New Release: Justin Timberlake - Filthy

Filthy - Justin Timberlake |

I used to be a massive fan of Justin Timberlake, but my love of his music certainly fell as time went on, and I'm glad it did since I do not like this song, or it's accompanying music video. He's made quite the comeback this year, but it falls short. He is one of the top male singers in the whole world, and yet his latest music hasn't quite slammed the charts as his past tracks have done. Watch Justin Timberlake present to the world the first dancing robot that copies his moves on stage in this futuristic music video for "Filthy".

Justin Timberlake released this track as the first single from his new album, which is his first in five years. Usually, if an artist has waited so long to release an album, you would expect a brilliant collection of tracks. However, he doesn't meet our expectations when it comes to this album, and it really does make us miss his previous tracks. He came back with the awesome "Can't Stop This Feeling", last year which got us all excited about new music, yet this all just falls short, in my opinion. Since his latest singles haven't hit the charts hard, it just shows I'm not the only one who thinks this. However, there's bound to be a surge soon as he performed at the Super Bowl's LII halftime show. This song was written by Justin Timberlake, Larrance Dopson, James Fauntleroy, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, and Timothy Mosley.

Directed by Mark Romanek, the music video is set in 2028 at the Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He takes inspiration from Steve Jobs and presents his new creation, this robot. He pulls off the geeky-look effortlessly whilst still remaining professional.

This is quite on the freaky side, it reminds me so much of iRobot and all the other robot films where it just doesn't turn out all that great. I keep expecting something to happen every single time I watch this music video, but all we are watching is a dancing robot.

There is a slight twist at the end, but rather than the robot deciding to think for itself and kill everyone, we have Justin Timberlake disappearing from existence. He really is a holographic image! It's an interesting concept of a music video, which becomes slightly relatable to the song as the dancing continues; however, they should've done more with it, there's nothing to keep the audience entertained unless your a robot fanatic and cannot wait to see what this robot does next. Nope, that's not me.
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Nickelback - Feed The Machine

Feed the Machine - Nickelback |

Couldn't decide what music video to review, so chose this one since I am currently playing Nickelback's latest album; which has the same title as this single. The album is pure fire throughout, and this music video is just as powerful. Nickelback are truly back, putting their stamp on rock music and proving how great they truly are. Watch Nickelback become freedom-fighting revolutionaries as they rescue imprisoned humans from machines in a post-apocalyptic world in this music video for "Feed The Machine".

Nickelback are a Canadian rock band consisting of Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair. They are one of the most successful rock groups of all time and continue to keep to their sound whilst keeping it current and mainstream. We all like a little bit of Nickelback, whether we like to admit to it or not. This latest album is complete fire from start to finish. It has certainly proved that they can continue as a band without changing their music genre. This song is their first single from the album, and it is one of those songs you never forget. It was written by Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair.

Directed by Kyle Cogan, this music video is fully in-depth, easily relating to the lyrics. There is a slight performance piece, but it's mainly narrative; easily relating to the concept of the lyrics, transforming them into this perfect visual.

We watch as these robots come after two girls, one of which gets captured outside, whilst the other manages to escape and finds a place to hide. Then, the one who survived was taken to a village by a woman and given some water, and then they make a plan to free the humans that have been captured by the monsters, who are clearly just feeding the machine.

The concept is great and very relatable to many people in the world at the moment. There's not much inclusion of Nickelback as a whole; their scenes are more profile shots than anything else. I like the ending which sees the machine shut down once the humans are all rescued. Such an iconic music video, and yet there's just something missing as a whole.
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Literally didn't know what to review today, so I let my iTunes pick by playing all my songs on random, this one came up and I was like, okay. I am slightly surprised I haven't reviewed this yet. It was released after the awesome collaboration with Miss Britney Spears on "Scream & Shout". It worked well. becomes robotic whilst Justin Bieber is a hologram in a futuristic take during the music video of "#thatPOWER". is quickly becoming a household name, if he isn't already. Definitely one of the leaders in the music industry, his real name is William Adams. He has worked with some of the biggest stars, and his own band, the Black Eyed Peas, are embedded in history as one of the biggest groups. There is really no stopping and I cannot wait to see where The Voice UK coach ends up. Collaborating on this track is Justin Bieber, another high-profile male artist, with various hits under his name just like Such a massive collaboration, it's no wonder this song did so well. It was written by William Adams, Damien Leroy, and Justin Bieber.

Directed by Ben Mor, and filmed in Japan, the video features as a robotic dancer, Justin Bieber as a hologram and there are appearances from Japanese dance group World Order.

There is an alternative music video available to watch alongside this one through Shazam. This additional video has no audio; it is supposed to give you an alternative viewing experience by allowing you to view it alongside this one so you can notice the differences.

As a whole, it's an innovative idea, definitely futuristic, which makes it quite clever since the music video is futuristic.

The dancing is on point throughout, we expect nothing less from However, I find it very unfortunate that Justin Bieber wasn't there in person. The hologram makes him look dead or something, suggesting he never made it to the future. The dancing is occasionally out of sync, but it can be forgiven since they are subtle.

World Order are amazing in their scene. Defying dancing as we know it and managing to easily stun us throughout.

There's not a lot else to comment on. This is totally interesting from start to finish, and it feels like it's part of a bigger picture. There's just something missing, there should be a more expansive narrative. Nothing continues the video on, it's hard to understand what is going on.
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Chart Mondays: Calvin Harris - My Way

Going down a more country house music route, Calvin Harris' "My Way" is being reviewed as this week's Chart Mondays. He is throwing quite the spanner in my Halloween Special unless you supposed the love interest in this music video is a ghost, a pixelated one at best... Let's run with that, although, she is a robot. The song has been in the UK top 10 for a while, but the video has only just been released. With Little Mix's "Shout Out To My Ex" happily sitting on top, I'm reviewing this music video instead. Calvin Harris has stated that this song isn't about Taylor Swift, the song is about an ex-girlfriend being in his way. The accompanying music video for "My Way" shows her appearing and disappearing in a set of pixels, is she even real?

Calvin Harris, real name Adam Wiles, is the Scottish DJ who has won numerous awards and has worked with some of the biggest stars. He has a string of hits that just don't stop coming. He's definitely the one to watch around the world, because he is one of the hottest DJ's going at the moment, and I don't just mean his looks, even though he is pretty damn fine (especially considering what he used to look like when he released his debut single "Acceptable In The 80s"). This song was written by Calvin Harris.

The music video was directed by Emil Nava, who has directed a lot of Calvin Harris' music videos. The love interest is played by actress Emanuela Postacchini.

There is a kind of massive narrative behind this which is hard to follow. At first, I didn't get this video one bit, but I'm slowly understanding it, from my own perspective. This concept of the video may not be the intentional theory behind the narrative from the director or Calvin Harris.

We start off in a futuristic world, where there is a tall building standing in a desolate destroyed Earth. The camera pans into a window where we see a person with a Virtual Reality helmet on.

In an extremely clever cut, we see Calvin Harris on the steps of a country home. Into the past we go. We watch as Calvin Harris sings about the one thing being in his way, it's clearly his robotic love interest, but is she even there? The one complete stable throughout is Calvin Harris himself, everything else becomes a pixelated mess.

As the story continues, we watch her appear everywhere, taking control, destroying things. Almost as if it's a virus amongst his computer system; definitely an atrocity for any producer in the world.

The video ends with no one in the futuristic building; instead, there's a stand-alone computer from the 90s, maybe earlier, and there's one in each window-room of the building. Has this futuristic person become a pixelated specimen to run away with this person who isn't even real? Or does this video just not make sense?

What I do know, is that there is an awesome dance break during the barn house scene, where the choreography is nailed completely. With laser lights and an upbeat melody, you really can't go wrong.

This video is confusing, it gets even weirder the more you watch it. The pixels mess with your brain, disengaging the audience, which is the point of the video. Amazingly futuristically brilliant. Yet, I still can't quite make sense of this.
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New Release: Nero - Into The Night

Nero have come a long way from when they first started, and yet I still feel that they're trailing behind. They have had one or two hits here in the UK, "Promises" was definitely massive for it's time, with their song "Guilt" just as popular, and yet they've died down since and didn't really push themselves when they were at the top of the charts. This isn't their fault and many other bands and singers have followed both before and after them. But this is where the charts are at, and it just takes one song, as usual, to become a worldwide hit. "Promises" may have been their song, but many will follow if they keep at it. Nero transports itself into the anime world, a narrative and a performance piece set in a fictional graphic story.

Nero is a three-piece band consisting of Daniel Stephens, Joseph Ray and Alana Watson. They are from the UK, and have released a string of singles from their first album with "Promises" and "Guilt" being their biggest hits, and "Me & You" charting just outside the top 10. Lately, their singles from their second album have not charted so well. As for the album overall, it too underperformed. This can't be the end of Nero, definitely not. This is a band who doesn't give up, so they will definitely come back fighting.

This was directed by Markus Lundqvist and co-directed by Daniel Stephens. The animation was done by Red Knuckles, who have actually done quite a few things, including the animation for Britain's Got Talent 2015 commercial. This studio might just do some more in the future, that we will all be aware of.

This one is done good, you can feel for each of the characters. The story line is interesting. The guy and the girl wants to run away together, into the night, but they need money to do so. So, he kind of gets some drugs and delivers them to some big fat crazy guy, who owns a club called Satisfy (possibly a connection with their song "Satisfy" which they released as the first single from their second album), who then gives our main character a case with no money in.

He's been made a fool of, and gets shot at, luckily missing every bullet, as well as surviving a grenade, that practically blew up in his face. He calls his girl, who gets upset and seeks out to find him. Then they have a street race together for fun.

As for the performance side of things, Nero looks good as anime characters, and Alana is pulling of the swish moves, as I call it. Which we definitely see a lot of, but no more so than in Caramell's "Caramelldansen"/"Caramelldancing".

This isn't the only link, Britney Spears famously became an animated character in "Break The Ice". Which this video definitely reminds me of.

However there is an error, as one YouTuber pointed out... There are six vials in the first clip, when the case is first opened, but when the robot takes two out for the evil monster, there is only five. Continuity errors are extremely important, even if this is anime. A simple vial cannot go missing!

Overall, great song and a perfect relatable music video. One that I will remember but still not quite understand, there's no background on this thing, where did the vials come from? How did our main character get involved in this? Why is it so important? And where did vial number six disappear to? The questions are left unanswered, and that is the way it's supposed to be.
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New Release: Alesha Dixon - Tallest Girl

Why are so many artists releasing singles without music videos? Music videos circulating on music channels, is promotion, and yet many this week have released relying on radio play and their fans, such as One Direction with "Perfect", Diplo & Sleepy Tom with "Be Right There" and Ben Haenow Featuring Kelly Clarkson with "Second Hand Heart". Then there's Taylor Swift who has released a remix version of "Wildest Dreams" instead of an official single. So here I am stuck with Alesha Dixon's new one. Powerful and entertaining, Alesha Dixon shows us what Britain's Got Talent has shown her: failure and how to get buzzed.

Alesha Dixon was one third of Mis-Teeq. She soon launched her solo career, and became notable for single "The Boy Does Nothing". Although her highest charting position is with "Breathe Slow". She has only recently released her fourth album, which this is her second single, after "The Way We Are". These two singles, she has released, are unable to chart in the UK, at her own request. She didn't want to define her album by the singles she releases. Yet I guess this is the reason why the album charted at 81. Is she just a failed artist now? She's clearly not making the cut is she?

The song is written by Alesha Dixon, Alex James and Harry Sommerdahl. Catchy and energetic, I had it stuck in my head for all of three minutes, at which point I played Little Mix's new release "Weird People", which I'm currently in love with!

Alesha Dixon is known for her dancing, she won Strictly Come Dancing, which kick-started her comeback, and yet where is the dancing in this bubbly song? And did she really do the robot? Are we sure this is a 2015 video right? It seems so dated.

Donning killer heels, and amazing fashion statements, you can see where the budget for this video has been blown, and yet it hasn't helped at all, compared to Inna's "Bop Bop". I'm bored, and uninterested in what she is wearing. Not only does she not look good, but she looks confused as to what she should be wearing, how to wear it and who she is as a person. Does this reflect in her music? Is she at her standstill where she's just releasing music because she wants to, and not taking a key interest in what she's releasing. She needs another hit, which charts high. Otherwise, she's not going to do as well as she thinks she should.
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Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)

Ashlee Simpson becomes my Sunday Revisit, purely because I've been stuck for choice, and I distinctly remember watching this music video on the music channels. She has a famous sister Jessica Simpson, who is also a singer/actress. Ashlee Simpson is finally gearing up to releasing a fourth album, but is she past her peak of her career, or is it time to get back on track and become a hit once again?

"Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" was written by Ashlee Simpson, King Logan, Jerome Harmon, Santi White and Kenna. It marks Ashlee Simpson's lowest charting position in the UK, to date, managing to get to number 24. "Pieces Of Me" got to number four, "La La" number 11, and the recently reviewed "Boyfriend" got to number 12. The song is about having all these voices in your head, from the people who think they should advise you on what you need to do, and sometimes it's a bit too much. Always do what you want, regardless of what everyone else thinks, that's my advice.

This music video is over the top of wackiness. There's so much going on, so much that you find it hard to keep up with, that it explains the song and connects with it perfectly.

There is a lot of references included, so much so that it reminds me of Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go". There's a reference to Salvador Dalí's 'The Persistence Of Memory' with the melting clock, she is also seen with dark hair on top of a 'Rubik's Cube'. She also gets tied up by tiny people, which is a reference to 'Gulliver's Travels'. And once again the constant attack of the paparazzi, which has been featured in so many videos that I'm tired of mentioning it. One person even has a camera as a head. One of the co-writer's Kenna features as a reporter in the video.

This is clearly identifiable as an Ashlee Simpson video, even if she wasn't in the video, it's noticeable as her due to the quirkiness of it all. That still reminds me of the other videos I have reviewed "Boyfriend" and "L.O.V.E." that I question whether we'll find something different from this artist, or will she stick to this niche that is clearly her... Guess we'll find out when she starts releasing singles and videos for her new album.

Overall, a catchy song that has a messed-up quality to it that you can't help but admire, it feels like so many people talking to you at once, and that is exactly what the song is about. The video follows the song perfectly, going over the top and adding the perfect messed-up side with mental institutes and paparazzi and a robotic Ashlee Simpson.

David Guetta Featuring Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On

David Guetta, real name Pierre David Guetta, is a DJ. I'm not the sort of person who enjoys he's music but I can't help liking and appreciating it for what it is. Many people reckon his songs tend to sound the same, and I can understand where people are getting this idea from, but then again, they stand alone so well. He has collaborated with Nicki Minaj in the past on "Where Them Girls At". Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Tanya Maraj, has released a number of singles and managed to hit the UK by storm in a matter of a few years, no UK number ones yet, but I'm sure they're just round the corner for her.

Now I have to admit, I heard this song on the radio and I had no idea who was singing it, I would have placed bets on some new upcoming artist, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Today when I switched on the music channels and I was flipping through, I saw that this collaboration was going to be on next, and I flipped it over presuming it'll be another rap collaboration. Luckily there was nothing better on the other music channels, so I switched back, and I'm sure my mouth hit the floor when I heard the song. I just wouldn't have paired the voice in this song with Nicki Minaj, no way.

The song writing credits are Ester Dean, David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort and Onika Maraj. Ester Dean has written a lot of songs, and most of them you may know, she has written for the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and many many more, she is set out for a solo career, so watch out. David Guetta usually has participation in his records, and Giorgio Tuinfort has helped David Guetta out with his album. As for Onika Maraj (or should I say Nicki Minaj?), maybe she wrote her rap verse? The person who's last on the writing credits TENDS to be the person who had minimal input, but this is not always the case. She has a cracking voice and this shows it, even if it is auto-tuned here and there.

The music video is extremely clever, since the song has two meanings, first one being sexual (which is probably where the songwriting came into it), but the other one is robotics and that is exactly what the music video has decided to link in with however also combining the former meaning too.

I like the fact that we don't even see Nicki Minaj at the start, instead we see some mad scientist constructing a robot, who has pure white lips and is singing along to Nicki Minaj's lyrics. I like how step by step we're revealed who she is and who the mad scientist is (obviously David Guetta). Which could be a reference to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I also like the whole narrative with the jealousy and had to laugh at the fact that David Guetta is really a man made out of chain mail... And it's probably got people guessing, is he really that toned?

I like how the dolls are naked, but not totally and so, for some reason, the UK have allowed the video to be shown during day time, oh the horror... Makes a change to switch on a music channel and see dolls... I'm not sure if I like her rap, some people may say that it spoils the whole song, but then again I'm not sure if it does. We know Nicki Minaj as this rap artist, and why can't she include her own little spin to the song?

I like Nicki Minaj's style, the fact that she's confident and is made out to look prim and proper. And it works, surprisingly, since she has bright pink hair, that actually suits her perfectly. I think Nicki Minaj is becoming a superstar, and I know that a number one in the UK is just around the corner for her, and it may be this very song that does it.

I love this music video, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, apart from the fact that it may be misleading children, and it could be considered scary, to a slight degree. But, as if that will make me lose a star on this narrative filled music video. I hope it does well on the chart, whenever it gets released.
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Frixion - Under The Influence

Frixion is a new boy band on the block, but will they succeed or will they fail? That is the question. This is their first singles and it's been released already, however it has not charted, leaving us thinking failure could be on the edges. However I think if they promoted themselves enough they would be the next big things. The band consists of 3 members who are David Stanton, Neil Painter and Johnny Wright. Each band member comes from a different place, Birmingham, Blackpool and London, and they are all apparently over 6 foot, according to their facebook page. The music channels are in favour of this music video as they play it quite a few times when I'm watching them, hence why I'm doing this review today. Is there a place for them here in the UK? I'm not too sure, we'll just have to sit back and check they may do well but they need to go more commercial and do a lot more promoting otherwise they will fail.

This song is very catchy, as much I hate to admit it, I do actually like this song, but I bet if I hear it a few more times, I'll get bored by it. I'm not usually into this sort of music, and it's going to be difficult for this band to break into the UK singles chart, will they be able to do it? I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

The music video is kind of, hmmm..... I like it and then I don't, there's not much of a storyline and I don't really get the whole robot (mechanic) thing. So let me work through this.... David, Neil and Johnny are all robots, and they are missing body parts. These three girls are mechanics and they're here to fix them up. But in doing so it makes these three guys "under the influence" of these girls? I sort of get it, but it is very different and pretty complicated at times. I don't think everyone would understand it.

I have to say this... One of the girls looks a little like Erin Karpluk (I know her as Erica Strange in Being Erica, but she has been in a lot of different films and TV series). I know it's not but she definitely looks like a younger version of her at least. This music video also features a place where Britney Spears filmed "Criminal", so I presume this could be considered interesting.

The lyrics/word/pictures that is used during which the three guys are singing together is a little over the top, it makes it seem like they are trying to interest kids with their music video, especially with all the "Yeah"'s and the drums.

Overall I'm not at all sure what to make of this music video, I presume it's okay for their first music video, and probably is better than other artist's first music videos. I like the fact that there is three girls rather than just the one, because each of the guys could have their own girl, unlike One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". However I kind of started talking about little minor bits, and so it makes me think that my attention was lost, therefore I think my rating is pretty fair.

Starman - I Don't Wanna Dance

I've been getting quite a lot of hits on my music video review of "Ola - All Over The World" because Ola Svensson and Andrew Stone look so similar that people easily mistake one for the other. So today I decided to look to see if Andrew Stone had previously released any music videos. So after a bit of searching I come across this band called Starman, and Andrew Stone is the lead singer. Personally I think their songs are 15 years too late, or maybe even more as this song would have been a hit in the 90s, however now it doesn't stand a chance, which kind of explains why the band is no longer together. This band consists of 5 members, who are Andrew Stone, Jesus Ruiz, Craig Custance, Mickey Cowdroy and Luka Cadez.

This song doesn't make much sense to me, I think it's about being in love with someone but the magic is dying, and that dancing is what brings it all back. Although there may be more hidden meanings even further back than that. The song contains one of the most iconic Abba piano tunes, and every time the bridge comes up I do question whether or not this song has any connection and if it is or isn't closely linked. "I don't wanna dance if I got dance" is very contradicting and that's why I think they don't like to dance when they're told to and much prefer when they do it on their own free will because they enjoy it. Andrew Stone does have a good voice, and although it is not strong enough here (and yes it is a lot stronger now as I found out when he appeared on "Sing if you Can"), but it definitely sounds similar to Ola's and could be easily mistaken for it. I'm not upset that this band has split, it might help Andrew Stone go into more dance music and I know he'll be a big hit in Europe, he could be our answer to Ola, but we'll just have to wait and see what's around the corner.

This music video is by far the most different, unrelated video I have reviewed so far, and I don't think there is any other video out there that could be as worse as this. It's obvious it's a low budget video, and it is only related here and there, but surely they could have incorporated a choreography scene in it since it's about dancing. I think the narrative storyline was about these 5 people (who are the band Starman) who are put in body bags to give life-force to this robot. It's just over the top and unrelated to the song, it doesn't make any sense.

The use of the body bags explains the first verse: "And I can't breathe" & "Should I lay down on my bed?", however that verse is barely noticeable and so why take that part to make this whole music video? I don't know why they've done it but it is completely absurd don't you think? Also the lasers has nothing to do with the song, and maybe that's where all their budget went to. And the robot..... What were they thinking? The person in that robot costume doesn't make robot moves any good, sorry whoever is in that costume, but it's true.

Overall, after watching the video like three times, I end up liking this song a little more than I thought I'd ever will. But the music video is so different and unrelated, however it would've fit perfectly in the 90s, and if Andrew Stone wants to crack the UK market I so think he should take a leap out of his double's career: Ola Svensson. I think Andrew Stone has a good voice, he just needs to make good music and then he'll do a hell of a lot better.

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

As you may be aware of (if you've read any of my other posts), I have known about Britney ever since she released her first single: "...Baby One More Time". And I have to admit, this music video is probably one of my favourite yet. She has had lots of critical responses and a lot of difficulty in her life, but it definitely looks like she's taking control of it, which is really great.

This marks Britney's third single from her fifth studio album: Femme Fatale. And is probably the best single to describe her whole album, although, the album is quite a mixture of everything, and together it is blissfully one of Britney's best albums. I think this song is probably my 2nd favourite song from the album, and I really hope that her next single will be "How I Roll", but if it isn't I don't mind much since I really like this song. As for charting, it is currently climbing up the top 200 in the UK chart, however it is officially released next week, so hopefully the single will make an impact (I'm hoping for No.1 since the last time she was there was with "Everytime" and that was in 2004). As for her albums, she has never ever had a No.1 album, which really surprised me when I found out, I just hope that in the near future she'll get a No.1 album.

This song was written by Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotcha (Max Martin and Shellback helped Avril Lavigne write her whole album, and they also helped with Britney's latest album so it shows how interesting their songs can be). This song again hits out at the paparazzi, although many have complained that she is attacking them again. But in my opinion, they're the ones attacking her, did anyone not see the video footage of them following her all over the news? If she is constantly followed how can she have a life? The paparazzi are to blame for many deaths from Princess Diana to Amy Winehouse (possibly, this is all what I think and I could be completely wrong). So if everyone decided never to read a newspaper or magazine ever again, if everyone decided to never tune into the news, either on the radio or on the TV, would people (famous or not so famous) still be alive today? I personally think so.

The music video is AMAZING! It is one of the best Britney videos for a long time, and I really like the funny side of things. I love how Britney is styled, people say she reminds them of Avril Lavigne, especially with her different coloured hair extentions, however she reminds me of when she was younger and just starting in the music industry, I really like her looking this way and you really wouldn't expect her to do the things she does in the music video, which is what they wanted the impact to be like. Also, I think she looks really well, compared to her music videos when she was a little off her head and not quite right, she looks well on track and it's really nice to see her this way.

I love the start, it is a similar take on the old film: Half Baked, and it's really funny when she says "you're cool", it makes me laugh every time. I also like the t-shirt she is wearing, which is a cropped t-shirt of Mickey Mouse, which relates to when she was in "The New Mickey Mouse Club" which I never watched. I cannot believe the journalists would ask those sort of questions either and to be honest what sort of questions are they actually asking? Who would ask anything so stupid? So she walks out wearing studded combat boots (that I didn't think Britney would ever actually wear, but I really like them), and signs her album and grabs the guys ass, I like how he is so happy that he jumps in the air, to be honest I think anyone would be happy.

I like how she blows a kiss to a baby who's whistling along to the track, and then the amazing bit when she flashes for the policeman, only the whole street sees, and I love the shocked faces, especially the ginger kid as if he's never seen anything like that in real life hahahahahahaha. The policeman, who looks like Britney's Ex-Husband Kevin Federline, then decides to search Britney up and down her legs while she's bent over a car, then we get a flash and we see Britney walking away spinning handcuffs on her finger, while the policeman is buttoning up his shirt (I wonder what they've been up to..... And surely not in the street! That kid would have a heart attack!)

She is then surrounded by paparazzi, which must relate to her everyday life, which is kind of surprising as there is quite a few of them snapping photos without her permission (and yes I know that if you are a celebrity you're bound to have the paparazzi following you and taking pictures, but still...). So she smashes one camera, which I think is good for her, and then she runs away and climbs up onto a yellow taxi. Which is a little dramatic but then again.... And she swings her mike around and hits the paparazzi, which is obviously done by using special effects on the computer, but it is done well, and I can't help but watch again and again. I really like the idea of the cinema behind, which is showing "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder" which is such a good idea, and represents Britney's first debut film, "Crossroads". I like how it is similar to "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" which has to be the best sequel name ever. But does this suggest what everyone is thinking? Will there be a sequel to Crossroads? I sure hope so, I loved that film and have probably watched it too many times by now, but will there be a sequel? If they do decide to, then it's not too late, it could mark the decade anniversary of her first film debut......

I like how there's a link with "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", with the paparazzi creeping back up showing that they are robots and are prepared to get every shot possible. This is a super nice twist and sort of explains the paparazzi to people, it shows they don't care about anyone and so will do their best in their interests and not anyone else's. Then guess who comes along.... It's Guillermo Díaz, who starred in "Half Baked". He drives alongside Britney and tells her to jump in, to help her escape the paparazzi, she is then dressed in a pink bikini top, and dances while standing up (if you look into the background you can tell that they are in front of a "blue/green screen". While Guillermo drives he decides to pour milk over his head. THIS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Why do such a thing? If someone could help me I'd be happy to know the answer. Anyway.... Britney is a little turned on that he does such a thing, and then sparks fly from his chest and she realises he is a robot too.

I like the ending particularly, you are taken back to the interview with the journalists screaming at her, and so she thinks she has been day-dreaming. Then Guillermo says "no more questions" and Britney tells him about her dream, and he pretends to be stupid, and then, in a link to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", as Britney is lead away, he turns around and his eyes glowers red, and he laughs hard....... It is a brilliant ending, to go with one of Britney's most iconic music videos.

Overall I cannot fault this music video, except for the milk bit which I do not understand at all. This music video will probably be remembered again and again, and I can definitely see the music channels using this loads more times in the future. I hope you all agree that my rating is fair, and this music video definitely does deserve it!
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