Liberty X - Jumpin'

This, along with "X" has to be my favourite song from Liberty X, I think it's mainly because I remember seeing this one on the music channels as a child. Today, Liberty X are my Thursday Revisit, after I reviewed their collaboration with Richard X: "Being Nobody". They will be performing at Birmingham Pride 2016, and I believe Kevin Simm will have his own slot on stage, since he recently won The Voice UK. Liberty X is jumping and dancing in this music video, attempting to look sexy, the girls all pull it off, but the stylist failed to give attention to the boys, who aren't looking that great to say the least.

Liberty X are a five piece pop group consisting of Kevin Simm, Tony Lundon, Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young. They had a number of hits in the 00's, after they were the runners-up in Popstars. They are currently back together, but I believe they are only doing a few shows here and there. Kevin Simm, on the other hand, has gone solo and is the most recent winner of The Voice UK. All he needs to do is prove everyone wrong, and release hit after chart hit and become the most well-known The Voice UK winner and maybe contestant; although competition for the latter definitely comes from Becky Hill, who has that title at the moment. This song charted at number six in the UK, and was written by Lucie Silvas, Charlie Russell and Mike Peden.

The music video is relatable to the song, a lot of dance choreography in this, that is performed perfectly, which is what we have come to expect from this band.

Kelli Young is once again taking lead vocals, which is not exactly how groups work nowadays, although she clearly has the stronger voice. Each group member has their own scene in the video, although what they are exactly doing isn't that clear.

The video continues as imagination roles in and the abandoned building is filled with people, Liberty X's costumes are changed in a split second and they release their amazing performance vibes. I am so hoping they have that sort of energy on stage in a month's time at Birmingham Pride.

Energetic, fun, in-sync, there's nothing this group can't do. The video is relatable to the song and it's quite sexy and well thought out. Problems are that it focuses on the girls much more, they could've at least made Kevin and Tony look more desirable. However, a solid performance-based music video.
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Richard X vs Liberty X - Being Nobody

This song has been stuck in my head all day, and I'm really hoping that Liberty X perform this song at Birmingham Pride 2016. They were the next act confirmed, the week after. Not only that, but yesterday, Kevin Simm was announced as the winner of The Voice UK. He is currently doing well on the iTunes store, and he very much deserved to win. He has also been given a slot during Birmingham Pride 2016, so I'm excited to see him on stage twice. Liberty X teams up with Richard X on this awesome cover of this song. Sexy, stylish and controversial, Liberty X shines in this video, with Kelly taking the lead. A powerful performance piece that's advanced and slightly before it's time.

Richard X, real name Richard Philips, is a British songwriter and producer. He has his own album released, to which this was the debut single from. He followed it up with a couple more singles, but never continued releasing. He is fairly known in the industry and has worked with some top stars. He could always return with a follow-up album, but whether he will or not is the question. Liberty X was a five-piece group, consisting of Michelle Heaton, Kevin Simm, Kelli Young, Tony Lundon and Jessica Taylor, formed on Popstars, where they were the runner-up. They currently have management, hence why Birmingham Pride, was able to book them, but it looks very doubtful that they'll ever officially reform, they'll just do the one off gigs now and again. This song got to number three in the UK. It samples lyrics from Rufus & Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" and instrumental beats from The Human League's "Being Boiled". It was written by Hawk Wolinski, Philip Oakey, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh.

As I mentioned before, this video feels ahead of its time, purely because Fredde Le Grand released a similar video called "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit", which got to number one. I like the idea of the video, even though three years later it is remade and modernised.

It doesn't really work when they are all together in a room. It's an amazing concept for its time, and they surely put a lot of money into it to make it just right, but it fails to work as a whole, and it's slightly on the messy side, but that could be due to the idea being put into motion in 2003, they should've done it years later. Fedde Le Grand pulls it off perfectly three years later with "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit", going to show how technology has advanced in that short amount of time.

It also fails to relate to the song, but I'm going to give it an average rating because it's a great concept that hasn't been done before, only copied afterwards. It makes Liberty X stand out more, although I'm not too keen on Kelli taking the lead in the song as well as most of the lyrics and vocals.
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Liberty X - Just A Little

Liberty X is my revisit this week, as I reviewed their worst single "X", which wasn't as bad as the charting position makes it out to be. This one is the polar opposite, as this song hit number one in the UK. It also was used in a commercial for Liberty X look sexy in their number one song's music video, as they beat every obstacle in their way to steal a diamond.

Liberty X came runners up on TV show Popstars. They consist of Michelle Heaton, Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Youing. They have recently signed to 365 Artists Management, but whether this means new music on the horizon for Liberty X is something we beg to differ, where it might mean they might return to the music industry, it might not, and it could be just used as a point of contact. I hope this means new music, the British public love a good comeback, but it looks doubtful. This song was written by Michelle Escoffery, and apparently features no vocals from Michelle Heaton.

The music video is iconic to the band, you think of them, you think of this music video, it was everywhere, which is no surprise since this song got to number one.

The performance side is on point, yet again, this group can dance. Given the right choreography, the dancing would look amazing. Yet again, the camera angle annoys me, degrading the dance sequences, this seems to be a common theme in Liberty X music videos so far.

The narrative side is interesting, although it leaves nothing to the imagination. The skills they use doesn't give us any trepidation, no worries whatsoever. This is something that should've been included. They get past every obstacle effortlessly and we are totally calm about it, as if we know that this is no big deal for them.

I love the ending, I love how they find the diamond, decide to keep it safe, and just as they run away one of them trips and that person just happens to have the diamond, which falls out of that person's hand and down a hole, perhaps a drain? Like, what is the chances of that happening? It shocked me to be fair, I did not expect that to happen.

Overall, an all right video, although it could've been done much better, everything looks too effortless. The dancing is on point, as per usual for this group. Will they ever returned? Well they featured on The Big Reunion, but announced that it would be the last time they performed together as a group, but never say never right?
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Liberty X - X

I don't know why, but this song has been etched in my brain since it came out, the song gets stuck in my head multiple times within a week, and the music video is something I can easily recall from the minute I first saw it as a child. I think I connect this music video to the inevitable end of Liberty X. Becoming superheroes, Liberty X go on a mission to save the world from an evil guy and his evil lectures.

Liberty X consists of Michelle Heaton, Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young. This was their very last single before the group split up. They were formed on Popstars, a TV show, where they came runners-up. The winning contestants formed band Hear'Say. They had a great career, gaining eight UK top 10's. After their second album, they swapped record labels, which became their downfall, as their third album underperformed and this single did as well, gaining their lowest peak charting position of 47. They reformed for The Big Reunion, but decided not to continue with the band. The song was written by Johnny Douglas, Tony Lundon, Kelli Young, Jessica Taylor and Kevin Simm.

The music video was filmed using a green screen throughout its entirety. The storyline is a dig at their former boss, Richard Branson, reportedly. As he dropped them after their single "Everybody Cries" only charted at number 13.

Liberty X are some sort of superheroes, prepared to defeat this evil guy. Although, they don't really look like superheroes and they don't have any magical powers. The video is kind of similar to The Saturdays "Ego", only The Saturdays' video is so much better.

The video's budget was £4,750, which is extremely low budget, hence the bad CGI graphics and the green screen. Although I have to admit Liberty X do look like characters off an old game or something, so they've faded in well with the concept of the video.

The dancing is on point, it's the only good thing about this music video, and although the choreography isn't that complicated, they've done well with what they've been given, and you can totally tell they've put their all in it. The only problem is the camera angles, it doesn't show their dance sequences that well.

Overall, a good concept if it was shot in the real world instead of the CGI world they created. I think the dig at the former boss could've been so much better. However their performance scenes are done all right, and they have kept their style, looking sexy. The video just looks low budget and is not something people want to watch again and again. The video is suggested as one of the main reasons for the low charting position for the single. Which makes sense. However, a very catchy song and a video I'll always remember, even if it isn't that good.
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