New Release: DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne - I'm The One

I'm the One (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne) - DJ Khaled |

Not my usual pick for New Release, but it makes a change to switch up my blog with a possible future hit single, especially since I'm on a Birmingham Pride Special at the moment, which is currently showcasing some oldish songs; make sure you check it out when you have a chance, by clicking the link. This does seem quite the group, yet it's a catchy number and it works quite well. Watch DJ Khaled throw a party at his house with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne; where they bring a chilled out relax performance vibe in this music video for "I'm The One".

DJ Khaled, real name Khaled Khaled, is a record producer and DJ amongst many other professional titles. He has had a successful career in music for many years and has definitely made a name for himself; although, I reckon this song will become his biggest worldwide hit. Featured on the track is Justin Bieber, who is the sole reason why this track is completely popular, as he is a full-on international star with many hits to his name. As for Quavo, he is mostly known for being in a three-piece group called Migos who also appear in the visual. They're definitely one of the rising hip-hop groups around; I expect to see more of them in the future. Then there's Chance The Rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, he has been going for a few years and certainly made his name known through collaborations with Justin Bieber and Snakehips on "Confident" and "All My Friends" respectively. Then there's the rapper who needs no introduction, Lil Wayne, who's real name is Dwayne Carter, Jr. He's a multi-award winning hip-hop artist who has had various hits. He truly has established himself as one of the top rappers in the industry. This is quite a collaboration, one that could've easily gone wrong, but it works and this is certainly a future hit. I wonder where it will chart in the UK next Friday. The song was written by Khaled Khaled, Jason Boyd, Quavious Marshall, Chancelor Bennett, Dwayne Carter, Jr., Nicholas Balding, David Park, Bobby Brackins, and Ray Jacobs.

Directed by Eif Rivera, the music video starts off with DJ Khaled's son, Asahd Khaled, in the director chair, in a very cute snapshot. He also appears on the front of the single cover artwork in quite the tropical themed picture. We continue to watch as DJ Khaled talks on the phone to Chance The Rapper, organising a party; whilst he stares at a woman riding up to him on a horse.

The party is in full swing later on as we watch Justin Bieber singing the song whilst adding some awkward dance moves throughout; yet, it shows how relaxed he is in this setting.

The other artists come in at certain intervals and the music video easily showcases each artist. Lil Wayne gets the biggest spotlight of all, which is understandable; and yet, he doesn't take it for granted and works it to his advantage.

There are women dressed sexily in the music video, and we seriously do see this a lot in hip-hop music. It's nothing new; but I admire the fact that they have kept it subtle and relaxed. There isn't much focus on the women which makes a very nice change. It keeps focus on the song as a whole, and this is why this music video works.

It's very relaxed and easily watchable for anyone who is viewing. It's not too much compared to a variety of music videos I have seen. It's calm, sunny, and definitely something I wouldn't mind catching on the music channels. This music video could've been over-the-top and could've been a typical hip-hop party music video. Instead, they drew it back, focusing on the song and the presentation of it. Nice one!
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Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)

This is just one of those moments that makes you think: "Did this really happen?" And now this is part of my Christmas Special 2016. It's one of those things that you wouldn't expect to happen. Mariah Carey's original version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is not only iconic, but it's still very current. It's the one that always charts highly every Christmas, and it's one a lot of people love. It's highly catchy and is one of those ones that people look forward to hearing on the radio. So why she thought it was a good idea to do a new version with Justin Bieber, we'll never know. Watch Justin Bieber shop in Macy's, buying everything and anything, whilst eyeing up Mariah Carey; then later giving out presents in this music video for "All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)".

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest male artists in the world right now; many people have become fans of his music after his recent album. His Purpose album is full of amazing songs that everybody is still talking about today; who knows what the next album will bring, but no doubt it will be amazing. However, when this song was released as part of a Christmas album, he was still coming into his own. His own Christmas song "Mistletoe" is still pretty good, but maybe he needs to release another Christmas album, with a single that will top the charts; it would certainly make a change to see a Christmas song at the top of the UK Singles Chart for Christmas. Teaming up with Mariah Carey, this version of this classic song was released as a promotional single in some countries. She is one of the biggest female artists in the world. She has definitely made a name for herself, made her money and is still current when she wants to be. This should've done well globally, but it's nothing compared to the original.

Directed by Sanaa Hamri, the music video shows the two superstar artists in Macy's. Justin Bieber is a customer, piling everything and anything into his shopping trolley, whilst Mariah Carey poses on a stand as if she is some sort of mannequin.

She winks at him and then the music video progresses as she comes alive. Shoppers wait outside Macy's to get gifts from these two stars.

They throw presents out to the crowd; at times, it looks like Justin Bieber is trying to throw them as far away as possible. There is definitely some power behind those throws.

He does look quite childish next to the highly professional and sexy Mariah Carey. His performance piece is pretty cute, which is a contrast to Mariah Carey's performance piece, who is being overly sexy. It doesn't really gel well, but nor does the song.

The narrative doesn't relate to the song, although I guess you could suppose they are singing to one another. As a whole, I'm not quite so keen on it. However, it is completely festive, and I suppose it's good that they tried to switch up the original. But, even Mariah Carey can't beat the original, and it's her own song. Nice try though.
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Literally didn't know what to review today, so I let my iTunes pick by playing all my songs on random, this one came up and I was like, okay. I am slightly surprised I haven't reviewed this yet. It was released after the awesome collaboration with Miss Britney Spears on "Scream & Shout". It worked well. becomes robotic whilst Justin Bieber is a hologram in a futuristic take during the music video of "#thatPOWER". is quickly becoming a household name, if he isn't already. Definitely one of the leaders in the music industry, his real name is William Adams. He has worked with some of the biggest stars, and his own band, the Black Eyed Peas, are embedded in history as one of the biggest groups. There is really no stopping and I cannot wait to see where The Voice UK coach ends up. Collaborating on this track is Justin Bieber, another high-profile male artist, with various hits under his name just like Such a massive collaboration, it's no wonder this song did so well. It was written by William Adams, Damien Leroy, and Justin Bieber.

Directed by Ben Mor, and filmed in Japan, the video features as a robotic dancer, Justin Bieber as a hologram and there are appearances from Japanese dance group World Order.

There is an alternative music video available to watch alongside this one through Shazam. This additional video has no audio; it is supposed to give you an alternative viewing experience by allowing you to view it alongside this one so you can notice the differences.

As a whole, it's an innovative idea, definitely futuristic, which makes it quite clever since the music video is futuristic.

The dancing is on point throughout, we expect nothing less from However, I find it very unfortunate that Justin Bieber wasn't there in person. The hologram makes him look dead or something, suggesting he never made it to the future. The dancing is occasionally out of sync, but it can be forgiven since they are subtle.

World Order are amazing in their scene. Defying dancing as we know it and managing to easily stun us throughout.

There's not a lot else to comment on. This is totally interesting from start to finish, and it feels like it's part of a bigger picture. There's just something missing, there should be a more expansive narrative. Nothing continues the video on, it's hard to understand what is going on.
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Chart Mondays: Major Lazer Featuring Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold Water

Finally, it's released and it's still in the top ten. Currently at number one is The Chainsmokers and Halsey with "Closer" which doesn't have a music video as of yet, so it's opened the top ten of the UK chart for my Chart Mondays review, and this time I've chosen this former number one. Four women dance in different serene locations along to "Cold Water", unfortunately, Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and MØ do not appear.

Major Lazer are an electronic trio consisting of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. Originally founded by Diplo and Switch, the latter left in 2011. Now Major Lazer is one of the biggest names in the electronic genre. Having worked with a number of prolific stars, there is no stopping this trio. Featured is the unstoppable Justin Bieber, who's new music got the world turning into fans. He dominated the UK chart, and he did it once again with his collaborations. As for MØ, real name Karen Marie Ørsted, she's been trying to make an impact on the world for a while, but with the help of Major Lazer, she's managed to come into her own. This song was Major Lazers' first and currently only number one, but I'm pretty sure it won't be their last. It was written by Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Karen Marie Ørsted, Thomas Pentz, Justin Bieber, Jamie Scott, Philip Meckseper and Henry Allen.

Directed by Matt Baron; the video features four dancers who are Helen Gedlu, Jaylene Mendoza, Sara Bivens and Andranita Smith-Shannon. This is a music video we have been waiting months for and this is the outcome? Like, really?

There is nothing to this video, I don't see how it's relatable in any way, the choreography is interesting, and yet doesn't interpret the song the way we hoped it would.

The dancers dance, but there's nothing special about the moves they are doing, the camera fails to draw in close enough to watch them properly, and occasionally the camera angle doesn't do the dancers justice.

Lighting effects are intricate and yet fails to engage the audience. This is not what we were expecting at all, especially when we've been waiting months for this, it totally doesn't make up for the wait.

This music video could be paired with any song and it wouldn't make much of a difference. The song is infectious, but the music video leaves a lot to be desired and although the setting is beautiful, there's nothing to this video.
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Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris - Baby

I haven't seen this music video in some time, and Justin Bieber has quite the baby face! I am reviewing this music video for my Thursday Revisit, as I previously reviewed Justin Bieber's "Purpose: The Movement" collection of promotional videos for his most recent album. Justin Bieber's first top ten hit here in the UK, he makes a fool of himself in the video, ever heard of coming on way too strong? Whatever happened to playing it cool? And stupid girl gave in in the end.

Justin Bieber started at just 16, but he looks like he's 13 with that baby face. This was his first big hit around the world, but as we all know, he improved as he got older, and he just got hit after hit after hit. This song was written by Justin Bieber, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Terius "The-Dream" Nash, Christopher Bridges (Ludacris) and Christina Milian. Who knew the latter was a co-writer to this song? Christina Milian was, at the time, The-Dream's wife. The song is catchy, and it's not a surprise it charted so well worldwide. Justin Bieber surprises us all as his vocals are pretty much perfect on this track, especially since this isn't an easy song to sing.

The music video was directed by Ray Kay. The video features Jasmine Villegas also known as Jasmine V, as Justin Bieber's love interest, as well as various stars who are Drake, Lil Twist and Tinashe. The Rangers are a part of the dance crew.

Justin Bieber just doesn't know when to give in. Jasmine V plays hard to get, and at the very start it's clear she isn't interested, and yet Justin Bieber doesn't leave her alone. He shows off way too much, enough to put me off from the first second.

His dancing isn't the best. The choreography isn't outstanding, yet when performed, it works. However Justin Bieber fails to convey the moves properly, even though he nails the sequences, he is focusing so hard on getting the moves right, that he isn't even looking at his love interest at all. Jasmine V, you should've stayed away, he wouldn't ever be dancing with you, he'll be too busy trying to look good on the dance floor. As for Jasmine V, she rarely danced in this video, and when she does it's short snapshots, she obviously didn't nail the choreography as well as her other dancers.

Performance wise, Justin Bieber doesn't make me want to see him live. There's no passion behind what he is singing, and yet again he attempts to show off by making up some freestyle moves that fails to keep me interested. Ludacris attempts to have fun, but there's no pulling back this video on the performance side.

Overall, I liked this idea of this all taking place at a bowling alley. But this is just too much for me. Justin Bieber comes across way too strong for my liking, and his dancing may be on point, but he is focusing too hard on the steps.
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Chart Mondays: Justin Bieber - Purpose: The Movement - Love Yourself, Sorry, What Do You Mean?, Where Are Ü Now, I'll Show You

It was inevitable that this was going to happen, and I was worried when this day would come. Chart Mondays have allowed me to keep my blog current, but when I've reviewed every official music video in the top 10 of the UK singles chart, where does that leave me? I never thought this day would come, especially since in the last few years a new number one appeared every few weeks, but Justin Bieber has practically stormed the UK charts and is refusing to move. So I am going to review his promotional videos for his album, since he has not released an official music video for either Sorry or Love Yourself. Justin Bieber doesn't disappoint when it comes to his new album Purpose, but are his promotional videos up to the standards of regular official music videos? Do they do the album justice? Let's see.
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The introduction on the main, full length, promotional video, which can be found above is inspirational, it is also used in Mark My Words. Justin Bieber's words announce his reasons behind the title of his album. He tells the world that he lost his way a bit. Can we really blame him? Look at how much media he gets; cameras follow him everywhere, so many stars have gone off the rails because of it, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse amongst others are just a couple of stars that come to mind. Justin Bieber lost his focus, he admits that, but he found his purpose. If Justin can find purpose, we all can.
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The videos are all directed by Parris Goebel.

Mark My Words

A great start to his album, the song introduces the entire album, he is marking his words, and they are actually his words because he co-wrote all of his album. This one was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd and Michael "Blood" Tucker.

Justin Bieber is a visionary on top of a golden piano in the middle of flat pains around mountains. Lyrics, his words, strewn on lyric sheets around the piano, it is such an imaginary vision, one out of a dream, that has come together astonishingly artistically. Justin Bieber performs the song with such emotion, he really cares for this album as a whole. Great start to this Purpose: The Movement.

I'll Show You

Bye bye Justin Bieber in these videos, for now anyway. Justin Bieber tells us that his life isn't easy, and yeah we definitely agree, the media is all over him all the time. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Josh Gudwin, Sonny Moore, Michael "Blood" Tucker and Theron "Neff-U" Feemster.

These dancers show us! They are in sync after a little bit of a shaky first dance sequence, but they pull it back within seconds, the choreography looks slightly too fast for the music and therefore doesn't exactly work at times and yet we can't deny how professional and on point these guys are, a hell of a lot of practise went into this and they nail every move, each minute move is simultaneously perfect. The dancers are: Denzel Chisholm, Gusto Clarke, Ryan Davis, Noel Frias, Kendrick Martinez, Jose Ramos, CJ Salvador, Lance Savali, Tony Tzar and Hollywood.

There is an official music video for this song "I'll Show You" as it was released as a promotional single.

What Do You Mean?

Justin Bieber's first number one here in the UK, and it is what spawned the whole chart topping success. It is a banger, and one that will be in the chart for a long time, no doubt. It was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd and Mason "MdL" Levy.

Introducing a totally different dance style, one that goes well with this song, but seems way too cliché for me. The dance troupe also practised, practised, practised. Everything on point in this almost chaotic choreography. Kudos go out for including the tap dancer and showcasing him, but does it really go with the song? There's no exact change to the song to relate it to the tap dancing. Everything feels rushed as if they've been given a certain time to fit it all in. The dancers look totally under pressure to get this right. And perfect they have made it.

This song also has an official music video, which I've reviewed. I much prefer "What Do You Mean?"'s official music video over this one. The dancers are Bianca Ikinofo, Kaelani Edwards, Madison Golightly, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Maddison Barnett, Jess Toatoa, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, Ling Zhang, Weijun Sun, Keanu Feleti, Todd Williamson, Joseph Metuakore, Elvis Lopeti, Justyce Petelo-Neho, Michael Metuakore, Fetu Taku, Esra Pula and Andrew Cesan.


Another number one single, such a catchy song and a great video to go with it. Apparently they were thinking of doing an official music video to this song, but they have decided to leave it and stick with this promotional video as it is liked by many and it is definitely quirky. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Michael "Blood" Tucker and Sonny Moore.

The video showcases the type of sexy dancing we have all come to know recently, twerking is all performed perfectly from this dance troupe. What should be amazingly sexy is performed just the way it should be, it's purely clothing that removes this sexiness from the dance moves, and it's surprising how clothing really affects the visual. The dance groups are: The Ladies of ReQuest and The Royal Family Dance Crew, from The Palace Dance Studio, New Zealand.

Love Yourself

I have been waiting to review this promotional video, it's one of my favourites, and it is technically beautiful. Currently sitting at number one on the UK singles chart, and has done so for a total of six weeks, three of which are consecutive. It was written by Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Benjamin Levin. This explains why many have thought it was Ed Sheeran singing, although I wouldn't have personally,identified this song with Ed Sheeran. Such a brilliant song and undoubtedly deserves to be at number one.

Choreographed by the dancers themselves, husband and wife Keone Madrid and Mari Madrid. This is the perfect video! It could easily pass off as an official music video for the song, although I think a few shots of Justin Bieber would've made this video official. There's a lot to love about this video, from the bed scene to the hallway, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to Keone moving out. There is nothing I don't like about this video.

Justin Bieber introduces the song with words about love, and he is totally right with everything he says. I think the dancing on the phones sidetrack the entire video, although it is on point and it can't be faulted. I also love how there is tonnes of mirrors in the bathroom, she clearly loves herself more than him, if only I had a guy like him, I'd be a tease, for sure, but I wouldn't take him for granted as she clearly does.

Awesome video that has got everyone talking, I believe Keone and Mari are actually in love and are probably the perfect couple, and you can see the connection between them. Perfect video for a perfect song.


What happens in room 1113 stays in room 1113 obviously. The song is catchy, it's a good song, one that could be a good single to release, if any more are to come from this album. The song looks back on his past life and how he slept around, he wants to show people he has grown up, that this is who he used to be and it's not who he is any more. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, James Abrahart, Andreas Schuller, Thomas Troelsen, James Wong and Leroy Clampitt.

Narrative in a way, the video is off to a great start as we watch four girls come out of room 1113 and enter the elevator to the diner below. This is where the cameraman annoys the hell out of me. Such a confined space the camera jerks as we are introduced to a group of lads, one of which takes a risk on a girl and asks her out. Dancing in the street then pursues, to something almost as great as Love Yourself promotional video. That specific scene is definitely the highlight of the video, and if it had ended with them two, it would've been a high rating. However the video rewinds back to the party or orgy happening in room 1113. A comparative video overall, what's happening in room 1113 is Justin Bieber's past, and outside on the streets is how he would treat a lady now, or so we presume.

The dancers in the video are amazing, again a lot of practise went into this and it definitely paid off. The dancers are Lyle Beniga, Parris Goebel, Kaili Bright, Melany Centeno, Lilly Leithner, Diana Matos, Cat Rendic, Taja Riley, Tia Rivera, Tee Tee, Marquita Washington, Laure Courteller, Natalie, Paris Jackson, Miesha Moore, Tiara Kelly, Selasi Dogbaeje, Conny Azua and Rebbi Rosie.

No Pressure (feat. Big Sean)

A simple video for an extremely catchy song. Big Sean's rap is totally on fire, very well written and one I had to commemorate, I love the Empire (TV series) reference as well as Street Fighter reference and Yoko Ono is in the rap too. Nice one Big Sean! A great addition to this album, definitely one that shines out thanks to Big Sean's rap. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, Robin Weisse, Dominic Jordan, Jimmy Giannos and Sean Anderson (Big Sean).

The video features Big Sean himself, rapping perfectly, his performance is on point. The dancers are Ian Eastwood, Megan Batoon and Melany Centeno. Ian Eastwood outshines them all, a solo freestyle choreographed brilliantly, this tells the exact story we expect, authentic once again, these videos are not just promotional of each song, but tells the perfect story. I'm not sure about the black and white colourisation though.

No Sense (feat. Travis Scott)

More amazing dancing from Parris Goebel, that girl is totally on fire, I don't care what people say, she has really spotlighted dancing and her choreography is amazing. The song features Travis Scott, his rap is in time with the song, it's definitely different and captures you're attention, but it doesn't work that well and after hearing Big Sean in the previous track, Travis Scott fails to impress. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, Kenneth Coby, Jacques Webster (Travis Scott) and Mike Dean.

This dance troupe is on point, again a lot of practise went into it and as per usual, it paid off... I want to be taught by Parris Goebel, she is amazing, her choreography is stunning, and this is pure brilliance. At first I thought it was computer editing and that the entire troupe was Parris Goebel, because the dancing was in sync perfectly and the outfits are all the same. Travis Scott kind of ruined the video, the camera movement totally fails, and loses interest. I wish it had ended with Parris Goebel and her dance group, instead Travis Scott got the last scene.

The dancers are: Parris Goebel, Bianca Ikinofo, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Jess Toatoa, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, Althea Strydom and Oriana Whaiapu.

The Feeling (feat. Halsey)

This is probably the worst video out of them all so far, this one just messes with my head, and I find it difficult to follow, and I seem not to be the only one. However, this song shines throughout the album, Halsey and Justin Bieber's vocals work effortlessly together creating a beautiful harmony that I hope to hear again in another song. This one is written by Justin Bieber, Julia Michaels, Clarence Coffee Jr., Sarah Hudson, Sonny Moore and Ian Kirkpatrick.

The start of this video engages the audience, but the lighting, camera movement and angles all fail to come together, distracting the audience totally. I love how dance can interpret anything into a real meaning. This is vivid, although many people have interpreted this differently, which is exactly how dance should come across. Personally, I believe, the guy is battling demons and how they are taking the girl he loves away from him, it's a fight he loses at times, but one he takes control of in the end.

I love the performance piece from Halsey, the faze effect works well and visually works within the video. Although the video ends abruptly. The dancers are: Pierce Cady, Janelle Ginestra, Valentine Norton, James "BDash" Derrick, Keywane Pandy, Marquis Robinson and Brandon "Beno" Anastascio.

Life Is Worth Living

Justin Bieber tells us all that life is worth living and that you don't have to give in. The lyrics remind me of Orianthi's "Courage" although this falls slightly on the flat side, unable to inspire people with this song as it should've done. It was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd and Mark "The Mogul" Jackson.

The dancing is full of emotion, she can move! Even though she is dead, that bullet hole clearly visible. I feel that this is suggesting that the future is bright for her, and although she wants to die and end it all, there is a very nice looking guy coming into her life in the future, and she has the world ahead of her. Emma Portner and Patrick Cook are the dancers who perform the choreography, which is technically great but isn't visually appealing.

Where Are Ü Now (feat. Diplo and Skrillex)

Well what is it with supermarkets? They're obviously the perfect place to dance in, first we have Galantis' "Peanut Butter Jelly", which was on point, I must say. And now we have a very similar video that is just as perfect, if not better, because I can't believe what I just saw! I want to go shopping with these guys, hell, I want to be the girl who's shopping and has all four guys dancing over her. This catchy song hit number one in the UK, it has an official music video as well. "Where Are Ü Now" was written by Sonny Moore, Thomas Wesley Pentz (Diplo), Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, Karl Rubin Brutus and Jordan Ware.

The video opens with Diplo and Skrillex talking about people coming to see them at their gigs from around the world. They then make a phone call as they're hungry. We are then cut to the amazing four dancers, who start with their tricks before they even get into the supermarket, and I am already wishing I was there with them.

Camera recording is shaky, but it adds more depth to the video. Dancers are on point, the choreography is shockingly brilliant. I am cheering on the dancers all the way. I love the shocked faces of some of the so called general public, definitely great acting skills. The girls come out of nowhere and really shoot some fire, but the real stars are the four lads from the start, boys you can move!

Although the camera movement isn't the best, it brings depth and reality to the video. The Ruggeds are the dancers, who are: Tawfiq Amrani, Jessy Kemper, Roy Overdyle, Sjoerd Poldermans, Lady Cultura, Johnny Erasme, Johnathan Rabon, Yusuke Nakai, Mykell Wilson, Devan Smith, Mona Berntsen, Christina Chandler and Elysandra Quinones.


Just wow! My only word for this video, if it were longer a tear would've escaped! Nice job Parris Goebel! This is just wow! The song is powerful, amazing and inspirational. Justin Bieber has, once again, nailed a perfectly good song, this should so be released as a single, along with so many other songs from this album, no wonder all of them made the top 100 of the UK singles chart, but this is the one song I would personally suggest as the fourth single. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, Sonny Moore, Brandon Green and Nico Hartikainen.

This is so powerful, of course children was going to be used for a song titled Children, but what I wasn't expecting was images and visuals of the unfortunate children in less fortunate countries, the ones who fail to survive out in the world. I am not the only one upset by these images, and these children put their entire emotion into not only their dance sequences of this amazing choreography, but into running and showing that we all need to help, that poverty is a real thing in the world and many are unprivileged.

This video may be too short, but the message is clear and it's one I shall never forget. This video has come out on top for me, the best one I've watched out of all these promotional videos. It is one that hits home. The dancers are: Giverny Hing, Maddison Barnett, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Sarah Whyte, Houston Murray, Ellise Samuels, Ally Mayerhofler, Siyanna Yarr, Drew Sackfield, Cullen Neale, Isla Potini, Alexandra Page, Frannie Aquino, Azaria Ieriko, Biranna Dixon, Aria Henry, Teesha Siale, Courtney McKay, Isabella Thomas-Edwards, Taimania Pupuke, Sophie De Renzy, Anaya Wakelin, Faolan Okan, MJ Neethling, Jovi Ngo, Henk Tomkins, Irava Upu, Ben Rawnsley, Remy Sutton, Matthew Puleanga, William Tuarae, Donnell Collins, Brookyln Collins, Ayla Ngaluafe, Quincy Ngaluafe and Dasha Collins.


We started this all with words from Justin Bieber, now we're ending it with words from Justin Bieber. We've just been on a total roller-coaster ride, zipping through his ups and downs displayed in the awesome lyrics he has written, every single one of his songs tells us a part of who he is, either from the past or from the present. This one is his future, he is giving back to his fans, they are the ones who have given him purpose in the world, and the only people he never wants to let down. Inspirational to say the least, we can all learn from Justin Bieber himself, words I'd never think I'd ever write. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, Stephen Philibin, Eben Wares, Jeremy Snyder and Scott "Scooter" Braun.

As for the video, it's not quite engaging, although I am happy he finally removed that awful, baggy denim jacket. Yes, I'm all for denim jackets, definitely has been in fashion the last few years, but this one is too baggy for him, especially out on these flat plains, with these women who aren't wearing much. The dancers fail to capture the audience, and some sequences aren't only cringe-worthy, but have no passion behind them, maybe they're a little starstruck to be working with Justin Bieber, who wouldn't be? The dancers are Samaria Barnes, Logan Hassel, Marissa Heart, Taylor Knight, Pauline Mata and Simrin Player.

Well that's the entire Purpose: The Movement viewed, reviewed and rated. Parris Goebel has really put a spotlight, not only on herself but on all the dancers in the video as well as contemporary and modern dance itself. This is the movement, this is what is popular right now in dance, and she has really put New Zealand on the map in the dance world, because these videos are next to perfection.

The album is definitely a perfectly packaged album, one I could listen to from start to finish multiple times. This album has got it all, and Justin Bieber's vocals are stunning, his collaborations adds more authenticity to this album. A brilliant album and one I don't think Justin Bieber will ever be able to top.

As for the videos, Parris Goebel have done a perfectly good job of promoting Justin Bieber's album and I wish her the best of luck. Personally, if I were an artist, I would be snapping her up to promote my album. Unfortunately, I can't sing to save my life.

The overall rating below is an average of all the ratings I have given for all the videos above. Also if you've managed to read this entire blog post, and really don't want to scroll up to the links above to buy his album, I have provided the link below as well.
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Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You

I had to review this music video, especially since I saw Carly Rae Jepsen live at an acoustic gig along with a meet and greet, read all about it here. With an extreme comedic effect this video got everyone talking, and they're still talking about it now.

Carly Rae Jepsen came third on the fifth season of Canadian Idol. It's taken her some time, but now she has definitely reach international fame. She hit charts all over the world with "Call Me Maybe" and this song was set to do exactly the same, with it catchy chorus, yet failed to become as big of a hit, only reaching number three in the UK. Written by Carly Rae Jepsen, Jacob Kasher Hindlin and Peter Svensson, it's an emotional song announcing that you really like someone, but it's still too soon to say I Love You.

Peter Glanz directed this video, and he has done a good job, however I do have to mention that Tom Hanks lip-syncing isn't exactly perfect.

Tom Hanks looks like a father figure to Carly Rae Jepsen in the video, and it all came about because he is friendly with Scooter Braun, Carly Rae Jepsen's manager, this also explains why Justin Bieber appears at the end of the video too, although I give him kudos for not taking centre stage of the video. Also making appearances are Vine stars Rudy Mancuso and King Bach.

Tom Hanks attempts to be down with the kids, being able to text using emotions, taking selfies, being on tinder, and clearly being able to follow choreography, although his jacket does not help to prove he can dance, he should've lost that jacket for the dance scene.

Overall amazing video, one that has got everyone talking, which has a fantastic song to go with it. Definitely as catchy as "Call Me Maybe" if not more, and was so good to hear live too, blog post about that can be read here.
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Chart Mondays: Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

Thanks for this Justin Bieber, I am definitely expecting nightmares tonight. And if a guy ever did that to me, he would be dumped on the spot, not going to lie. So Justin Bieber is back, and his beliebers have finally got him to the top of the charts, That is right, Justin Bieber has his first UK number one!

Just like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber knows exactly what he is doing, gain press, become a big known star in the media for doing stupid things and then BANG! Here's your number one single. This worked for them both. The song was written by Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd and Mason Levy. It's infinitely catchy, and is currently stuck in my head, no wonder it got to number one, but I much prefer "Boyfriend" if I'm honest.

Directed by Brad Furman, the video is something that will be remembered. I was a little worried what Justin Bieber was going to do, especially since you can't really blame the girl when she doesn't even know what she wants herself.

The video stars John Leguizamo and Xenia Deli, the former is a well known actor, and Justin Bieber pays him to kidnap him and Xenia Deli, it's a way to make her trust him and I guess it works as she jumps off the building with him and then lands at a party full of skaters.

Still if someone did that to me, they'd be dumped on the spot, just saying, and then I'd enjoy myself at the party. Justin Bieber even has a go on the skateboard. Overall, it's everything I want in a video, and a great song to go with it, how can I not give it this rating?
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Conor Maynard - R U Crazy

Waking up with this song stuck in one's head, was not what I thought today would bring. But as I trundled down the stairs ready to watch the music channels, I was hoping this video would get played; that is what happened, and I haven't stopped singing to it in my head all day.

Conor Maynard, was born two months before me, and I still can't get over the fact that he's nearly 21. He's highest charting single is his debut "Can't Say No" which got to number two here in the UK. He was tipped as the UK's answer to Justin Bieber, and even though there is a few years between them, he'll never shake that from himself. This song reminds me of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend". Yet with some big differences...

"R U Crazy" was written by Conor Maynard, Timothy McKenzie, Ashton Foster and Ray Djan. The second songwriter being the real name to singer Labrinth. The song sounds very personal to Conor Maynard as it's about a girl who wants him back, now that he is a household name. The start is good, and people believe it should have been a complete swing version, but I don't think it would've been quite so catchy. As the song progresses, we find out his falsettos aren't strong at all (reminds me of Justin Timberlake's falsettos, in his early years), but unlike Timberlake, Conor Maynard can't pull it off. And as the track ends, the producers mess around with his voice, making the track less enjoyable, and more experimental. I love the song, but they shouldn't have messed with it as much as they have done.

The music video relates well with the song, including a performance piece at the start and a narrative that starts and ends just the way we expect it to.

The performance piece at the start is quite misleading, unless Conor Maynard were to take the swing road, however that seems very unlikely. Then the narrative gradually appears with him wearing that horrible green jumper. This is an artist who people are meant to look up to and follow fashion wise, yet that jumper does nothing for him at all.

The video continues with the expected narrative, but with a surprise with him lying on top of her during a bedroom scene. I usually forget he is nearly 21, and seeing that every time just surprises me.

Overall, a strong song that doesn't need all the theatrics that has been put in; this is what stopped it from reaching the top spot of the UK chart, in my opinion. The music video has everything I want and more, the theatrical ending with the vases smashing, and although he never gives her his middle finger as the song says, there is a clear narrative, which adds to the song completely. Only problem I have is that hideous jumper. This video makes me aware that he's nearly 21, he needs the world to keep knowing that, or he'll be stuck with the 'UK's version of Justin Bieber' label.
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New Release: Bowie Jane - Bad Boy

Bowie Jane first came to my notice when she stumbled across this blog and started talking to me on my Facebook page. Since then she has gone on to promote her singles anywhere and everywhere here in the UK, as well as turning up at Staffordshire University (my university) for a radio interview, where she left me a signed CD of  "Luv Bomb". Since then I have been keeping an eye on her Twitter and Facebook, and found out her third single (the first being "Miss U Hate U") is being released this month. So just for you lot, I have organised an interview with Bowie Jane, and she will become Artist Of The Month for July.

"Bad Boy" was co-written by Bowie Jane and her producer Jason Bond. It's really catchy, and I know I'll be singing it all day today. Especially since I've bought it from iTunes, and I can't stop playing it.

The music video has become one of Bowie Jane's most viewed YouTube videos so far, and those views are only ever going to go up and up and up. It may not be a big budgeted video that well-known artists push out, but as I have proven on this blog over and over again, the simple videos can sometimes be the best, and this is clearly one of them.

It is practically performance based, with Bowie Jane singing in front of a brick wall, but she knows how to perform, and you are engaged right from the start.

Then the slight narrative jumps in with a bunny rabbit, who clearly is the 'Bad Boy'. It is very suggestive and makes this video stand out.

The slight narrative includes various slides which say various things. The first is: "Taylor Swift Admits 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Was A Blast At Harry Styles", and the rabbit just before the words is dressed up as Harry Styles. Next is the rabbit dressed as a golfer with the accompanying headline: "A leopard might change it's spots... but a Tiger doesn't change his stripes", a dig at Tiger Woods obviously. Next is the Hugh Grant and Divine Brown scandal. Afterwards the rabbit has a gas mask on definitely dressed up as Justin Bieber, with "Selena Gomez Throws Gifts Bought By Justin Bieber In The Bin? Bye, bye, bye Bieber....".

Overall a song that is stuck in my head, and one that I will be listening to for years to come. And a music video that makes me laugh, it's enjoyable, it relates to the song, and has everything possible to make it a great video. I can't stop watching, I can't stop listening, this is one song you all need to get now!

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

Well... I was going to do The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping" however there is no sign of the music video. After a few minutes research, I found out there was a video released as people remember watching it back then, but there's no sign of it on the internet. Could this be a video that is now lost forever? Guess time will tell. So trying to have old and new Christmas songs, I went with this one.

Getting a hit Christmas song is not easy, and a big name like Justin Bieber, you would think he'll have a shot, but guess what, it didn't work either, and although this is more of a hit than what others have released, it's still not quite capable to become a hit Christmas song.

"Mistletoe" was written by Nasri Atweh, Adam Messinger and Justin Bieber. It sounds similar to Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", and is definitely a catchy song, but it's missing something, and whatever that something is, is what made this song unable to become a Christmas hit.

The music video is extremely narrative based, with a perfect performance side to things. This is one of the best Christmas music videos I have ever seen, and what do I expect from this guy? Most of his videos are top-notch, and I doubt I'll be giving him less than 3 stars for any of his videos.

The song is about being with someone and kissing under the mistletoe. I like the storyline, and how the girl he is with feels threatened by this other girl who keeps coming up to him. But she needn't worry, as he is just being polite and he knew the girl.

The girl in the video reminds me a lot of Justin Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez, could it possibly be a message to her, saying all he wants is her and no one else?

The performance side of things is amazing, the inclusion of snow is a definite must in this video, and he performs the song well.

I especially like the ending with the mistletoe hanging above. A bit on the cheesy side, but definitely expected, if it were missed out, I would've been disappointed.

The song is great, and should've charted higher, but something is holding this song back, but I don't know what that is. It's accompanying music video is exactly what I want from a video like this, and I can't find anything wrong with this. As much as I want to find something negative to say, I just can't. Do I like Justin Bieber? Not really, but I can appreciate how big his fan base is, and his chart success with his songs. But I get blown away at how great his music videos are, so here is another top rating, for a top music video.

Justin Bieber Featuring Nicki Minaj - Beauty And A Beat

Here we go again. They were my exact thoughts yesterday when I noticed someone had commented on my suggestions page, and asked me to review this song. Justin Bieber is a worldwide superstar and he is one of those people who girls fall for and guys hate. It is possibly, the reason as to why he has never managed a number one single in the UK. However, as he grows older his music has got to change, and we are currently seeing that, and he is managing to capture some of the guys.

I was listening to "Free Radio" a couple of months back and someone texted in saying she had played Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" to her boyfriend without him knowing who it was. He turned around and said it was amazingly catchy and he would like to know who sung it so he could listen to it himself. However, to his shock horror she announced it was Justin Bieber and he told her to stop playing the song and choose something else. This begs to question why guys dislike him... My idea is that his first few singles and his debut album has given people a perception of him which he is now trying to dislodge, but will it work?

"Beauty And A Beat" was written by Max Martin, Anton Zaslayski, Savan Kotecha and Onika Maraj. This looks like a great collaboration of song-writers and is proved to be a hit, but will it get as far as it should. It is set to be released in November but it has already charted from album downloads only. It begs to question whether or not this will actually chart well. It's catchy and if I heard it on the radio it would be stuck in my head. At the end of the day, who cares who sings the song?

The music video was actually directed by Justin Bieber and John M. Chu. This is what makes this video different and amazingly great. It's reminiscent of Cloverfield (the film), and maybe a bit similar to Chronicle too. However there is no video I've ever come across that is quite as outstanding as this one.

I like the idea behind it, the fact that Justin Bieber directs the camera around. Not only that but he is a great dancer too. He kind of reminds me of Britney's early music videos. A lot of people, Sharon Osbourne in particular, has said that this guy might not make it in the future. However I believe she and many others are wrong, he will develop as an artist and take different directions, that his fan-base will support. Actually he is doing that right now. 

Overall the song is really catchy and I can see this song charting higher when it's officially been released. It's music video fails to relate to the song as well as it should, and there are a few errors that doesn't go amidst when watching. However it is a whole new video that stands out from the crowd and is something I am willing to watch again, surprisingly. Justin Bieber will never disappear, he will keep making hits, but will he ever get that UK number one single? We lie in wait for that day to come.

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

Justin Bieber has finally appeared on my blog, there was absolutely nothing on the music channels today, and this music video was the only one I took an interest to. Then all the music videos after this one I had already previously reviewed. I'm not much of a fan of Justin Bieber, although I do commemorate him for being a great singer, and managing to sell a lot of records. He has never had a number one in the UK before, however this is his highest charting position to date, charting at number two. He is currently going out with Selena Gomez, and has been for over a year.

"Boyfriend" was written by Mike Posner, Justin Bieber, Matthew Musto and Mason Levy. I'm surprised to see another singer's name pop up in the writing credits, which is Mike Posner, he sang "Cooler Than Me". Could Justin Bieber have written this for Selena Gomez? It is definitely one of those songs you expect Justin Timberlake to sing, and it's extremely different to what is actually about at the moment, sometimes that is a good thing, when others it's not so good, but with the Justin Bieber's fans (aka Bieber Fever), it looks like he can never release a bad song, and even if he did, it'll still do well on the charts no matter what.

This music video seems extremely short. It finished, and I was like, is that it? However it's over 3 minutes long, which is the amount of time most music videos are. So was I so intently watching it that time passed me by so quickly? Or was I expecting something better?

They could have done a lot with this music video, it could have been a narrative storyline, there could be a lot more choreography... However they decided to make it subtly sexy, or try to at least, but I don't think it's paid off, we're left with wanting something more. The double start is a little on the infuriating side, as the singing really stand out from his rapping, therefore choreography could have been built in. So we have to wait a whole minute until he starts to sing, which would normally be okay, but in the video not much is happening.

Before the video was released, there was camera shots released online, showing Justin Bieber near flames, and under water and various other scenes that other critics had commented on. Some were excited about the video and others were saying it could be a little on the erotic side which wouldn't be good for his fan base. Before the release of this music video, it got scrapped and this one was filmed and released. Could it be possible that they were not too happy with the feedback from the previous video? What ever happened to taking a chance? No wonder this video seems simplistic and restrained. Personally, by the looks of the shots and the thoughts of other critics, I think I would have preferred the previous music video.

Overall it's an average music video, not much going on, and it leaves you wanting more, there's a few choreography scenes interspersed throughout but not enough, I wanted to see additional dancing scenes. However it's quite a catchy song, so I understand why it got to number two.
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Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Carly Rae Jepsen is a 26 year old Canadian singer (where are all these Canadians coming from?) Who has one really catchy song releasing everywhere called "Call Me Maybe". She came third in the fifth series of Canadian Idol, and she is the first person from Canadian Idol to release internationally and do extremely well. With number ones popping up here there and everywhere, and with catchy songs like this one, she is going to be a big star soon.

This song was written by Carly Rae Jepsen, Tavish Crowe and Josh Ramsay, the latter being the lead vocalist of Marianas Trent and has written and featured on a number of songs. Carly has a diminutive voice that just makes this seem effortless and extremely catchy at the same time. The song gets stuck in my head even if I just catch the last 10 seconds of the song. And it's definitely stuck in my head now.

The music video is really funny, it's very narrative, but has a great implemented performance side of things. Whenever I've seen it on the music channels I've only ever caught the last half of it, and never knew what the start was like, until just now.

This is really funny, I like how Carly spies on her neighbour (played by Holden Nowell). Holden is a model in real-life and so taking his top off at the beginning must have been fine with him. I like the fact that Carly is watching him obviously from the window, has she not heard about hiding and watching? I like the fact that she fans herself with the book, such a great thing to add in, and then she ducks.

I like the bit where she's pulling poses on the car to try to get his attention. And when she finally gets him to look up, she falls off the bonnet. I also like the dream where she imagines them being on the cover of a romantically (possibly erotic) novel, very clever to have thought to put that in.

And then to top it all off he's not even after her. Which is probably why the lyrics go "And all the other boys tried to chase me", does this happen to be a regular thing falling for guys who are playing for the other team?

Overall this is a great catchy song, the music video looks like it was fun, and I'm quite surprised it hasn't reached many hits, and allowing the spoof (created by Carlos Pena, Jr. of Big Time Rush fame) to gain a lot more hits because of the various celebrities that star (including Carly Rae Jepson), funniest bit is when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber go to kiss, and they get push apart (video can be found below). So I'm expecting this to be a big hit when it gets released in the UK, which will be 22nd April 2012.
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