New Release: Ruth Lorenzo - Miedo

Ruth Lorenzo is back with an awesome rock-like ballad that is set to make you awe-struck. Clearly gaining inspiration from rock ballad classics, Ruth Lorenzo shines in every way with "Miedo" showcasing her beautifully stunning voice and her range capabilities. The X Factor and Eurovision star easily belongs in this music industry and deserves so much more success, and this brand new single proves just that. "Miedo" is the Spanish word for "Fear" and my rough Google Translate suggests the song is an open letter to Fear itself and Ruth Lorenzo is telling it that she isn't afraid anymore. It's one confident and inspiring song, that just builds and builds gaining strength towards the end.

Spain Entry: Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing In The Rain

One of my favourites from the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, but that is mainly because I've supported Ruth Lorenzo since she appeared on The X Factor in 2008. She scored 74 points for Spain in Eurovision 2014, where she placed 10th. I have and will continue to support Ruth Lorenzo, and I hope that new music will be on the way soon. In this video, Ruth Lorenzo gives a great performance piece as well as showing off her skills in "Dancing In The Rain" with Giuseppe Di Bella.

Ruth Lorenzo was a part of the fifth series of The X Factor, where she placed fifth overall. She competed in Mira quién va a Eurovisión, Spain's national selection process. She came joint first with Brequette who sung "Más (Run)", but Ruth Lorenzo won overall because of the public vote, which prevails over the jury vote if there is a tie. She went on to release her album Planeta Azul, which was then re-released as a special edition with additional tracks. She later took part in Tu Cara Me Suena (the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar) which she won. Hopefully, new music is being created and a new album will be out soon, well that's what I'm hoping for. This song was written by Ruth Lorenzo, Jim Irvin and Julian Emery.

Directed by Paloma Zapata, the video is a pure performance piece, showing how amazing Ruth Lorenzo is live; if only I got the chance to see her again on stage. I last saw her at The X Factor tour, but I was very far away from the stage.

This song shows off her powerful voice, yet the music video doesn't quite portray the amazingness of her vocal cords. On the other hand, it does show off her dancing ability.

Giuseppe Di Bella and Ruth Lorenzo shine in the dance scene. They pull off the choreography flawlessly, which definitely isn't easy when they are dancing in water with spray coming down on them. Ruth Lorenzo is clearly having a ball of a time, getting soaked with Giuseppe Di Bella.

As a complete package, this video is stunning in its own way. However, it lacks engagement from the viewers, with nothing to keep us interested, as such. It's not something we'd particularly repeatedly watch. Therefore it comes off average, yet the song is amazing and deserved better than 10th place, although the 2014 Eurovision Contest was extremely competitive.
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New Release: Ruth Lorenzo - The Night

Ruth Lorenzo is back! It's official, her second single is actually going to be released here to the UK, and I'm so happy. I just can't stop talking about this song to people and I have been listening to it over and over again, I am really hoping it will chart this Sunday, but there's no sign of this song on the iTunes top 1000, it needs to chart people, you need to buy it now! This has been a long time coming to be honest, and her first single "Burn" didn't get released in the UK, so this makes it her debut here, but with little promotion and not a lot behind her, will she suffer? Well with this voice she will not be defeated, and I do see her eventually gaining the chart numbers she needed.

Ruth Lorenzo is from The X Factor UK, and came fifth in the fifth series. Her fellow contestants also got recording contracts and stuff, here's where they are now... Alexandra Burke (winner) working on her third album, has three number one singles and is kick-starting her career in the U.S.; JLS (second) are due to break-up, they have four albums behind them, five number one singles and are getting ready to release a greatest hits; Eoghan Quigg (third), one album, one single, and has disappeared from the spotlight; Diana Vickers (fourth), one album with a second being released soon, one number one single; Rachel Hylton (sixth) just starting up; Daniel Evans (seventh) released a single and album but failed to chart and has disappeared from the spotlight; Laura White (eighth), one single, has an album in the works and is now working under the stage name 'Martha'; Bad Lashes (twelfth) disbanded after releasing one single.

"The Night" was written by Ruth Lorenzo and Tim Ross. The song was originally called 'The Night Belongs To Us', and was given as a free download to her fans on FaceBook a couple of years back, and now it has been turned into a single, with remixes, that are great to listen to. The song is extremely catchy after a few plays, and her voice is outstanding, it's a shame she never got to the final of The X Factor, Simon Cowell missed out on something good here. Her emotion comes across amazingly, and I still think her rendition of Prince's "Purple Rain" on The X Factor sing-off is one of the best performances ever, I don't think anyone can top it.

The music video is mainly a performance piece but has a slight narrative that I find similar to Avril Lavigne's "Wish You Were Here". The narrative tightens heart strings and kind of displays her emotion out on a plate, however I think there should've been more to it, it lacks something crucial, maybe it would have been good to include past memories that she is thinking about.

The performance side of things to this music video is theatrical in a good way, you know her live performances will be full of energy and vibes that will reach across to the fans.

Overall a great song that gets stuck in my head really easily. The music video lacks a solid narrative, and the performance piece has lighting which doesn't always keep her in the light. The video, at the end of the day could be better, and be improved, yet it goes well with the song.

Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder

Dannii Minogue has finally made it onto my blog! She became a judge of The X Factor in 2007, and she was the first judge to also be an artist, she also became a judge on Australia's Got Talent. Since 2007 no more singles have been released so far, although there have been numerous rumours of new recorded songs, including Dannii mentioning it in her own show called "Dannii Minogue: Style Queen" in which she met up with one of her X Factor acts and recorded a song with Ruth Lorenzo. However no sign of any new release as of yet, but we're all still hoping! For those of you who don't know, she has a famous sister called Kylie Minogue.

"I Begin To Wonder" was written by Jean-Claude Ades, Dacia Bridges, Dannii Minogue and Olaf Kramolowsky. I was worried about reviewing this judge as I didn't think I would recognise any of her songs, but I was so very wrong, as I remember this song, and others very clearly. It got to number 2 in the UK, just missing out on the top spot. However it would've been difficult to knock Christina Agulera's song "Beautiful" off that all important number one. However Dannii managed to get to number one on the UK Upfront Club Chart, making it her 6th number one on this chart. I have my fingers crossed that Dannii decides to return to music, as she has become extremely popular over the years thanks to The X Factor and I'm sure she'll finally get that all important number one!

This music video is a big performance piece and it is the typical music video you expected at that time. I like the start where she is walking down the street and when she is dancing and the title of the song in many different languages swirl around her. But I have to comment on her hair, at times it looks greasy and horrible, and I bet that when she sees this video now she cringes, especially since she's big into style at the moment.

The other scenes are quite interesting, especially the bit when she is in the ventilation shaft. But what I really don't get is why she is cutting her hair, I'm not sure it works with the song, however I can understand how it's possible since she wants to recreate herself, according to the song.

Overall a catchy song that is even catchy today, however it feels like it is trying to build up to something, only that something never appears. The video on the other hand is okay and sort of what we expected during that year, however it is missing a narrative that would definitely make this video amazing.

Ruth Lorenzo - Burn

The fifth series of The X Factor had to be one of the most competitive years ever. But I always had a favourite, and that definitely was Ruth Lorenzo. So why not use her video for my X Factor Special? She has been trying to release her music for some years now, she first got a record deal with EMI Records but soon left due to artistic differences. She has been trying to fund her own music, through the help of her fans. So far she has managed to make a video and release this song in Spain. Since then she has been trying to release her album, but there is no sign of it as of yet. The fifth series was very competitive, there was so many artists that came from this series, which proves how difficult it was. The following artists managed to get record deals: Alexandra Burke (winner), JLS (second), Eoghan Quigg (third), Diana Vickers (fourth), Ruth Lorenzo (fifth), Rachel Hylton (sixth), Daniel Evans (seventh) and Laura White (eighth).

"Burn" is Ruth Lorenzo's debut single, and it is currently over a year old, and suggests what's to come, but if this is what she could do back then, then WOW! She is bound to become a big star, if only she will start releasing and promoting in the UK. The song reminds me a lot of her performance on The X Factor, where she sung Prince's "Purple Rain", that is a performance that is stuck in my mind, and I'll never forget it (video of her performing it on The X Factor can be found below). The song got a bit of success in Spain and charted at number 16, but it was never released in the UK, it had various rumoured release dates, but it never happened! Apparently the album will be released next year, but it might be another rumour, so I guess we will just have to sit and wait in apprehension.

This music video is low budget, but all we need is Ruth Lorenzo and her incredible emotional face to be drawn into. You can definitely tell that it's a self-penned track and she sings it beautifully. It's a performance piece and it's great to watch as every note she manages to hit makes you really feel every single emotion she is feeling.

There are various scenes, some bits suggests her stage work, some scenes look like a photo shoot, and then you have her walking down a street which sounds boring, but so many people just walks down a street thinking a lot, and that is exactly what she is doing.

 Overall an amazing song that does become catchy towards the end, the accompanying music video is low budget, simple and oh-so emotional, I would've like a narrative, but I totally understand that it would've cost money they couldn't afford. However if you are going to do a performance piece video this sure cuts close to a top notch video!

Diana Vickers - My Wicked Heart

Diana Vickers came fourth on the fifth series of The X Factor here in the UK. There has been a number of contestants that made the finals who have gone on to release singles and albums, so far there has been: Alexandra Burke (winner), JLS (second), Eoghan Quigg (third), Diana Vickers (fourth), Ruth Lorenzo (fifth), Rachel Hylton (sixth) Daniel Evans (seventh), Laura White (eighth) and Bad Lashes (twelfth). This is Diana Vickers third single, and she has yet to release an accompanying album, which is currently in the works, since she recently split with her record company. She is a big hit in Europe, and I can definitely see her go global in the next few years, so watch out for her, as she'll be storming the charts everywhere pretty soon.

This song got a lot of controversy, the main reason for it is that her quirky voice is difficult to understand when such an up-tempo big hit like this song is released. You can't understand what she's singing, and I bet a lot of people who like the song have gone on and looked up the song lyrics because otherwise you wouldn't be sure if you're singing them right. Another Controversy came along thanks to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who said that Diana Vickers copied their song "Under The Bridge", and maybe she did and the lyrics are just different, but that song is definitely amazing and at the end of the day if you look closely a lot of songs sound the same, so what's the point in comparing them? This song was written by Diana Vickers, Dee Adam and James Earp. I really like it when an artist has written a song as it means something to them so you can feel the emotion come off them a lot more. The song is about the flutter of her heart when she's fallen for someone. This links in with the other songs she has released and it definitely puts her down as this person who likes to be in love. Also there was a lot of rumours while this series of X Factor was on that she and Eoghan Quigg were together but now she's going out with One Night Only's front man George Craig, could this song be about him? Or someone else?

The music video is definitely low budget, but it is done very well, maybe they spent the money on extras? It is definitely big and that's why I like it, however, I see no connection with the song, but who really cares about that when you have this really good song and a pretty good music video? It's just a shame that it doesn't contain anything to do with the lyrics, and what the hell has a circus show got to do with her heart beating out of time for a guy?

I like the light works and the shadows that are cast, it makes it mysterious but also fun at the same time and it gives it this interesting spark. The circus troupe is good and makes it look like it's not a low budget music video. There's very little going on, and some bits look like they were repeated now and again.

Overall I love the song, her quirky voice is definitely something I really like, however I don't see any connection between the song and it's music video, and so my rating has to be fair, and as much as I like Diana Vickers, you kind of expect a much better music video. I sure hope her next ones are much better than this one.