Dream Beats Featuring Alcazar - Feel 4 U

Feel 4 You (feat. Alcazar) - Dream Beats |

WARNING: Flashing Images! Thursday revisit time was stressing me out today, as I thought I found it difficult to find a music video that was older than 5 years from one of the artists I had reviewed this week; but, luck was on my side when I came across this one from the Dream Beats. This was the DJ project's first single, in collaboration with Swedish popular but cheesy group, Alcazar. This song surely doesn't disappoint. Alcazar performs with their usual pizazz in this music video for Dream Beats' "Feel 4 U", which also includes a model strutting around her apartment.

Dream Beats is a DJ project from Sweden, formed by Anders Hansson. They first came to my attention when they collaborated with Molly on "Beneath The Lights", such a great song. Then, most recently, I came across Christie & The Dream Beats, with the catchy song "Wasn't My Fault". So, it's nice to visit their debut music video and single, which was with Alcazar. They previously worked together on Alcazar's Melodifestivalen 2009 single "Stay The Night", the song finished fifth overall and the group once again failed to represent Sweden at Eurovision. Alcazar consists of three members who are Andreas Lundstedt, Therese Merkel, and Lina Hedlund. They're the epitome of europop/eurodance, the sort of cheesy pop you expect to get from Europe, and it's worked solidly in their favour for many years. How many groups can say that they've been going for almost 20 years? They've had three international hit singles which are "Crying at the Discoteque", "Sexual Guarantee", and "This Is the World We Live In". They're still going today, although I doubt another international hit is on the horizon, although we never can tell. The song was written by Anders Hansson.

This music video is just difficult to understand and quite testing on anyone who watches it. There's a lot of flashing imagery.

Alcazar performs with their usual energetic vibes. This is exactly what I was expecting from this group. Their performance visual is definitely appealing and that is something you can expect from them at their shows.

There is a narrative of a woman, who isn't wearing many clothes. I honestly don't know what to make of this. I feel like she's broken as if she's been dumped by a guy or something. There's definitely something upsetting her, and that's the only thing that comes to mind, regarding the song. Some might find it sexy to watch, but I don't see what it adds to the music video.

Overall, intricately different, and I was quite expecting some really low-budget music video, so this totally surprised me. It's not the best, granted; but Alcazar brings it like they usually do and that is definitely what makes this music video work.
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allSTARS* - Things That Go Bump In The Night

A bit of cheese on my blog, once again, but this is one of my all-time classic Halloween songs. I used to listen to this song all the time, and it always reminds me of Halloween. I actually remember the music video being on the music channels, at the time, which really goes to show how much of an impact it really was. Coinciding with the Scooby-Doo theatrical release, allSTARS*'s van breaks down and they are lost in the woods. "Things That Go Bump In The Dark" are best left alone.

allSTARS* were a five-piece pop group consisting of Sam Bloom, Thaila Zucchi, Ashley Taylor Dawson, Rebecca Hunter, and Sandi Lee Hughes. The name came from their first initials of their names, grouped together to make "STARS". They had four top 20 singles and one album, which failed to hit the UK's top 40 albums chart. Their low-charting positions ended up with the band parting ways with the label and subsequently each other. They were mostly known for their TV show on CITV called "STARStreet*". Rumour has it that a reunion is happening, although it's only rumours. Since the band; Ashley Taylor Dawson returned to play his character Darren Osbourne in Hollyoaks. Thaila Zucchi has had an all-right career in TV. Rebecca Hunter and Sandi Lee Hughes have had TV stints and children. Sam Bloom is a co-founder of 'Inspiring Interns'. The song is actually quite known, and is a must, on most Halloween playlists, although not many people actually know that it's sung by allSTARS*, especially with the original not being on iTunes.

The song appeared on the Scooby-Doo theatrical film soundtrack. The music video doesn't have any clips from the movie, although does feature a camper-van which is suggestive of the Mystery Machine.

The group members all disappear and get lost in the woods. That is the basic storyline and it isn't quite developed the way we want it.

Throughout the cheesy dance steps and the extremely bad lighting, it's intricate. Feeling quite similar to Hear'Say, allSTARS* rock the scary vibes thanks to the haunting visual. However, the choreography isn't anything we'd want to see again.

It's quite shocking that this group was aimed at kids and yet pelvic thrusts are throughout the video suggesting the song is quite sexual. There are certainly other "Things That Go Bump In The Night". Too suggestive for my liking in a cheesy pop video and group.

The video fails to wrap up the storyline. What happened to them? Regardless, the video is quite freaky and definitely a little scary. Perfect for Halloween!
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Fast Food Rockers - Say Cheese (Smile Please)

Thought I'd put my Thursday Revisit review to use and review the second single from the Fast Food Rockers, because the chance of this group making it on my blog again is next to none, and I can't believe what I've just watched... I could understand the "Fast Food Song", but this follow up single is just bad, and not in a happy smiley good way. The Fast Food Rockers attempt to spread cheerfulness and happiness in this cheesy song that even has cheese in the title. Too happy, too cheesy and way too over the top for my liking, just not good overall.

I very much doubt this group will ever reform, they're pretty much look and sound like they've walked right off a holiday camp site such as Butlins, they do act like they're redcoats and they've even got their mascot with them at all times, who is called Hot Dog. The Fast Food Rockers consisted of Martin Rycroft, Lucy Meggitt and Ria Scott. This is their second single, the follow up to the "Fast Food Song". This song, surprisingly, peaked on the UK chart at number 10. It was written by Mike Stock, Steve Crosby and Bob Patmore.

To say this music video is cheesy is an understatement, this has extra cheese on top, if that's even possible.

Filled with dance routine that is a little bit more complicated than the previous one for the "Fast Food Song", as well as showing off slightly, this music video just fails, it feels totally fake, and extremely annoying.

The song isn't that catchy so I have no idea why it charted so high. Some scenes are just dire and fails to keep me entertained, let alone anyone else, and although it totally relates to the song, it still fails as a video, because I definitely won't be watching this again.
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Fast Food Rockers - Fast Food Song

Last night this song came on whilst I was out clubbing, and we all still knew all the dance moves to the chorus. This was released when cheesy music was flooding the charts, looking back at all the past cheesy chart hits, it's surprising that they did as well as they did, if anything like this came out now it would have no chance. Bringing the cheese to my blog, the Fast Food Rockers actually made a name for themselves with this song, full of all you're favourite fast food restaurants and dance moves to go along with it.

The Fast Food Rockers were a three piece band consisting of Martin Rycroft, Lucy Meggitt and Ria Scott. They released three singles, and was dropped after their album failed to chart and a disappointing low charting position for their final single, which was a Christmas song. However their charting positions would be considered good nowadays. This song got to number two, held off the top spot by Evanescence with "Bring Me To Life", as if number one was a rock song, and number two was cheesy pop, you will never see this happen in the chart ever again. The other singles "Say Cheese (Smile Please)" and "I Love Christmas" charted at numbers 10 and 25 respectively. This song was written by Mike Stock, Steve Crosby, Sandy Rass, Eric Dikeb, Martin Neumeyer and Bob Patmore. It samples the folk song A Ram Sam Sam, I learned this in nursery, but had totally forgotten about A Ram Sam Sam. This song has been going before it got released and has been adapted for many different countries, and became a hit in those countries.

The music video is complete cheese, even including pvc clothes which doesn't look comfortable at all, but definitely identifies them with the song as they are the normal fast food colours.

The choreography is on point, it gives children something easy to copy, and we were definitely dancing to the chorus like this when we were in the club last night.

The blue dog makes an appearance, he is the Fast Food Rockers' mascot and he's called Hot Dog. He appears in all their music videos.

Overall,. even though it's full of cheese, the song is also full of cheese, it's what we expect from a music video for a cheesy song. It's fun, bouncy and joyful, with simplistic dance moves for kids and adults to easily copy.
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US5 - Maria

Us5 - Maria - UK Version Video by darklibra

I couldn't find this video on YouTube, so I ended up using other video sites in search for it. I had no idea before now, who US5 were, and by the looks and sounds of things they sound like they are the US version if the UK's band "5ive" who did really well here in the UK and worldwide. This band has got great chart positions over the last few years in Europe, but failed to make an impression here in the UK. US5 was made up of 5 people from either the US or the UK or Germany, however they have had many changes in the band recently and some of the people in this music video are no longer in the band. The line-up in this music video are Christopher "Richie" Stringini, Izzy Gallegos, Tariq Jay Khan, Michael "Mikel" Johnson and Christoph "Chris" Watrin. The band was formed thanks to a talent show that was broad casted across the MTV station in the UK, US and Germany called "Big In America". This is their first ever single, and the only one to have ever charted on the UK charts.

This song is very catchy and it's a little disappointing that they failed to make an impact here in the UK, however some people may say that they were 10 years too late, and to be honest it is reminiscent of the cheesy 90's pop music that surrounded the likes of "5ive" "A1" and "D-Side", and there just isn't room nowadays for this sort of music, and as much as I like it and find it catchy, there will be people who would detest it and therefore it would never be a hit, and it also explains why none of these bands have survived, and this is most definitely just another one to add to the ever-growing list of failed bands. The song is about falling for a girl called Maria and she's supposed to be really pretty and so she's got them all wrapped around her finger and they'll do anything for her.

I really like the music video, I like how they each have their own Maria (as people's fantasies are all different unless you're "One Direction" with "What Makes You Beautiful"). I also like the idea that each Maria is from a different country, it creates a whole new spin on things and also suggests that this band planned on worldwide success, it's just a shame it never happened. Also I bet you a lot of girls at that time wanted to be Maria for obvious reasons.

I really like the choreography steps, it makes you want to join in and learn the moves too (but that isn't going to happen now is it?) The song is really catchy and so it's clever how the dance moves aren't as cheesy as the song, and so it actually works, in whatever way. This song is seriously stuck in my head, and it is one of those songs that you can't get enough of, and you don't care what others think of you as you're singing a long, because it is so catchy.

Overall the music video is clever, it definitely reminds me of something "A1" would've done. The song and the band both reminds me of "5ive" and "D-Side", and it's a shame there is no place for any of these bands in the UK music industry at the moment, would cheesy-pop ever be in the charts again? Or are we just going to have to face it, and let it live on in the 90's as a past-time? We'll just have to wait and see.

Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy

This music video turned up on the music channels today, and it's been stuck in my head ever since, so I thought I might as well review it, and yes I am aware that it is yet another Britney song that I'm reviewing, but she just has to stop appearing on the music channels in the morning. This song was released as her third single from her first studio album "...Baby One More Time", and it became a big international hit, gaining number 5 here in the UK (compared with the charting of her most recent songs, that is an incredible charting position). The single version differs slightly to the original album version. Britney re-recorded the vocals for a remix version called "The Stop! Remix". The remix was then included in the film "Drive Me Crazy" and so this song was released under the remixed version. There has only been a few cover versions, one by a nu metal band called SugarComa, and a jazz styled version by Richard Cleese. Selena Gomez and The Scene also sung this song on a tour of theirs for a tribute to Britney.

This song was written by Max Martin, Jörgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger. Again we see Max Martin as the head writer and again shows how well known and big he is and how good his songs are because they pop up here there and everywhere. The song is a teen-dance sort of song, and is really catchy, it is about Britney falling in love with someone and he's constantly on her mind and at times she can't fall asleep because "I just can't sleep" and "keeps me up all night". Her voice is really nice to listen to in this song and she has that quirkiness that most of the female pop stars had back in the 90s. And Although this song is late 90s it is probably one of the last songs people classed as cheesy-pop. But to be honest, everyone still loves cheesy-pop, but are embarrassed to admit it.

This music video was created because of the film "Drive Me Crazy" who wanted this song to be released as part of the soundtrack. Two main stars from the film also appear in this music video, these stars are Melissa Joan Hart (most known for playing Sabrina in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch") and Adrian Grenier (most known for playing Vincent Chase in "Entourage"). So in theory this music video is definitely a soundtrack video, although clips from the film are not included, and a whole new spin on things are created, which is really interesting.

Again Britney has a big choreography scene, and it is pretty reminiscent of the 90's sort of dance styles, and if you compare the dance moves she's doing there to the ones that can be seen in "Hold It Against Me" or "Till The World Ends" then you can tell that she isn't really doing that much in this music video, and that it is just really hyped up. I like the fact that she isn't the lead character in this music video, and although it looks like it's going to be that way at the start when she is in her waitress outfit, I'm surprised that other characters take a more lead role, which then shows off Britney's choreographed moves and scenes, which is definitely different to her other music videos. Also they've made her look even younger here, which is good I suppose as it suggests vulnerability, and therefore can suggest that the person Britney is in love with doesn't know that she likes him, only she can't stop thinking about him.

Overall I like the song, it's so catchy that even if it was released today, I could still see it getting into the top 20 at least, and there's still a market for this type of music. I like the music video, I like the fact that it has linked up the film with the music video and used two people who star in the film. However, I still feel like it's lacking something, it's not as big as a production as the others and doesn't really stand out that much. So that is the reason why I have gone with this rating.

Big Time Rush - Til I Forget About You

I had no idea who Big Time Rush were, I saw this music video, and there was nothing else on the music channels, so today I decided to watch this one, and I've had this annoying song in my head all day. The music video must have sounded great on paper, but personally I don't think it works, it's really weird when that happens, but by the looks of things Big Time Rush need to do a lot better, or soon enough they will be dropped from their label and ceased to exist.

Big Time Rush are a 4-person bubblegum pop band that consists of Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena, Jr. and Logan Henderson. They were created through Nickelodeon television series, which has the same name, which I never watched, although apparently it was a big hit. The series has released 2 seasons so far, with an expected third season on it's way, also the band confirmed that there will be a film released to coincide with the third season. So although the series has been doing really well, the band itself is doing rubbish on the charts, and this song performed particularly badly, as it didn't chart anywhere in the world. I definitely see this band going there own ways, soon enough they will give up with the singing and just do the TV show, which then might perform badly.... That's how I see things going, but I hope they manage to gain success as it is particularly difficult to get a song stuck in my head after only hearing it once.

The song is all about forgetting about the person who's just dumped you, which is kind of a little weird in my opinion. It suggests rebound alert, and that is by no means good. It's all about distracting yourself until you forget about that person, but in theory how do you forget about someone who's been a big part of your life? It just never happens and at the end of the day you'll always remember them no matter what. So I understand what the song is about, but to be honest I don't think I agree with it.

Now if this music video was written down on paper, I bet it sounded like an amazing idea, but I don't really know why the video didn't turn out as great, I'm not exactly sure what it is about it I don't like but something spoiled the whole idea. My favourite bit in the music video is the "Rock Out" button on the camera, and I think that just shows how much I enjoyed the music video because that little thing was my favourite bit. It just seems a little dull, and unrealistic.

I like the idea of how the camera can change people, but in theory that's a little unfair, because they are changing them in a similar way people change because of peer-pressure. Seriously, if they want to look the way they did at the beginning why change them? Everyone's perfect in their own special way, so why turn them into someone they may not be just because of yourself? Okay I must admit, this video goes against a lot of things I believe in, especially about originality.

I have to laugh at the 90's cheesy dance moves that are shown when they are performing on stage, it kind of reminded me of A1 and D-Side and 5ive and *NSYNC. But will they mark the comeback of cheesy pop and hopefully push our now disbanded bands back together? Or will they fail like many of the others? We'll just going to have to wait and see, but personally I'm expecting failure.

Overall, I like the song it's very catchy and is still stuck in my head, but I don't agree with the meaning. I like the concept of the music video, although I don't think the music video works well enough, and it doesn't relate that well with the song. So I am wondering if this ban will make it, or will they become another one people's paved over? Well here's my rating....

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

This is totally CLASSIC Britney Spears, you cannot get older than this (well apart from when she was in the Mickey Mouse Club). This was Britney's first ever release, all the way back in 1998, it seem so long ago now, and so many cheesy pop songs was being released around that time, and only a handful of artists managed to be propelled into stardom and fame. And Britney was one of them. She managed to get a number one with this song in every single country she released it in. Furthermore, at year-end charts she smashed it around the world, with this single managing to get high in the charts, as for the UK end charts she got number one, and it turned 2x platinum, her best selling single to date. Lets hope that someday one of her new and future singles can do just that, or at least get a number one, it has been an extremely long time since she managed to do just that.

This song was written by Max Martin, again he pops up in the world of Britney. She has used his songs quite a few times over the years, and he is becoming a well-known songwriter and producer. Britney is so flawless in what she does but over the years her fans have dropped and although she has gained many more, she has been unable to grab the important UK number ones. Max Martin co-wrote Britney's most recent single "I Wanna Go" and the music video definitely revisited the Britney we see in this video, only she shows how grown-up she has become. This music video kick-started her career, so it's only right if I review this right now.

It was Britney's personal idea for the music video to be the way it was, and the original idea (which was all centred around a cartoon) was scrapped. I like the whole idea of the fact that all of the clothes Britney used were all from Kmart and none of the costumes were over $17 (around £10.47), which makes it true and definitely interests the younger generation, and will constantly be interesting them, as the music video is probably the most played video of all time on the music channels. And it has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube.

I like the back flips and the other "gymnastic" moves, which I'm not sure if Britney did them or not..... I have questioned this ever since I've watched it. My other theory is that she did a front-flip and they reversed it as the people in the background are a little weird. However no ones going to tell us, so that is all my thoughts.

I also like the bit in the gymnasium where everyone creates a circle and do some dancing, which really looks amazing with the aerial camera. But what I like the most is the ending, where it flips back to the start as if she's just imagined the whole thing. This has been used (once again) in Britney's most recent video which was "I Wanna Go" as the exact same thing happens, how she day-dreamed everything that goes on. ALSO there is a tribute to this music video in another video of Britney's which was "If U Seek Amy" where she walks out at the end, and she's a house wife, and her "daughter" is wearing a similar school outfit. NOTE: All three songs and more was written by Max Martin. I hope to see more links in the future.

Overall this music video is great and works well with the song and lyrics. I don't understand why people would dislike it, but I presume everyone doesn't like the same things as everyone else. So I hope you all agree with this rating, as I'm pretty sure it definitely deserves it!
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Billie Piper - Because We Want To

I have been a fan of Billie Piper ever since she first came out in 1998. The first time I ever heard of her, was when I was sitting infront of the TV (only a kid back then) and I was watching the music channels. It was probably the first time I had ever watched a music channel, and I remember this coming up, it was shown straight after Britney Spears' "... Baby One More Time", and I loved it straight away. And to be honest I still love it now!

Billie Piper was first a singer back in the late 1990's/early 2000's, but shot to fame with her acting when she came into the new revised series of Doctor Who, where she played Rose Tyler. But when this song was first released it went straight to No.1 in the UK charts, and she holds the record for the youngest ever solo female artist to have a UK No.1 hit, and it doesn't look like anyone will beat that record in the next few years. Could she still be holding that title after she's gone from this world? Who knows? With the amount of young singers nowadays, she may not hold the record for much longer. The only other female artist I can think of who ever came this close to beating Billie Piper was JoJo, who managed to get to No.2 with Leave (Get Out). Not long after her greatest hits album, she disappeared from the world of music, and years later appeared on our screens as the new Doctor's Assistant, in the new series of Doctor Who. She became a character everyone loved, and a character that, when appears in a one-off episode, gains a hell of a lot of ratings to the BBC drama series.

She has been in many films since she's left music, and although she was never passionate about music, there is still a slot for her in our charts. She will probably be lost to music for the rest of her life, and music will miss her so much, but if her heart is in acting, then go for it, but she will sadly be missed, as Chris Moyles proved one day, when he tried to interest listeners into downloading "Honey To The Bee", back in 2007, and guess what? She managed to get to No.17, which is such a surprise, and totally proves that the music industry has a slot still for her, and her fans will help her in anyway possible. She could easily become an actor & singer, many American artists and Actors do it so it's about time Britain started, and Billie could definitely prove herself.

This song is the cheesy sort of pop that I was brought up on. It was very common in the late 90's to have this sort of music playing. The song is about freedom and doing the things you want to do hence "because we want to". It is definitely cheesy, but it's good in the way that is interesting,

The music video is imaginative and clever and links a lot with Doctor Who, many fans reckon there is a lot of links, from an early Cyberman to a Judoon, she was obviously destined to appear in Doctor Who, only then no one could have possibly have known. I like how Billie has "super powers", she came from a UFO, which definitely is Doctor Who like, and at just 15 she loved throwing her names on things, such the billboard poster.

I definitely like the dance routines, it was very common then as kids liked to copy the dance moves and try to imitate them, and yes, I did do that back then too. But it was how it was, now, about a decade later it is starting all over again, you'll getting a lot of girl groups, boy bands, and mix groups coming up with dance moves that kids are likely to copy, and with the added use of the fact that bands from the 90's are re-forming, cheesy pop could be making a return in a whole new style and format. Could this be the perfect time for Billie to come back to the music world? I really hope so.

The camera is a little on the jumpy side, but that is to be expected, and the graphics are not the best, however I remember thinking WOW at the time as back then they were pretty good, however if the music video was ever re-done it would definitely be improved a hell of a lot.

Overall I am giving it a reasonable rating, because I think the camera could have focused more on the dancing, as I remember having to watch the music channels a hell of a lot of times waiting and waiting for this song to come on so I could perfect my dance moves, that is my only problem, but otherwise it's been interesting rating a music video which is over 10 years old.