New Release: Fergie Featuring Rick Ross - Hungry

Hungry (feat. Rick Ross) - Fergie |

The haunting hungry track we have been waiting for from Fergie is finally here. Fergie dropped this track and video today, along with an instant grat single of "You Already Know" which features Nicki Minaj. As for this track, she teased it back in June 2016, and many believed it would become the third single, instead "Life Goes On" appeared out of nowhere. Watch Fergie showcase her new song "Hungry" with Rick Ross in this black and white, highly edited, music video that is completely fierce!

Fergie - who was born Stacy Ferguson but has now changed her name to Fergie Duhamel after marrying Josh Duhamel - is gearing up for the release of her second studio album, titled Double Duchess. The album has been a long-time coming and fans are completely excited. Fergie has been teasing this song for over a year, so we're all ecstatic to be able to play it in full through our speakers. Not only that, but we also love that she dropped another song from her upcoming album, titled "You Already Know" which features Nicki Minaj. I hope both songs get the success that they deserve because I can't stop listening to them! Fergie is truly back! On this song is Rick Ross, real name William Roberts II, who is one of the biggest American rappers around. His name is iconic, so it's great to see that he's collaborated with the equally iconic Fergie. This song was written by Fergie Duhamel, Lisa Gerrard, and Brendan Perry.

The music video was directed by Bruno Ilogti. It's a full out edited music video using amazing techniques that keep the audience entertained as we have no idea what is going to happen next.

There's so much imagery going on in this music video, it's hard to even catch everything; which is a good thing because, on every replay, you find something new. We love the split screen of Fergie and Rick Ross, creating an even bigger haunting effect, just like the song.

Then there's Fergie cutting her hair off, giving herself a trim; suggesting her music has transformed into something new - and I'm so excited to hear the rest of her album.

Her performance piece is complete fire. She brings it like only Fergie can; Rick Ross also measures up perfectly. This visual works with the song, creating a dark and haunting concept that literally has the chance to go in various directions. It's great promotion for her new album, and I cannot wait for that!
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New Release: Miley Cyrus - Younger Now

Younger Now - Miley Cyrus |

There have been so many incredible releases today, it was so difficult to choose a music video for my New Release this week. However, Miley Cyrus has been solid lately and has made her new album available to pre-order with this incredible song being the title single! This song is catchy to no-end, and its music video seriously has some cool but old vibes going on, looking into the past and bringing it into the future. Watch Miley Cyrus showcase her performance vibes with this Elvis-inspired music video that has us enthralled from start to finish and hoping that we'll have a Miley Cyrus musical one day in this visual for "Younger Now".

Miley Cyrus, real name Destiny Cyrus, has been teasing new music recently with the release of "Malibu" and "Inspired", so I'm ecstatic that she has released a new one that's ever so catchy and motivating in every way. It's a whole new era for Miley Cyrus, and I feel like this song looks back on her past as she states that people do change as they find their way. I am loving this new sound, and "Younger Now" is something that deserves to be a hit, and we're sure it will be! This came with the announcement of her album, with the same title, which will be released on 29 September 2017 - I cannot wait! This song was written by Miley Cyrus and Oren Yoel.

The music video was directed by Diane Martel. It is very Elvis-inspired with a great message throughout. She has even used old people to be her backing dancers and to join her in the visuals, which is a great tribute to how the song came to her - since her mother started the ball rolling with the lyrics by telling her that "you're younger now at 24 than you were at 4!" which totally explains where the song came from.

I love this pure performance visual. There are some iconic scenes throughout, including some Elvis-inspired looks. I am obsessed with her red outfit - she looks super hot in that scene; as well as the blue jumpsuit.

She continues her ode to Elvis with the puppet scene. This directly links in with Elvis' music video for "Wooden Heart". Today marks the 40th anniversary of his death, so Miley Cyrus has picked the perfect time to release this video.

My favourite scene has to be the ending, that looks like a scene from the future Miley Cyrus musical theatre show - surely this is something that will happen at some point; her iconic songs would easily be able to come together to make a hit musical. The old dancers fully bring it as if they are young, and it's incredible to see Miley Cyrus enjoying her life in every way and enjoying her time on this set.

Overall this music video is a brilliant tribute and completely relates to the song. I love her biker chick outfit which makes her look a bit like Fergie; I also like the float because it's a float. I do feel that this could've been a little more engaging, and I feel that after the first watch she'll lose some viewers as it's not something you would definitely watch again and again. Regardless it is polished and has got me excited for 29 September when the new album drops!
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New Release: Alice Glass - Without Love

Without Love - Alice Glass |

Breaking away from Crystal Castles is Alice Glass, and her new single is currently the only new release I could find that had a music video; surely there are a lot more, there has to be. Oh well, this is the one I am reviewing today, and it's beyond quirky; that's pretty obvious from the thumbnail, alone. The music video dives deeper in a weird visual that keeps the audience glued to the screen whilst the droning track progresses into something we turn out loving, for some bizarre reason. Watch Alice Glass wrapped up in flowering vines as she sprinkles sweetness with a deadly threat in this music video for the similarly haunting song "Without Love".

Alice Glass is known as the former frontwoman of Crystal Castles. As part of the duo, she had great success when it came to their albums and have charted multiple times. Their biggest hit to date is "Not In Love" which features Robert Smith, the song is a cover of Platinum Blonde's "Not In Love". Since Alice Glass has left, Crystal Castles continues after bringing in a new female vocalist. As for Alice Glass, she is now starting to build a solo career, and with a brilliant debut track such as this one, we know that we'll be hearing a lot more from her. She previously released a charity single in 2015 titled "Stillbirth". Haunting and sweet at the same time, "Without Love" is an unexpected track that wraps itself around your head so that you never forget it.

The music video was directed by Floria Sigismondi; it premiered on The FADER who also co-produced it alongside MAAVVEN. It's a pure performance piece with profile scenes throughout, easily showing off Alice Glass' personality; you definitely wouldn't be disappointed at one of her concerts.

The scenes start from the weird and turn strange and then goes freaky. Alice Glass turns it out in every way for this video as we watch vines and flowers start to grow and trap her. The ending sees her in an empty swimming pool, almost being reincarnated as a flower-person.

Overall, it's a great concept and the song literally grows on you like the flowers do on Alice Glass. Turning something sweet and innocent into something deadly and so defining is incredible. I love how it's relatable to the song in every way and gets her message across even more so. Just wow!
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New Release: Everything Everything - Desire

Desire - Everything Everything |

Making their debut on my blog with their new release is Everything Everything. If I'm honest, I've been aware of this band for many years, but they aren't to my taste and I haven't really dabbled in their music. So here I am, dabbling in their new release, and it's a lot better than what I was expecting. Watch Everything Everything perform their new song "Desire" in this colourful music video displaying their passion for music in every way.

Everything Everything are a four-piece band consisting of Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman, and Alex Robertshaw. They are from the UK, and have been attempting to become popular for many years; this band proves that if you continue on with your passion, you'll finally make it. Their albums consistently chart highly, and I reckon this new one will follow suit. They haven't really had any hit singles - not one that has made their career, although "Cough Cough" and "Kemosabe" both have charted within the UK Top 50 Singles Chart, but they totally deserve to have one massive hit; especially if this song is anything to go by. The song was written by Jonathan Higgs, Michael Spearman, Jeremy Pritchard, and Alex Robertshaw.

Directed by Dave Tree, this music video is a pure performance visual with very little going on. The band displays their on-stage energy and it definitely desires us to go and see them live one day.

Performing on a square stage, Everything Everything are in a box-like room as they display their song. There's really not a lot going on but there's some great imagery and interesting energy that doesn't go unnoticed.

This is literally all I can say about this music video. It's very colourful; there's a lot of blue and pink filters used in the visual. Everything Everything show their interaction with one another and how they group well together as a band. This song is one that I could've seen being a hit, but I don't see it going up the charts, unfortunately.
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New Release: Kesha - Learn To Let Go

Learn To Let Go - Kesha

It is not long until we finally have Kesha's new album playing through our speakers. Yet again, she's given us another music video in promotion of the album; this is her third song from the "Rainbow" album and regardless of the clear low-budget compared to "Praying", it's well thought out and so so so good, just like the previous low-budget music video for "Woman". Whatever's happening with the whole #FreeKesha thing, we know that she is completely on form, for sure. Watch Kesha "Learn To Let Go" in her new music video which delves into the past and her childhood, and see how she takes inspiration from the home videos.

Kesha, full name Kesha Sebert, is preparing the release of her third studio album "Rainbow" and we are so excited. She's released two songs "Praying" and "Woman" which are complete killer tracks, just like this one and really proves that her new album is one that we are going to have on repeat for quite some time. She is still caught up with the court case with Dr. Luke but she's now releasing music and we are loving every new track. This song was written by Kesha Sebert, Pebe Sebert, and Stuart Crichton.

Directed by Isaac Ravishankara, this music video sees Kesha looking back on when she was a child and was all innocent. She transforms the home videos into reimagined scenes and it's beyond beautiful.

The start sees her putting a video tape into the player and her sitting down and watching with us. The walls collapse outwards and she walks through a forest where there are various items that link back to her childhood. We see a giant bed with a giant teddy bear, a truck in parts, a puppet stage, a reimagined swimming pool, and more. At one point, she takes the dance moves shown in a home video and transform them into a choreographed dance scene with her backup dancers; talk about coming up with good ideas!

The ending sees Kesha return to the room with her home videos of her childhood whilst the visual ends with the back of her denim jacket that says "The Sweet Little Devil Herself Ms. Kesha Rose" - we all want a jacket like that.

Another great music video from Kesha, we really should expect nothing less. Very thought out and relatable to the song. It works completely and we can't stop watching. We wish this had a much bigger budget as it could have been beyond awesome; but, regardless, it works well.
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New Release: Alice Kristiansen - Lost In Translation

Lost in Translation - Alice Kristiansen |

Today was a struggle to find a New Release with a music video, most of the ones that do have a music video are instant grat singles; however, I stumbled across this one and I'm glad I chose this one for my New Release blog review. Infusing kaleidoscopic images projected onto her face for this music video, Alice Kristiansen loses the viewers as nothing new happens with this visual for "Lost In Translation".

Alice Kristiansen is a New York-based singer who gained a high following after Ashton Kutcher posted one of her videos to Facebook in 2015. Since then she's been building up her career with more releases that show her sound and emotional spirit. This song is newly released today following on from her most recent single "Lost My Mind". The video has already gained 36,000 views and counting on YouTube and the song has received over 2,000 streams on Spotify. "Lost In Translation" is an empowering emotional song that is totally unforgettable.

This music video is beyond simple with not much going on. It's a pure performance visual with kaleidoscopic images being projected onto her face and the background. Other images include falling leaves and block imagery.

There are two main scenes, one which is zoomed out completely, and one which is a proper headshot. This exposes her performance vibes which are barely there. She doesn't interact with the song, and fail to express what it means to her; it's frustrating to see because I know she can bring it and do the song justice, it's just a shame she doesn't for this video.

Overall, it's a good concept, it just doesn't go anywhere. Alice Kristiansen fails to connect with the audience; it's lacking substance and emotion.
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New Release: Kesha Featuring The Dap-Kings Horns - Woman

Woman (feat. The Dap-Kings Horns) - Kesha |

Kesha continues to surprise us by dropping another new music video and even giving us a snippet of another new song at the very start. Having just written up an article about this for CelebMix, I'll do my best to not write the same comments, I suggest you head over there and read my article on this music video. This has certainly excited me for her new album, just like last week's release of "Praying". Watch Kesha and The Dap-Kings Horns team up for her second song release from her new album "Rainbow", where she heads to a bar to perform in this music video for "Woman".

Kesha, full name Kesha Sebert and originally known as Ke$ha, is making her comeback, finally. This song is another scorcher and shows her versatility as well as her direction for her new album, "Rainbow". This is the fun-style Kesha we like to see, and she's completely happy and relaxed in this music video. The song is explicit but it's so damn catchy I cannot stop listening to it. The fact that this song and previously released "Praying" are tracks I can have on repeat all day long just shows that this new album is going to be a sure-fire hit and completely addicting! This song was written by Kesha Sebert, Andrew Pearson, and Stephen Wrabel.

Directed by Kesha Sebert & Lagan Sebert, this music video is basic compared to "Praying"; however, they clearly chose the right song for this low-budgeted music video because it fits the song perfectly. Kesha is a motherfucking woman, as she states and this music video shows that she's independent and doesn't need "a man to be holding [her] too tight".

The opening gives a snippet of a new track, which fans have assumed is "Hunt You Down" before Kesha stops the track and slams right into the first verse of "Woman". She's driving her car down the road with The Dap-Kings as her passengers; the guys who play the horns are in the back. They arrive at the Oddity Bar, which is where they're playing.

The rest of the narrative sees Kesha performing the song, totally in her element and loving being on stage. This is literally what she was born to do, and it's incredible to see her enjoyment. In verse two, she switches it up by laughing out some of the lyrics. She also heads to the bar with her backing vocalist Saundra Williams of The Dap-Kings; where they have a few shots. The rest of the scenes are of Kesha on stage.

Overall, the music video works perfectly with the song. It may be basic compared to "Praying" but who needs anything more than this? I feel that they could've played out the narrative a little bit more, especially when they headed to the bar; I was expecting the story to extend slightly. However, the performance is on point throughout, and no matter what Kesha is going through, #FreeKesha, we know that she's putting 100% of herself into this newly released music.
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New Release: Kesha - Praying

Praying - Ke$ha |

A big music video to review and any long-life readers of my blog would know that I've supported Kesha from the very start. I am so happy to be reviewing this as my New Release, and so very proud of my article I wrote for CelebMix. It's going to be difficult writing up about this music video since I have practically covered everything I need to for my CelebMix article and I don't want to write the exact same thing, so I plan to keep this short and in-depth as possible. Watch Kesha fight for herself instead of giving up in this expressive and emotional music video for her first solo release in four years, "Praying".

Kesha, full name Kesha Sebert, and originally stylised as Ke$ha; is truly back releasing music to her fans and people all around the world. It's been quite some time since she returned due to an ongoing legal case with Dr Luke; yet, finally we have some new music from her, and even though it's still on Kemosabe Records, which is owned by Dr Luke, it makes a change to see that he's had no role to play in her new musical releases. This is set as the lead single from her forthcoming third studio album, titled "Rainbow". This song was written by Kesha Sebert, Ryan Lewis, and Ben Abraham.

This music video is completely inspiring and expressive. We all know what Kesha is going through right now. There are so many scenes that make us see her belief that things will get better, she is such an inspiration to every single person in the world.

The opening scene is so good; if we aren't able to understand where she is coming from in this music video, the monologue at the start helps to focus on the meaning behind the song and the visual.

I love how she's perched on the raft as if her life is over; it totally reminds me of the times I've just laid on my bed not caring about the day ahead, wondering why I should even get up today; but it's that focused energy to get up every morning and tackle what's to come - we've all been there regardless of what issues we're going through, no matter how small it is.

There are golden scenes in this throughout; from the multi-coloured bird appearing to give her hope, to the mountainside that says 'God Is Love' which she climbs; from the pig-headed men who chase her, to Kesha dressed as a gorgeous angel playing the piano. Let's not forget the awesome TV scene where there are hateful words and comments displayed and Kesha, dressed as a cowgirl, smashes up the 'weapons of mass destruction' TV.

The ending finishes off this music video perfectly in every way. Where the start suggested the end and that Kesha was gone (maybe it signified the end of Ke$ha, someone she really wasn't); the ending suggested a whole new beginning for her. This song was 100% worth the wait, and this music video is absolutely incredible in every way. It's great to see her back, the legal case may still be going and I continue to fully support her, #FreeKesha; but at least her career is continuing.
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New Release: Alexandra Stan - Boy Oh Boy

Boy Oh Boy - Alexandra Stan |

I'm so glad that Alexandra Stan has a new single out, and not only that, but it has been released on a Friday! This means I can review the music video for my New Release blog, which I am ecstatic about. Breaking away from Global Records and releasing her music on Alexandra Stan Records, "Boy Oh Boy" is planned to be the first single from her upcoming fourth studio album. I have previously reviewed the song and music video for CelebMix,. The song has distinct reggae vibes mixed with 90's influence and Asian culture, all wrapped up in a modern Eurodance song that is typical of Alexandra Stan's style. The song is addictive to say the least; while the music video showcases her beautifully. Watch Alexandra Stan sing her song "Boy Oh Boy" while captivating Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in every possible light.

Alexandra Stan continues to prove that she's one of the top female artists out of Romania. Her effortlessly catchy songs are released one after another. She keeps to her style, with her voice on point throughout, whilst managing to progress and further her career. This single is a great transition single from "9 Lives", which was her last single release from her third studio album 'Alesta'. This one is a slightly new direction, showing that she has got some amazing new music on the way. "Boy Oh Boy" was written by Alexandra Stan, Marius Mirica, and Andi Grasu.

Directed by Bogdan Paun, the music video is a pure performance visual that was filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Alexandra Stan wanted to capture the Asian culture, the Asian people, and the Asian atmosphere; and she pulled it off perfectly, even meeting people who wanted to star in the video.

Some of the scenes were filmed at the Batu Caves Tempur, as she revealed in some of her Instagram photos. She has dropped teaser one and teaser two in the run-up to this music video. She brings her usual energy to the visual, clearly caring a lot about this song and meaning every single word.

My favourite scene is when she's walking through the street, clocking all the people around her, allowing them time in the visual. There are also brilliant scenes of what appears to be a food warehouse, displaying the food served in Malaysia - tantalising.

The song's ending bridge is beyond anything we could've imagined and is certainly the best part of the song - if only it lasted a little longer. I hope that this sort of bridge appears in many of her new songs. During this part of the video, Alexandra Stan releases all her performing vibes, easily giving the camera everything it needs to capture her beautifully. Definitely an unforgettable moment during this segment of the video.

Overall, the song is something I can't get enough of, and the music video perfectly relates to the song. I like how she wanted to show off Malaysia. It works well, although I'm not so keen on some of the colourisation filters used; it makes it slightly too dark and mysterious, which doesn't really go with the rest of the scenes.
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New Release: Anjulie featuring Oskar Flood - Where The Love Goes

Where the Love Goes (feat. Oskar Flood) - Anjulie |

Well here comes the furries and before this music video, I had no idea that furries were a thing, but I must've been one in my past life because they look so awesome! Looking over the new releases, there wasn't much choice when it came to which ones that had a music video, I ended up with two choices and chose this one since it's more my sort of music, and I believe I know the name from somewhere. After a bit of searching, I found out I previously reviewed Anjulie from way back when because her music video for "Brand New Bitch" was being shown on the UK music channels. It's good to see that she's still going and this new song is definitely electric! Watch Anjulie frolic in a field with a guy called Damien who is in a blue dog furry costume, before she hosts a birthday party at a house for him, where she ends up covering herself in food, in this weird music video for "Where The Love Goes" featuring Oskar Flood.

Anjulie, full name Anjulie Persaud, is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She's made her name known in the songwriting world, having already written songs for some high-calibre artists. She's been attempting a solo career for some time now, with "Brand New Bitch" being her most successful song to date; it charted at number 16 in Canada. She released her self-titled debut album in 2009. We hope she plans on releasing another one in the future. This song features Oskar Flood who doesn't have a lot of information, and my research turned up nothing apart from this song and music video, as well as a remix of Brooke Candy's "Living Out Loud" featuring Sia. According to Spinnin' Records, which this song has been released on, this is a 'golden teamup'.

The music video is quite different to what you would imagine, and it is quite sexual in specific ways. Anjulie is shown throughout the visual, meeting up with her love, Damien. He is a furry, dressed up as a sexy blue dog; this isn't the first time a furry has been included in a video, most notably Ke$ha's "C'Mon".

The opening scene sees Anjulie performing the song in a field, where she meets up with Damien and frolics around with him. There are many comical positions in this scene before Anjulie throws a ball, which the furry chases.

Next, we see her shopping and texting Damien, saying that they're still on for 'tonight'. She hosts a birthday party, and cooks a lot of delicious food; yet, when she sits down, she decides to cover herself in the food, rubbing it all over her face. It's completely weird in every way, but she clearly enjoys every minute of it.

Later, she's blowing up balloons, and Damien asks if he should bring dinner, but she admits that she's already eaten. He comes round and finds her on the bed surrounded by balloons.

Overall, this music video is confusing but slightly relatable to the song. Anjulie totally reminds me of Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge. She's comical throughout and really gets into her role. Damien, whoever he is, is wearing one of the best furry animal suits I've seen.
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New Release: George Ezra - Don't Matter Now

Don't Matter Now - George Ezra |

Making his debut on my blog is George Ezra with this feel-good summer song which will no doubt gain momentum as the sunshine starts to bake us all. He dips in and out of the public eye but was launched with his highly successful song "Budapest". It's undeniable that he has a brilliant voice that has definitely earned him a place amongst the music industry, it's just a shame that his music isn't to my taste; it's not something I personally would listen to, and this song in itself feels like he doesn't care about it. He sings it as if he's too relaxed and as if it doesn't matter at all when he sings. The backing track is much more appealing than the lyrics, and I bet the instrumental version is much more interesting than the song itself. Watch everyone have a great summer time in George Ezra's new music video for his recently released single "Don't Matter Now".

George Ezra, full name George Ezra Barnett, hit it big with his debut single "Budapest" which skyrocketed up the charts around the world. That catchy little single perfectly showed off how iconic his voice is; he then followed it up with an album which also sold well around the world and a few other singles. Now he's back with a brand new song that I was hoping would be addictive, and although the backing track certainly contains an upbeat summer-infusion, the lyrics fail to match well and his vocals doesn't really fit with the song. It just feels like he's singing a different song in a relaxed style, and I feel that it doesn't work all that well. The song was written by George Ezra Barnett and Joel Laslett Pott.

Directed by Marc Oller, the music video contains many actors, actresses and dancers; these people have been credited as the following: Adriá Brita, Daniel Chamizo, Anna Viñas, Harman, Pedro Muñoz, Targil, Jeldris, Lihon Sun, Julia Sanz, Shelia Gadea, Júlia Hernández, Julia Espinosa, Will McGrath, Xavier Salvat, Danielle, Gina Berenguer, and Aina Carafi.

The main scene throughout is George Ezra and his dog going on a road trip. The dog is totally loving life in the passenger seat; to be fair, so would I if I were in a car with George Ezra. The dog even has hair bobbles in his hair, can it look any more adorable?

As the instrumental chorus kicks in we follow other people, who are on a beach, in the video. There are three people performing choreography by Anna Macau; there are frisbee playing and badge loving "Don't Matter Now" people too.

Other scenes see people just having fun in the glorious sunshine. It's all very tongue-in-cheek with the pie-face, the dancing, the 'ouch' plaster, the heads in the sand, the kissing of a gnome. The ending sees George Ezra click the "Don't Matter" button in the car and speeds down the road, disappearing in a set of fire tyre tracks just like in the film "Back To The Future".

Overall, this music video works and relates to the song. It's nothing special but it completely turns the song into the visual and totally works. I may not like the song, and I may not like the music video, but I admit that they go well together and certainly bring summer vibes that we very much need in the UK at the moment.
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New Release: Transviolet Featuring Reo Cragun - Kaleidoscopes

Kaleidoscopes (feat. Reo Cragun) - Transviolet |

Well, disappointingly, I can't promote Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon feat. Inna with "Fade Away" on my blog today since a music video has yet to be released, but it is coming. That song, I cannot get enough of, and I have reviewed it for CelebMix, Outlet Magazine, and Electric Mode. Instead, I chose Transviolet, who will also have their own CelebMix article about their single release and music video this weekend. They're a quirky electronic group who have really garnered my attention with catchy unique songs, and this certainly proves their magical ability to create music. Watch Transviolet go for a picnic with Reo Cragun as images of kaleidoscopic imagery is infused with these artists' performance piece in this music video for "Kaleidoscopes".

Transviolet are a four-piece electro-pop group consisting of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia. They made waves when they released their debut EP, and even garnered attention whilst being the support act for Twenty One Pilots on their UK tour. This is what made me a fan of their music because they just stormed articles on various magazines and media outlets that I follow. People might think that promotion isn't as big as it used to be, but it certainly can introduce new music to people, and that's exactly what happened here with me loving Transviolet. They're bringing a whole new different vibe, one that deserves to make its mark on charts around the globe. No one is quite doing what they are, and there's definitely something big coming from them. As for Reo Cragun, he has been growing his popularity and has had some great songs behind him. This sure was a great decision to collaborate. This song has the exact same feel as Transviolet's previous songs; it was written by Michael Panek, Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, and Jon Garcia.

Directed by Sarah McTaggart and Chris Scholar, the music video definitely falls under the low-budget category; but, believe it or not, the performers have managed to pull it off interestingly. It's been fully edited intricately, working perfectly with the song.

There are a few scenes in this music video, most of which are profile visuals of Transviolet, with Sarah McTaggart being the central spotlight. The band is all about her, and many previous bands have had problems with this sort of focused attention on the female vocalist. Then there's the picnic scene, that definitely had us in hysterics at times as fruits are used to cover faces at certain points in the song.

There are snippets of Sarah McTaggart and Reo Cragun on bicycles. This is quite cute but doesn't develop into anything. It feels like there was more to this scene but it wasn't good enough to make the cut.

Overall, they nailed this music video and kept it relatable to the song, as well as creating kaleidoscopic images from the visual to link back to the title. These images really do take me back, did anyone else have those kaleidoscope toys? Do children even know what they are nowadays? Total fun, energetic and staying true to who they are, Transviolet and Reo Cragun brought it for this music video, for sure. I am also in love with the song, although it takes it's time to build and become catchy.
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New Release: Peking Duk & Alunageorge - Fake Magic

Fake Magic - Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge |

My favourite artists, who have released new music today, have not released music videos yet, so that left me struggling with what music video to review for my New Release. Then, I found this one, and it's wacky, it's weird, and it's so bizarre, that I just had to review it today. I'm not entirely sure what I've just watched, although it was incredibly comical and engaging. The song is definitely one that will easily get stuck in my head, and even though I doubt that radio will pick this up, I really hope that it does, because it's a killer track and both these artists are so underrated. Watch Peking Duk eat soup whilst watching Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge sing "Fake Magic" on a small TV, whilst they're oblivious to the two bikers dancing behind.

Peking Duk are an electronic music duo, consisting of Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde, hailing from Australia. They have been making their name known in recent years and are definitely one of the most underrated DJ duos on the scene. Their most known hit is "High" which featured Nicole Millar and charted at number five on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart. They followed that up with a number of chart-worthy hits; although, they garnered international success by appearing on various compilation albums with their 2012 song "The Way You Are". This should become an iconic collaboration because AlunaGeorge is one of the most underrated mainstream pop duos around. Consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid. They had a successful start to their career when they hit the mainstream with songs such as "Attracting Flies" and "White Noise"; but as they focused more on their music, they have not been hitting those chart numbers, even though they have been releasing some killer tracks recently, including this one. The song was written by Adam Hyde, Reuben Styles, George Reid, Aluna Francis, Sam Littlemore, and LJL.

The music video is totally unique and different, which is what we have come to expect when it's a Peking Duk music video, or an AlunaGeorge music video; so these two collaborating just makes for a weird but wacky visual, that totally works.

The opening scene sees Peking Duk eating soup whilst being enthralled watching Aluna Francis on the small TV in a bar. She's singing the song inside a bathroom. A biker walks into the bar, but Peking Duk don't even notice, and sits down on a stall. The biker becomes aware of another biker further down the bar, who mirrors his actions.

The biker experiments by standing up, by messing with his jacket; and the other biker does the exact same. Peking Duk is oblivious to the whole thing going on. The bikers start up a dance and take off their helmets, they are the same guy, or doppelgangers, or twins.

The visual continues with Aluna Francis coming out of the bathroom. This is where we discover that the TV is actually a live stream, and if Peking Duk looked behind them they'd see Aluna Francis in the flesh. The ending sees her walk out the bar's door, whilst the bikers back into one another and turn into a sprinkle of pink confetti, all of which is displayed on the small TV that Peking Duk is watching.

Overall, this music video is a complete metaphor, showing how enthralled people can be in TV, in their mobile phones, or other technological devices; that they are unaware of what is going on around them. If only they weren't so busy watching the live stream TV, they would've seen the Aluna Francis right behind them. A brilliant concept, that totally works with the song, although completely wacky and different.
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New Release: Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You

There For You - Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan |

There has been so many amazing songs released this week, that I had quite a lot to choose from, but it soon came to light that many don't have music videos, which left me a couple to choose from for my New Release, this week. I decided on this one because it was the best music video, and because Troye Sivan is completely cute and sexy in this, as always. Watch Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan stay at a hotel, and perform at a concert, whilst they look sultry on hills and on a road in this music video for "There For You".

Martin Garrix, real name Martijn Garritsen, has had his ups and downs during his career; now he's back full scale with some major collaborations, which we are hoping will all be a part of a new album. It's great to see him collaborating with some of the best stars around at the moment, and the songs are charting well globally. I have no doubt that this song will follow suit, managing to chart just as well, what with it being Troye Sivan, real name Troye Sivan Mellet, singing the lyrics of the song. His voice is always full of emotion, and I feel like he gets me with ever song he sings. I love everything he stands for and Troye Sivan is seriously standing up for gay rights more than any other male artist around at the moment. This seemed a very unlikely pairing, and Martin Garrix has definitely pulled back on his sound to accomodate Troye Sivan's vocals, yet the song still doesn't exactly work the way you want it to. It was written by Brett McLaughlin, Martijn Garritsen, Ben Burgess, William Lobban Bean, Troye Sivan Mellet, and Jessie Thomas.

Directed by Jordan Taylor Wright, the music video has a subtle narrative whilst there's a major prominance to the performance side of things, which sees Martin Garrix perform a DJ set with this song, whilst Troye Sivan joins him on stage to sing the song to the crowd.

To me, I feel like there isn't much for me to comment on. I like the performance side and seeing Martin Garrix perform at a concert of his, fully giving it his all with all the effects and everything.

As per usual, Troye Sivan brings it for the music video, totally using all his skills to feel the song and the music. It's great to see him getting into the song.

Overall, it's quite a weak music video considering what we've had from Martin Garrix previously; actually, it's pretty weak from Troye Sivan to considering his previous music videos as well. There's just not much that's memorable to this music video.
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New Release: Alan Walker Featuring Gavin James - Tired

Tired (feat. Gavin James) - Alan Walker |

Again, today saw lots of new music get released, but not many have music videos, so I struggled to find one that did. I stumbled across this one from Alan Walker, and he proves, yet again, how incredible his music is. The video matches this, giving us war images and shows that love truly can win out. The visual is pretty similar to his previous efforts, and the song follows the same sort of suit; regardless, this easily gets stuck in my head and I'm sure it'll get inside yours too. Watch this war explosion of a visual in this Alan Walker music video for "Tired" which features Gavin James.

Alan Walker is quickly becoming a DJ we all know and love. He hit it big in 2015 with "Faded" and ever since, he has released catchy singles one after another; although, they have not been raging chart successes, unlike his previous first hit. However, they've charted well in his home country of Norway, where he has topped the charts three times to date. He also became virally known when he collaborated with Sofia Carson on "Back To Beautiful", his remix of which was chosen as her official single release of the song. I truly believe he will continue on with his success, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for him. "Tired" is in collaboration with Gavin James, who is an Irish singer-songwriter; he had a global hit with "Nervous", and his debut album charted moderately well in certain countries. This song is expected to chart well, and Alan Walker has been teasing it a lot recently.

Directed by Alexander Halvorsen, the music video is a subtle narrative music video, which we have come to expect from Alan Walker.

There's not an awful lot going on in the visual, we see that war is going on and there's a group of people who need to connect something to the power supply.

We see that our two main characters are into one another as they keep looking and smiling across. It's quite powerful to know that even though they're hiding behind a hood and a cloth that is covering their mouths, you can tell by their eyes that they are smiling.

We see some sexual images of the two characters together. They are played by Sarah Gindel Jabang and Daniel Peralta. Eventually, they manage to connect to the network and we watch a timer count down the minutes until impact. When it reaches zero we see all the lights go out.

Overall, this music video isn't easy to understand and the reasons why is hidden behind the visuals; regardless, the video is interesting and engaging. It makes you want to know what's going on; that is definitely what makes this music video special. Yet, it's confusing and hard to understand, with many repetitive scenes.
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New Release: Miley Cyrus - Malibu

Malibu (Official Video) - Miley Cyrus |

She's back, hitting it big with this brand new track! Taking another new musical direction, Miley Cyrus proves that she is versatile and that she can be whoever she wants to be, allowing her to be herself in the moment. People don't like change, but that's their problem; Miley Cyrus makes the music that she wants to, right now, and that is all that we should care about. Plus, they're still incredible hits. I cannot wait for the album, this track has got me excited for new Miley Cyrus music! Watch Miley Cyrus strip it back, acting relaxed, joyous, and calm in this chilled out music video for her new single "Malibu".

Miley Cyrus, real name Destiny Cyrus, has had a phenomenal career to date, and she is now ready to go down a different route and find out who she is, once again. Her new music, will apparently, bring her back towards country music, back to her roots and her home since her father is Billy Rae Cyrus. The song has been a success, launching itself on the iTunes charts of many countries around the world. This is definitely going to be a hit. The song was written by Miley Cyrus and Oren Yoel.

Directed by Miley Cyrus and Diane Martel, the music video is a pure performance visual. She looks so happy within the visual, it's clear she has a lot of love for this song; which is about her love for Liam Hemsworth, who she got re-engaged to last year; although, the song does reference Malibu, California.

There are various scenes throughout, there's the waterfall scene which looks serene, only I'm not so keen on Miley Cyrus' clothing, actually I don't like the way she looks. Not so keen on her hair with the long brown roots and the blonde ends - which does look great when she has it all bunched up, but I'm not so keen on the other looks. Tulisa rocked this style on The X Factor years ago, it's not trendy anymore. But kudos for deciding to go back to her natural hair colour.

The other scenes see her acting sexily, being on a beach with a stick that has a tonne of balloons on the end - I want to run on the beach with loads of balloons, it looks like so much fun. There's the cliff scene which looks quite precarious.

Overall, it's great to see Miley Cyrus so happy. She loves the way her life is, she loved being a tease in this music video and just generally having fun. I hope her other future music videos have her smiling this broadly.
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New Release: Paramore - Told You So

Told You So - Paramore |

Paramore are back, and they have a new album on its way, titled "After Laughter". They have released this song and "Hard Times" so far, and are getting comments in their change of direction, but it's still distinctly Paramore and it just shows that a band doesn't have to stick to one genre. They've got a much more mature sound now, To me, this new album will be one of their best, and I cannot wait to hear it in full. Watch the three-piece band Paramore drive in a car and display some serious finger pointing in this music video for their new song "Told You So".

Paramore are currently a three-piece line-up consisting of Hayley Williams, Zac Farro, and Taylor York. They have had a number of line-up changes over the years. Their music has progressed and if you compare what they're releasing now to what they released at the start of their career as a band, it just shows how far they've come and they distinctly put the Paramore stamp on every track they release. This one is their second single after "Hard Times" and it is a new direction for them, yet it's one I completely love and just shows that they can change along with their fan base. The song was written by Hayley Williams and Taylor York.

Directed by Zac Farro and Aaron Joseph, the music video centres around a moment that Hayley Williams and Zac Farro had as friends in a car, where he noticed her being much more relaxed in the car after doing studio sessions. This contrast is shown throughout the music video.

We see Hayley Williams in a dark, suspense house. She acts like there's someone watching her, something she should be scared of. This part of the music video was filmed in Taylor York's house, he'll probably never look at those walls the same again, we wouldn't - although we're glad no ghosts jump out at us, just a lot of darkness.

Then there's the awesome car scene, that sees the band playing instruments whilst dressed in red clothes as well as red berets. They look like classy French people on a mission, determined to arrive at their destination, yet cruising along and having a jam in the car - as we all do.

What's not to like about this music video? It's relatable to a degree and it's fun and dark, two contrasting things in one. It's a visual we can't stop thinking about and one we keep watching over and over again - there's always something new that we didn't see before.
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New Release: DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne - I'm The One

I'm the One (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne) - DJ Khaled |

Not my usual pick for New Release, but it makes a change to switch up my blog with a possible future hit single, especially since I'm on a Birmingham Pride Special at the moment, which is currently showcasing some oldish songs; make sure you check it out when you have a chance, by clicking the link. This does seem quite the group, yet it's a catchy number and it works quite well. Watch DJ Khaled throw a party at his house with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne; where they bring a chilled out relax performance vibe in this music video for "I'm The One".

DJ Khaled, real name Khaled Khaled, is a record producer and DJ amongst many other professional titles. He has had a successful career in music for many years and has definitely made a name for himself; although, I reckon this song will become his biggest worldwide hit. Featured on the track is Justin Bieber, who is the sole reason why this track is completely popular, as he is a full-on international star with many hits to his name. As for Quavo, he is mostly known for being in a three-piece group called Migos who also appear in the visual. They're definitely one of the rising hip-hop groups around; I expect to see more of them in the future. Then there's Chance The Rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, he has been going for a few years and certainly made his name known through collaborations with Justin Bieber and Snakehips on "Confident" and "All My Friends" respectively. Then there's the rapper who needs no introduction, Lil Wayne, who's real name is Dwayne Carter, Jr. He's a multi-award winning hip-hop artist who has had various hits. He truly has established himself as one of the top rappers in the industry. This is quite a collaboration, one that could've easily gone wrong, but it works and this is certainly a future hit. I wonder where it will chart in the UK next Friday. The song was written by Khaled Khaled, Jason Boyd, Quavious Marshall, Chancelor Bennett, Dwayne Carter, Jr., Nicholas Balding, David Park, Bobby Brackins, and Ray Jacobs.

Directed by Eif Rivera, the music video starts off with DJ Khaled's son, Asahd Khaled, in the director chair, in a very cute snapshot. He also appears on the front of the single cover artwork in quite the tropical themed picture. We continue to watch as DJ Khaled talks on the phone to Chance The Rapper, organising a party; whilst he stares at a woman riding up to him on a horse.

The party is in full swing later on as we watch Justin Bieber singing the song whilst adding some awkward dance moves throughout; yet, it shows how relaxed he is in this setting.

The other artists come in at certain intervals and the music video easily showcases each artist. Lil Wayne gets the biggest spotlight of all, which is understandable; and yet, he doesn't take it for granted and works it to his advantage.

There are women dressed sexily in the music video, and we seriously do see this a lot in hip-hop music. It's nothing new; but I admire the fact that they have kept it subtle and relaxed. There isn't much focus on the women which makes a very nice change. It keeps focus on the song as a whole, and this is why this music video works.

It's very relaxed and easily watchable for anyone who is viewing. It's not too much compared to a variety of music videos I have seen. It's calm, sunny, and definitely something I wouldn't mind catching on the music channels. This music video could've been over-the-top and could've been a typical hip-hop party music video. Instead, they drew it back, focusing on the song and the presentation of it. Nice one!
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New Release: Shawn Hook Featuring Vanessa Hudgens - Reminding Me

Reminding Me (feat. Vanessa Hudgens) - Shawn Hook |

So much new music has been released today for New Music Fridays, I seriously thought I'd be spoilt for choice when it came to writing up my New Release music video review, except many of my favourite singers who dropped new music today didn't release a music video, unfortunately. I'm also not happy that I don't really have the money to buy all this new music today, so I'm hoping I can find a good iTunes discount soon so I can get them all, including this one because I am so happy Vanessa Hudgens is officially back, thanks to this feature on Shawn Hook's track. Get ready because Shawn Hook and Vanessa Hudgens will keep "Reminding Me" of how it feels to feel this lonely, with this very sexy music video.

Shawn Hook, real name Shawn Hlookoff, has been going for many years but hasn't found international success, just yet. He has been focusing on his career and has managed to score some Canadian chart numbers, his biggest being number 23 in 2015 with the song "Sound Of Your Heart", which also found it's way onto the US Bubbling Under The Hot 100 Singles Chart at number five (which basically means it charted in the US at number 105, in theory). He has been establishing his career, and this collaboration has definitely launched him internationally. Vanessa Hudgens is the featured singer, who is one of the hottest actresses around at the moment. She became famous for playing Gabrielle in High School Musical and went on to do some extraordinary things, including Grease Live. As for her music career, it's been up and down... I still think "Sneakernight" should've been a global hit. But after four years, she's back once again and her voice accompanies Shawn Hook's perfectly. This was definitely a great collaboration. The song was written by Shawn Hook, Ethan Thompson, and Jonas Jeberg.

Directed by Aye Tanimura, this music video is mainly a performance piece, with a full-on narrative going on at the same time, as both artists reminisce on their previous relationship with one another whilst being apart and lonely.

The video includes clips of the past, of them two together while being surrounded, mainly, by profile visuals that show them longing for each other. Their memories are what is reminding them of how lonely they are apart.

It's a very sexy music video, with both Shawn Hook and Vanessa Hudgens looking completely hot from the get-go. They easily get into character for this music video, and it's so nice to see how much passion they both have for this killer song. I just love the chorus and how it's flipped depending on who is singing. A killer song and a killer music video, it's just slightly disappointing that it's completely in black and white throughout - with no reason behind the filter.
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New Release: Chroma Bay - Gravitational

Gravitational - Chroma Bay |

I had very little choice this week regarding my New Release music video review, so after a bit of searching, I came across this one, and I actually really like the song, and the video is certainly quirky and different. The song is rhythmically interesting and definitely one I wouldn't mind listening to again and again. Watch a double-jointed dancer contort and twist in this Chroma Bay music video for their interesting song "Gravitational".

Chroma Bay are an electronic duo from the East Midlands in the UK. They have been making waves with their music and certainly have been getting some great reaction from critics all over. They have previously released three other songs, which were "Impossible", "Overnight", and "A Matter Of Time". This new addition to their singles definitely proves that this duo has what it takes to hit the music industry hard; their focus, motivation and drive will get them exactly where they need to be. One of their songs was recently played on Made In Chelsea.

There isn't a lot to this music video. The introduction suggests a performance-based music video, but Chroma Bay do not appear in this visual; instead, we watch a dancer who is double-jointed.

Contorting throughout this music video, we watch him show how these moves can look serene and engaging. We never quite know what he is going to do next, and it's quite magnificent to watch.

Their idea behind this visual was to keep it true to the dancer, who is called Jamal. They wanted it to be almost a documentary piece, showcasing the dancer. They met him while he was busking on the street, and wanted to include that within the music video.

Usually, when we're faced with these sort of things, our first instinct is to be repelled and grossed out by it; this is not the case with this music video. We are enlightened, we see it differently, and when it's included as part of a dance sequence, it is intricate to watch.

Nailing the choreography throughout, this music video is engaging. However, there isn't much to go on with this visual. There's nothing to make the viewers click the repeat button.
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