anne-Marie looks gorgeous, so stylish, she reminds me of Rita Ora in "Poison" purely because of how beautiful she looks in the video. She is stunning, especially compared to Sirena. What is Romeo thinking?

Typical love scenes happen that do make me jealous. I want that relationship, I had that relationship (for a week and a half, but I had it), and I miss being in that state of euphoria. It's a perfect portrayal, great acting skills from Anne-Marie and Romeo.

Romeo doesn't try hard to get Sirena. She doesn't look much of a conquest, and he seems pretty relaxed about it. The main scene seems like a drunken mishap; regardless of which, it is still significant, and would put alarm bells in Anne-Marie's head but it's something that can be looked past. There isn't enough emphasis on Romeo and Sirena together.

Anne-Marie performs amazingly, the narrative shows off her great acting skills, but what makes Anne-Marie more of a star is her performance of this song. It's such an emotional song and she pulls it off effortlessly, whilst looking stunning. Overall, brilliant performance with a great narrative. Anne-Marie is a star in the making! Watch out for her guys!
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Rudimental Featuring Anne-Marie & Will Heard - Rumour Mill

Anne-Marie has been announced for Birmingham Pride 2016. She's one of the new stars of 2016, one of the ones we need to keep an eye on. She's going to be one of those stars that people will know her songs but not her name. She has yet to have a massive hit, regardless of the fact that many of her songs are chart-worthy. I am hoping this song is sung as it's catchy and it's a killer of a song, but without Will Heard to assist with the vocals, it seems unlikely. Rudimental are collaborating two new artists on this track, Will Heard and Anne-Marie create perfect harmonies in this fun song all set in a car.

WHO'S READY FOR ANOTHER?!We're delighted to announce the amazing Anne-Marie - best known as a vocalist for dance...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Rudimental consists of Amir Amor, Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden and Leon Rolle. They have two number ones under their belt, and with some of the biggest names collaborating with them, I'm expecting another number one soon, both albums have hit the top of the charts in the UK, this is one group who will release hit song after hit song and will be around for a very long time. Anne-Marie is a star in the making, she has a great voice that sounds amazing on the tracks she has already released, she has her own style and unique music that is slowly starting to set the charts alight. As for Will Heard, he has been trying for a while, but has had limited success. Rudimental could've chosen bigger names for this song, and yet it works perfectly with these two! The song was written by Rudimental, Uzo Emenike, Will Heard and Jess Glynne. A star-studded song writing team, all an artist in their own right.

Directed by I Owe Youth, it's a simple visual set in a car park, with a stationary car which the two featuring artists vacate.

It's in black and white with no reason whatsoever other than to make it drab and work with the setting, yet it doesn't help the song or the video at all, I wanted colour.

There isn't much going on, a few tips and camera tricks, such as zooming in enough so that we don't see the car convert and lose the roof into the boot of the car. This happens again at the end where Will Heard appears on the back of the car next to Anne-Marie.

The dancing isn't choreographed, it's nice to see how their freestyle is. It is a clubby song, one that you would tap your foot to in the car, one you'd nod your head to at the bar, but not one you would go all out dancing on the dancefloor.

A simple tune, the video makes it seem like it's some sort of jam or acoustic set, like it randomly happened and they randomly videoed it. It fails to bring anything interesting to the viewers, although Will Heard cheekily pushes Anne-Marie off the boot of the car, and then she attempts to push him off which fails because he slides her off with him, as she does a funny little scream. Relaxed, cool and calm, this video fails to keep us interested and fails to relate to the song at all. The car is a BMW E30.
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