Lawson - Taking Over Me

I actually cannot believe that Birmingham Pride 2016 managed to book Lawson! They are one of the big headliners this year, and although they have yet to have a number one, they've had hit after hit after hit. Although I'm not a big fan of them, and I have never bought their music, I have considered it when they released their first single "When She Was Mine" and I thought about it again after the amazingly catchy "Juliet". Lawson has always released great music, they just need a song people would identify them with, as I don't think they've had that sort of hit just yet. Lawson seeks out a motel to perform in front of as well as spend the night with their respective girlfriends or hookups.

Lawson are a four piece band consisting of Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts. They recently released a new single called "Money", although I didn't review it today, I may return at a later date, probably after Birmingham Pride 2016 where they will undoubtedly perform it, and review the music video. This single is their biggest hit to date, alongside "Juliet", both of which charted at number three. This song was written by Andy Brown and John Shanks.

Directed by Oliver Collins, the video is mainly a performance based video, with snippets of a narrative that fails to keep us entertained.

The narrative is typical, something we've seen plenty of times before. Andy Brown plays the lead as he goes to meet up with the guys at a motel, and perform their song. They are accompanied with four love interests, who they retire with at the end of the night.

The four actresses are Chelsea Turnbo, Melissa Jones, Kat McCleary and Lexi Johnston. Chelsea Turnbo is the only prominent one in the video, as she is in most of the scenes with Andy Brown playing his on-screen girlfriend.

Performance side of things are average, I don't feel any great vibes from this group in this video, it feels too relaxed, as if they've sung this song a million times before and it's nothing new from them. I am really hoping they bring much more energy at Birmingham Pride!

Overall, this video as a whole is very average. There's nothing outstanding, the narrative is typical and we've seen it plenty of times before, I also feel it doesn't relate to the song all that much. The performance side isn't anything exciting, it's quite bland and fails to engage me.
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New Release: Lawson - Juliet

I thought it was about time I started this thing up again. Reasons for not continuing was because I had started a job, which took up most of my time, as well as starting uni once again recently. But I am back, and I'm hoping I will be able to continue this on and on for much longer.

Lawson are a four piece pop rock band consisting of Adam Pitts, Andy Brown, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher. This is their sixth single to date. "When She Was Mine", "Taking Over Me", "Standing In The Dark" and "Brokenhearted" of which has hit the top 10 of the UK chart, and this single looks like it will be following in their footsteps. "Juliet" is extremely catchy and has been air-played a lot, if it doesn't chart high this Sunday I'll be extremely surprised. This band seems to be going strong. They're only going to get better and better.

The music video is performance based with a narrative to follow, with a surprised ending. But what is more of a shocker is that they nabbed Kelly Brook for the video, if the song was bad, just the appearance of Kelly Brook would make this song a hit, yet this is such a great hit nonetheless and if it doesn't chart high this Sunday, something is wrong.

I like the narrative, with Kelly Brook finding the richest guy, getting him drunk and then taking all his money, or the equivalent of. And we presume she is Juliet, who the boys are singing about, especially as she goes from one of the band members to the next in an extremely flirty manner, but with this twist ending, it completes the video perfectly.

The performance side is full of energy, they clearly love being on a stage and giving people the music they want to make. I think they would be great to see live, and are a great band to get the fans going.

Overall a great song that would've charted high no matter what the video was like. But this amazing video definitely helps the song, especially since Kelly Brook is in it too. I have no issues whatsoever with this video, and it relates with the song, what more could we possibly ask for? You can probably guess the rating if you haven't seen it already. But here it is anyhow...
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New Release: Lawson Featuring B.o.B - Brokenhearted

Lawson releases this song this week, it's so catchy that it should chart high, I so hope it gets to the top of the UK chart, but with so much competition it seems like it's going to be difficult. Lawson is a four piece band consisting of Adam Pitts, Andy Brown, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher. This band has been doing pretty well here in the UK, managing to get all four singles in the top 20 of the UK chart, and this one will manage to do the same. Are they going to be like The Saturdays, always hoping for a number one and yet not getting one until five years down the line... Or will they disappear like so many bands before them? Guess we'll see with time... I bet they will stand the test of time. They have collaborated with B.o.B, real name Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. He is another amazing singer and rapper, who previously had a number one with "Airplanes" featuring Hayley Williams, from Paramore. Could he be the one to push this song to number one?

"Brokenhearted" was written by Andy Brown, Ki Fitzgerald, Paddy Dalton, Duck Blackwell and Bobby Ray Simmons. The song should be a number one hit, yet with the competition this week, it's going to be quite a battle, however the song is racking up the charts. Even I, who isn't much a fan of Lawson, really like this song, and I can't stop listening to it.

The music video has a performance and a narrative side. This is one music video that reminds me of other videos such as Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" as well as Simple Plan's "When I'm Gone". This is a typical band video having both sides, and it really works in their favour.

The narrative is strong, there is a break-up between Andy Brown and his on-screen girlfriend, yet it is all in the media, and she isn't happy about that at all, because everywhere she looks there is Lawson. And, unknown to here, Andy's ghost-like form is following her around, is it her imagination? Is he dead? Yet again my brilliant idea of him actually being a ghost goes out of the window, and maybe it's the camera's imagination.

The performance piece is energetic, yet lacking somewhat. When B.o.B comes in there are quite a few vibes sent out to the crowd, but Lawson is failing to make me eager to watch them live. Where is their energy? Maybe they are good live, but this video fails to portray this.

Overall a great song that should hit the UK chart hard, but a music video that lacks energy. The narrative is full of amazingness, maybe a little copy-cat, but that is to be expected, and it's something I would watch again and again, yet the performance piece just doesn't match as well as it could.
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New Release: Lawson - When She Was Mine

Lawson is all everyone is talking about, they are here, there and everywhere and people just can't get enough of them. They are having great feedback from YouTube comments, and have already charted high on the iTunes chart at number 8, and it's only been out for a day! They are being compared to 'The Script', which is extremely understandable, and I can see them going far and maybe a number one some time in the future... They are a four-piece pop/rock band consisting of Andy Brown, Adam Pitts, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher. Andy Brown has been in the music industry before in a band called 'Avenue' who also consisted of Max George, who is now in 'The Wanted'. They were formerly known as 'The Grove'.

"When She Was Mine" was written by Andy Brown. His inspiration for the song comes from Mollie King from The Saturdays. Mollie and Andy used to go out, but recently split and Andy Brown apparently wrote a few songs about the split, and this was one of them. Mollie King is in total support of the song, and she was urging people on Facebook to download the single. I love it when bands write their own songs as you can tell they really mean everything they are singing. And it's sometimes one of the main reasons why it is so good.

This music video has everything you need. There is both a narrative and a performance, which most music videos have started to do. They also tend to get my 5 stars, as you can rarely find better. I am sure I've seen the girl before, but not sure where from, she is played by Angelica Lynne (thank you anonymous commenter) and she has starred in quite a few music videos, but she has done theatre and modelling.

This music video is cleanly cut and interesting to watch. It's one of those videos that you can watch over and over again and see something new that you hadn't seen the previous time. I'd never get bored of it, and I love the storyline, and how at the end she doesn't answer his call. It's a nice representation of the song, and I don't think any other music video would have done this song justice.

Overall, a very catchy song that you can't help but love. The accompanying music video is great too, however there's a few parts where you are blinded by the sunlight, and some of the camera shots aren't that great either. Having said that though, it definitely will not affect the charting position this Sunday. And I'm super excited to see where this will chart. I can see this band going places!
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