Booty Luv - Say It

This was supposed to be the start of the return of Booty Luv, it was planned as the first single from their second studio album, yet the low charting position (number 16 is far from low if you asked me) suggested the end of the second album, which got cancelled and therefore scrapped. This was a new direction for Booty Luv and it's such a shame we didn't see how this could have developed. Booty Luv are sexed up and loving life as they finally have a high budgeted music video for "Say It" which became their last charting single.

Booty Luv, consisting of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd, had a string of hits after their group, Big Brovaz, split up. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and although they tried to make a great comeback in 2013 with "Black Widow", it never pushed them back into the limelight enough to carry on their career. This song was written by Carl Björsell, Didrik Thott and Sebastian Thott.

Directed by Emile Nava, and set in a luxury hotel that literally has everything, the girls settle into a character role that seems similar to the young doppelgangers found in their previous music video "Don't Mess With My Man".

Crazy and over the top the video heightens on men's desire of Booty Luv and how they never build up the courage to say something. Not that they are giving these guys a chance to do so.

The song tells guy to go and say that they like them, to just come out and say it. But life is never that easy, especially in a club, or just in a corridor or at an event as this video suggests. However confidence gets you everywhere, even in my books. Pluck up the courage and just say it.

Fun and sexy the girls put so much energy into this video, however they look a little possessed, over acting everything which totally makes this video slightly off-putting. There's a lot to like and a lot to not like about this video, I am one of Booty Luv's biggest fans, but their videos rarely engage. This should've worked well, but it just fails completely, over done and overly emphasised.
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Booty Luv - Don't Mess With My Man

As you can probably imagine, I literally cannot wait to see these live on 30 July. It's so close now, my childhood dreams will be coming true. This song is the sassy number that I loved. Booty Luv were releasing hit after hit after hit, unfortunately a second album never emerged, even though songs were released. This was their third single. Booty Luv attends an exclusive club, with their men. They add sassiness whilst on stage, as they watch their doppelgangers go after their boys. They soon see them off, don't mess with my man.

Booty Luv were created after the split of Big Brovaz. Consisting of Nadia Shepherd and Cherise Roberts, they covered some known songs and made them into club current hits, that slayed the dancefloors. This song is a cover of Lucy Pearl's song of the same name "Don't Mess With My Man". This version out-performed the original, chart wise. It was written by Raphael Saadiq, Dawn Robinson and Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

This music video, has a narrative with a performance piece enrolled within. Set inside a club, the girls play doppelgangers in this relatable but tongue-in-cheek music video.

This is classy, sexy, stylish, and over the top but in such a good and exciting way.

The narrative, follows Booty Luv as they attend a club, where they end up performing this song, leaving their men to watch in the crowd.

Then their counter-parts sneak into the club, they are dressed as if they have money but can't really afford anything, they're totally cheap.

They create a normal havoc, we've all been there, wanting to get drunk, wanting to be in the spotlight dancing on the tables and wanting the hottest guys to fall for us. But they're always taken aren't they?

This seems to be the case, and the girls come off their stage and soon see their doppelgangers thrown out of the club. In the last scene, the younger Booty Luv are sitting outside of a take-away, on the side of the curb, eating away. Definitely bringing back memories.

Overall, this fast-paced music video is definitely impressive considering their previous two singles "Boogie 2nite" and "Shine". I remember watching it repeatedly on the music channels, as the narrative was comedic. Although this video is dated, it is probably one of their best music videos. I literally can't wait to hear this song live.
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Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush

Since I am planning on seeing Booty Luv at the end of next month, along with Big Brovaz and S Club at a 00's themed club night out, I felt it fitting to review my favourite song and video from this duo. This is not only my jam, it's a lot of other people's jam, the song that should've hit the charts hard but never did. Unfortunately, I was too young to hear this in the clubs, but I bet it was quite the banger, and I can't wait for next month to actually be on the dancefloor whilst this is on. Booty Luv are in a Lamborghini pretending to drive as they swap positions and scenery in this fun and simple music video for Some Kinda Rush.

Booty Luv consists of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd. According to reports, they have gone on to do their own things now, but will occasionally reform for one-offs like for prides up and down the country, like they did for Birmingham Pride 2016. It's such a shame that this perfect club duo won't be making a comeback, especially since "Say It" and "Black Widow" wasn't included within an album. I truly believe they could come back if they wanted to, especially with how EDM music and dance music is raking the charts now. This song is quite the banger, given a modern twist this could so be re-released and it would do even better with the right promotion. The song is considered one of their most successful, even though it only peaked at number 19 here in the UK. The song was written by Nadia Shepherd, Cherise Roberts, Carl Ryden and Samantha Powell.

Being in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is not your average music video, and it's clear where the entire budget for this video went to, the car itself, shame their fans couldn't get in it too.

With slight dance moves the girls pull off being in this Lamborghini easily. Fitting and sexy the girls work it to the max. Apparently going faster whenever the chorus suggests to turn it up. It must be Some Kinda Rush!

Wind machines, green screen and some great technical work, no wonder I used to regard this as their best video when it was released, it's tongue-in-cheek fun with a perfect club banger, and compared to their previous videos this is definitely stunning.

Related to an extent, the girls look stylish, classy and sexy in this car that we all definitely want to at least test drive. They definitely had fun on the set, and I bet they enjoyed watching it back once the whole thing had been edited. Technically great for the time it was released. I just hope these girls make a comeback, especially since this sort of music is definitely in now.
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Booty Luv - Shine

Keeping to the style of my blog, regardless of the fact that we're in the middle of Birmingham Pride 2016 Special, since some of the acts have been announced. I've decided to continue to do Thursday Revisit, and so Booty Luv is my revisit today. This is THE song that made ma a fan of Booty Luv. a cover of Luther Vandross' "Shine". Booty Luv are dancing with a dance group in this video, it's clear they can't dance very well and not enough effort went into this video, although it's clear that they can stand there and look pretty whilst singing.

AND OUR NEXT REVEAL IS...The fantastic Booty Luv who return to Birmingham Pride after storming the main stage...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Booty Luv consists of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd, they were originally in group Big Brovaz before they split. They are one of my favourite acts that got announced for Birmingham Pride 2016,. however with no new songs, I'm a little worried that I am hyping them up too much, especially since these videos I have reviewed hasn't shown them as great performers. This is a cover of Luther Vandross' "Shine", I definitely prefer the cover version, although Luther Vandross is an undeniably incredible singer, this song was meant to be played in the clubs. It was written by James Harris III, Terry Lewis, Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

Once again a Booty Luv video has failed to interest me. Like seriously, what did Hed Kandi do to these girls? Hed Kandi was the record label they were assigned to. They could've put them through dance lessons, and made this video much more explosive.

That is not what we are getting, these girls have learned the routine but not how to pull it off, they do the steps and the moves without any eagerness, they've been told they can't do it fully and they stick out like a sore thumb compared to the dancers behind them.

There's not much else I can comment on, to be fair. This video could've been much much more, but I guess Hed Kandi was attempting to earn as much money rather than exposing the girls to enough promotion. Another fail of a music video for Booty Luv, even if produced perfectly it wouldn't have worked, we needed a narrative storyline, or at least a brilliant jaw-dropping performance, this just isn't it, and commonly found in dance tracks that were popular back then.
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Booty Luv - Boogie 2Nite

This has to be the act I'm most excited about. I was a massive fan of Booty Luv when they were on the scene getting chart hit after chart hit. This was their first ever song, and currently their biggest hit, they formed after the split of Big Brovaz which they were previously in. They were second to be announced for Birmingham Pride 2016 and I have to admit, I did scream, they are the act I shall not be missing! And I won't be surprised if Birmingham Pride announces Big Brovaz soon, as they have reformed for appearances in the past, and they plan to perform at CC Summer Ball in June, so I am expecting them to appear at Pride a month before. Booty Luv does their best in this low-budget performance-based music video that not only doesn't relate but just fails to engage.
AND OUR NEXT REVEAL IS...The fantastic Booty Luv who return to Birmingham Pride after storming the main stage...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016

This is Booty Luv's debut single, although their following singles all charted in the UK top 20, apart from their most recent single "Black Widow" which is most definitely underrated. Booty Luv consists of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd. They were big back in 2007, and would be one of the bigger star at Pride, hell they are in my eyes, but they haven't released anything since "Black Widow" in 2012, and there's no sign of any new music... They could easily make a good comeback if they gave it a really good go, maybe Birmingham Pride 2016 will help them to get back together. Boogie 2Nite is a cover version of Tweet's "Boogie 2Nite" which was originally a promotional song and was never released as a single, despite it becoming a club hit. Then Booty Luv comes along and proves it was meant to be released. It was written by Charlene Keys, Nisan Stewart and John Smith.

This music video is extremely low budget, they clearly wasn't expecting this to be much of a hit. However, it's obvious that the success of this song brought more singles and much better music videos, which I'll no doubt review as it gets closer to Birmingham Pride 2016.

There isn't a lot going on, there's some dancers dancing to the song, there's a lot of visuals and text which doesn't link with the song in time so doesn't work as lyrics.

Booty Luv performs perfectly, as they no doubt will on the stage. They are sexy, sultry and teasing, which works well with the song and they do their best with what they have been given.

I am definitely excited to see them perform this song as well as their many other hits, however this music video doesn't work well enough. This single got to number 2, failing to knock Take That off the top spot with "Patience". This song is a banger, but the video fails to interest and I really don't want to watch it again.
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New Release: Booty Luv - Black Widow

Booty Luv are officially back, after a two year hiatus, they are back, and should be storming the charts with this amazing single. I am also back, and shall be reviewing everyday, after a five-week break (more or less), I feel I need to be back, and all problems are much more settled now.

Booty Luv consists of two members who are Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd. They originally were in Big Brovaz, but they took a whole different path and arrived at dance music. They were hitting the clubs hard with their amazing songs, but "Say It" only managed number 16, and they were subsequently dropped from the Hed Kandi record label (although number 16 isn't bad there's a whole host of worse chart numbers). Now they are releasing under Pierce Entertainment record label, and the song is amazing, but not enough people know about it.

This music video coincides with the song "Black Widow" amazingly, and it's quite surprising to see a music video that may have had a slightly high budget, considering I have never heard of this record label.

It kind of reminds me of Britney Spears' "Toxic", it's got the same sort of element and theatrical dying that always draws people in.

There a narrative and a performance piece, which makes this incredibly detailed, however the narrative is not so clear, there's not much purpose to what is happening, as far as I can tell. I could take a guess that the girls agree to kill these guys, but once Nadia has killed her man, she finds out Cherise has actually fallen for her guy, and so it's left to Nadia to complete the task. But is that really what is going on?

Overall a great song, that should climb quicker up the chart, it's quite low at the moment. The accompanying music video has everything I need to give it a high rating, however the unclear narrative leads me into thinking it isn't as good as I once thought it might have been. Hence the rating.
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