New Release: J Balvin & Pitbull Featuring Camila Cabello - Hey Ma

Hey Ma (feat. Camila Cabello) - J Balvin & Pitbull |

Out of all the releases this week, this is the only one I've actually bought. There are two versions of this song and two versions of this music video (although they are very similar). One of them is in Spanish with Pitbull & J Balvin as the main artists, and then there's this English version as J Balvin & Pitbull - which was released today. There isn't much difference between both music videos, hence why you can find the previously released Spanish version below. This song is part of The Fate of The Furious (Fast & Furious 8), and as a soundtrack music video, there are scenes from the film in this visual. Watch J Balvin and Pitbull's English/Spanish music video for "Hey Ma" that features Camila Cabello for The Fate of The Furious, as they dance and sing amongst cars.

J Balvin, real name José Balvin, first came to my attention when he collaborated with Inna, on her song "Cola Song". I actually have to sing his name every time I read it - just like he does in the said song. He also collaborated with Sofia Carson for "Love In The Name". But this is the first song of his I've heard, the first one that he doesn't appear as a feature - instead, he's the main singer. He's a Columbian latin singer and has won a few awards for his songs, yet this one is definitely going to give him more of a spotlight, especially teaming up with American rapper Pitbull - who has also had success with Latin-inspired music as well as thousands of different genres. His real name is Armando Pérez, and has also worked with Inna - twice, but mainly known for "Good Time". He's a successful international artist, and there is definitely no stopping Pitbull. Featured on this track is Camila Cabello, now officially away from Fifth Harmony, she's stepping up her game and pushing her name out there through featured tracks. Having already been successful on collaborations with Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly, on tracks "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Bad Things", we're sure her career is going to go places in the future. This song was written by Armando Christian Pérez (Pitbull), José Balvin (J Balvin), Karla Estrabao (Camila Cabello), Jamie Sanderson, Tinashe Sibanda, Philip Kembo, Soaky Siren, and Johnny Yukon.

Directed by Gil Green, the music video is definitely spicy and sexy. It has quite the Spanish flair to it, and as an English version, it's not quite so intimate as the Spanish version is (which can be found at the bottom of this review).

The opening scene is a welcome sight, as we watch Camila Cabello walk the streets and interact with the people around her; before making eyes at J Balvin who kicks off the singing. There are some great interactions between this trio, although it looks like Pitbull was unavailable on the first day since he isn't in the scene with Camila Cabello and J Balvin; instead, he jumps out of a car that looks like it's from the set of The Fate of the Furious (Fast & Furious 8). He's scene involves him dancing in the middle of a group of women dancing around him. Typical Pitbull, and yet he's stylish and looking cool, in his posh clothes. He's not the best dancer, but he knows that and rolls with it, giving his scene perfect fire.

There are a few scenes from the film they are promoting, although not enough that it distracts from the music video itself. The film is something that I do plan to see, but I don't think this music video shows enough to make people want to see the film.

As the music video progresses, there's a night scene with J Balvin and Camila Cabello. It's sexy and full of flirting, and they do well to show just that. But our favourite scene is where the whole trio is dancing together in front of the camera. Unfortunately, it's clear that lighting was a problem with this specific scene, but they've done well with it and all three of them clearly got along well.

Overall, it's a Latin-inspired music video, that feels so right when you are watching the Spanish version of the song. As for the English version, it doesn't quite fit so well. It's clear that that language doesn't quite belong in this specific place. Regardless, the English version is something radio will be playing, and as it gets warmer here we expect this to become an early summer anthem for us all.
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New Release: Kat Graham - Sometimes

Sometimes - Kat Graham |

Here she is; we all know her as Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries, now she's ready to leave the witch in her past as she now has the ability to focus on her music career; especially now that The Vampire Diaries has completely finished. Looking stylishly sexy throughout, Kat Graham brings it when it comes to dancing in this killer music video for "Sometimes"; proving that Bonnie Bennett is just a character in her past.

Kat Graham is an American actress, dancer, and singer. She has got it all and is definitely a triple threat. Following in the footsteps of many amazing stars who also have established careers in both acting and singing, we're sure Kat Graham will become the next Jennifer Lopez or Hilary Duff. Having already been in music for many years (she was an uncredited vocalist for a few songs, including the hit "I Got It From My Mama"), she hasn't really managed to promote her music that much, although she is building upon it with a collection of singles and an album, the latter of which was released in 2015. This song was written by Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Jean-Yves "Jeeve" Ducornet, and Katerina Graham.

There are certain parts of the song that reminds me of "Grease (Is The Word)", specifically the version Jessie J sang for Grease Live. Regardless, Kat Graham's vocals are on point throughout, and even though she isn't the greatest singer in the world, the song compliments her vocal range whilst allowing for a choreographed music video.

It was directed and choreographed by Marc Cleary and Oskar Rodriguez. Shot through two takes, the music video is split mid-way through, as we watch her enter the performing room. This slightly loses the audience as we adjust to the complete change of scene. This style of music video really includes the audience allowing them to feel they are on set, just like with Sabrina Carpenter's "Thumbs", but having it split up into two parts without reason is quite off-putting.

As for the performance side of things, Kat Graham shows her dance ability, which we were already aware of from the popular film 'Honey 2', where she starred as the main character, Maria Ramirez. She nails every dance sequence, with her backing dancers, bringing energetic flair that has been waiting to be released. She also looks stunning throughout this visual.

Overall, it's a solid music video, that really includes the audience - well, right up until the split. Kat Graham is fierce throughout, making sure the spotlight is on her. Girl, you've definitely got this. She's totally an up-and-coming all-rounder of a star, and although we don't see this song charting that well, it'll remain a song we won't be able to get out of our heads for the rest of the day.
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New Release: Iggy Azalea - Mo Bounce

Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea |

She's back! The follow-up to "Team" is finally here and it has an interesting title. I must warn you not to confuse this with her previous single "Bounce", she must really like that word, or maybe this is her sequel to that previous song? Whatever the reason, this song is here and it is full-on catchy. There isn't a lot of lyrics to this song, but who cares, it's less to learn as you sing along to it. Watch Iggy Azalea twerk and dance with a bunch of women in her music video for "Mo Bounce".

Iggy Azalea, real name Amethyst Kelly, has been working hard in the studio on a new range of songs for her second studio album, this is her second song to be released from the said album which will be titled "Digital Distortion". This song is different to "Team" that was released last year, and so it's intriguing to see the direction she has taken for her new album. This song is catchy, but with Ed Sheeran dominating the charts at the moment, I doubt she'll get a look-in with this song. It was written by Amethyst Kelly, Jonathan Yip, Jeremy Reeves, Ray Romulus, Ray McCullough, Maurice Simmonds, Kevin Nishimura, James Roh, and Virman Coquia.

Directed by Lil Internet the music video was filmed in Hong Kong. It was teased by Iggy Azalea by a series of gifs that she has been posting over the past few days.

She has always claimed that she isn't a dancer, but she could've fooled us all because that girl can twerk! She follows some sort of choreography with various other women, totally bringing it with confidence; she's fierce throughout.

There's not much else for me to talk about, the music video isn't appealing to me personally but would probably appeal to men who are interested in Iggy Azalea. I feel like she channelled Nicki Minaj for this music video. It's not something I would watch on repeat, but I guess it relates to the song.
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New Release: Clean Bandit Featuring Zara Larsson - Symphony

Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) - Clean Bandit |

Well, I wasn't expecting this when I chose my New Release music video review; to be fair, I wasn't expecting there to be one for this song. You have no idea how happy I am that Zara Larsson actually appears in this featured music video, especially after the disastrous "Girls Like" by Tinie Tempah. Yet, here she is, with Clean Bandit, as it should always be when there is a featured star. This song isn't really my sort of song, although it is highly emotional, I just don't think it's either of the artists' best song, and I think they could've created something much better; regardless, this is what we've got. Watch Clean Bandit perform as part of an orchestra, whilst Zara Larsson fronts it with the vocals, all the while a heart-breaking gay narrative plays out in the LGBT+ pro "Symphony" music video.

Clean Bandit are a trio consisting of Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson, and Luke Patterson. They are one of the most defining British electronic music groups around at the moment, with a tonne of hits behind them. They made their name known, when they collaborated with Jess Glynne on the song "Rather Be", the rest is pure history. The group will continue to dominate charts around the world. This new collaboration is with Zara Larsson, the Swedish female sensation who has released her international debut album this week. She gained fame when she won the second season of Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent, in 2008. She gained success in collaboration with MNEK on the song "Never Forget You", which then launched "Lush Life" into international success. This song will, no doubt, storm the charts globally again. It was written by Jack Patterson, Ina Wroldsen, Steve McCutcheon, and Ammar Malik.

Directed by Grace Chatto & Jack Patterson, this music video is engaging from start to finish, much like Clean Bandit's other music videos. They are including in every video that they create, and considerably consider everything and how to properly represent their song in a visual aspect. It's admiring how much thought they put into it. The conductor is played by actor Michael Akinsulire, whilst the love-interest and cyclist are played by actor Josias Bertrand.

There are two parts of this music video, a narrative and a performance. The performance shows Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson at the front of an orchestra with Michael Akinsulire acting as the conductor. He takes up a lead role in the story, therefore linking the performance and the narrative together.

The performance piece isn't all that impressive. There's only so much an orchestra can give, along with a conductor. You would think Zara Larsson would channel her amazing performance vibes, but they're just not there. Clean Bandit brings their usual energetic vibe, but they're definitely lacking something. Maybe performing with an orchestra overwhelmed the performance aspect as a whole.

Regardless, the pro-LGBT+ narrative definitely makes up for whatever is not there in the performance scenes. We watch a cyclist, played by Josias Bertrand, have a traffic accident, that clearly leads to him passing away. We then watch a very upset Michael Akinsulire, grieving for his boyfriend. We watch scenes of them two together as if Michael Akinsulire is reminiscing over the lovely moments the gay couple shared.

These scenes are lovely to watch and we see how Michael Akinsulire goes on to become a conductor, channelling the upsetting energy into his passion. The ending scene sees Josias Bertrand sitting in the audience, watching the orchestra.

What a lovely music video. Once again, Clean Bandit has smashed it out of the arena; another great music video and a perfect one to follow on from "Rockabye" which featured Sean Paul & Anne-Marie; yet didn't quite top it. This is completely emotional and heart-breaking and inspiring, but it's all down to the narrative. Just wish the performance was to my liking to give this a full rating, but I can't justify it so it'll have to settle just short. Great video nonetheless, though.
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New Release: Sharon Doorson - Golden Trophy

Golden Trophy - Sharon Doorson |

I was looking around for a New Release music video to review this week, and I'm so glad I stumbled across Sharon Doorson's "Golden Trophy", she's got some killer vocals and a heart-filled-passion in this song that I can't believe I've never reviewed any of her songs on my blog before. I'm totally captivated by this song and it's interesting music video, so much so that I've been watching it over and over again. Watch Sharon Doorson give an emphatic performance whilst sitting at the piano during the music video of "Golden Trophy" as athletic men circle around her looking back on their achievements.

Sharon Doorson is a dutch singer-songwriter. She made a name for herself when she competed in The Voice of Holland, where all four coaches turned during her audition. She was later eliminated during the semi-finals. Before The Voice of Holland, she was in a girl group with Eva Simons called Raffish. Now, she's been building her musical career, having collaborated with Mischa Daniels, as well as releasing many singles and a debut album. This single is her latest cut, and it's one of her strongest to date. It deserves to be a hit. It was written by Jalise Romy, Tevin Plaater (Spanker), and Simon Gitsels.

The music video was directed by Steven Kuijs. It's dark and mysterious but totally works as an influential visual. Not many people can captivate the audience by sitting down and playing the piano, but Sharon Doorson exudes fire. It's clear from the start that this song means a lot to her and she oozes performance in every scene. Plus, that stunning jumpsuit by Elisabetta Franchi, really makes this artist look incredibly gorgeous.

There is a slight narrative throughout, that sees various men come out of the shadows and up to the piano, they reminisce about their past achievements that gave them the golden trophy that she is singing about. The first guy gives us a bit of man-candy as he walks up shirtless, looking back at winning a belt probably from his wrestling career.

Later we see people circling the piano in formation. This makes it slightly eerie, especially cut between the wispy scenes of material. But it totally works, and Sharon Doorson is a talent that we cannot wait to become big; she just has to keep fighting for her dreams, use it as her oxygen just like she says in the song, and she'll get that golden trophy, at the end. I expect a worldwide hit in the near-future.
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New Release: Lorde - Green Light

Green Light - Lorde |

Well, I have been gearing up, all day, to review Barei's "I Don't Need To Be You" music video for my New Release blog post; instead, I am reviewing Lorde's "Green Light", because Barei's music video has been exclusively released on Vevo, and not YouTube - not yet anyway. So, instead, here is Lorde who wants the green light, and we're so ready for her to have it. Such a catchy song, that deserves to be an international hit, regardless of the surprisingly mean comments on the video. Watch Lorde fill this song with such a passionate emotional performance, it's clear "Green Light" is close to her heart.

Lorde, real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor, became a global superstar overnight with her debut single "Royals". Just as she started to disappear from the world, lasting as a one-hit wonder, she's returned with "Green Light", which is a complete hit and deserves to chart all over the world. The song is about all the silly little things you gravitate towards when your life changes. This is the girl who is dancing wildly in a club crying about her ex, the one we all think is a mess but she will get a hold on her life tomorrow. That is what Lorde said in an interview on Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe. The song was written by Ella Yelich-O'Connor, Jack Antonoff, and Joel Little.

Directed by Grant Singer, this music video is a pure performance visual. Lorde is giving off a bunch of emotional vibes and lashes out with her stage presence.

The opening scene sees her in a bathroom, singing to her reflection - imagining it's her ex she's singing to. Scenes follow that show her in a club, exiting the club, getting into a Chevrolet car, that we could presume is a taxi. Then the bridge of the song happens, and she hangs out the window, feeling the air whipping by.

The chorus kicks in and she's on top of the car, dancing on the roof. As the next verse kicks in, we watch her walking the streets, she puts in her earphones and starts to dance like no one is watching, dancing to a beat all to herself. The video is not at all polished, it is a mess, but it's a well shot, erratic mess that we can't help but love. Lorde pulls it off perfectly.

This song and music video is for all the girls (and guys) who look a mess, crying over their ex's in clubs. This one is for them, the one clubs should play to give them life, to add a bit of sass to their clubbing experience. We've all been there and, hell, we all need it. Nice one Lorde, a brilliant single and music video, that deserves global recognition.
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New Release: Era Istrefi Featuring Felix Snow - Redrum

Redrum (feat. Felix Snow) - Era Istrefi |

I truly believe Era Istrefi is the next big thing. She became popular after "BonBon" dominated the world, but not the charts, and now she's back with a brand new soft dance song that is embedded in my head. It's so good and yet not as clubby as I was expecting. However, I can see the DJs going mad with this and bringing some killer remixes to the table. Era Istefi brings performance vibes like no other, whilst looking extremely sexy in this music video for "Redrum" which features Felix Snow.

Era Istrefi is totally one of these artists that you should be keeping an eye on. From Kosovo, she's absolutely stunning, and she is totally launching her musical career and bringing it. "BonBon" totally gave her worldwide fame, now she just needs to hold on to that and keep going. This follow-up track is a definite step in the right direction, showing her off perfectly as an artist. This song is what I would call soft dance music, you expect something more, but in this subtle form, it works perfectly. I hope some brilliant remixes are on their way with this track. The song has just been released, and I hope it becomes a successful follow-up single. Felix Snow features on the track, he's a DJ and CEO of EFFESS.

Directed by Millicent Hailes, the music video is a full performance visual, with Era Istrefi looking gorgeous throughout and giving it her all.

There's not an awful lot going on, there's a car doing donuts around her, sending out red smoke; there's a mirror where her beauty is reflected; there's red ink dripping off her body, which I suppose to represent blood; and then there's Era Istrefi performing the song.

As a whole, it's a great visual, something interesting to watch and keep the audience entertained, but at the same time, it doesn't give anything new to the viewers. It's a great song, that should do well globally, even though it probably won't get the attention it deserves; but, once again, the music video doesn't bring anything new; however, it's visually interesting.
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New Release: Mr. Probz - Till You're Loved

Till You're Loved - Mr. Probz |

Remember back in 2014 when Mr. Probz had a raging international hit called "Waves" before releasing more music under the radar that not many people heard and he was soon forgotten once again... Well, he's here, still releasing music, that you totally need to listen to. "Waves" was the start of international fame for this guy, but with a voice as powerful as his, he won't be disappearing from music completely. Watch as two people prove that love is all about what's on the inside in this shocking music video for Mr. Probz's "Till You're Loved".

Mr. Probz, real name Dennis Stehr, is a Dutch singer, musician, and actor. He has been working in music since 2006 but didn't have a hit single until Robin Schulz remixed his "Waves" single, which totally launched the success of the song around the world. His follow-up singles didn't perform so well and he soon disappeared once again. Now he's proving that he deserves to be in the music industry and this song is definitely showcasing a brilliant new direction he has taken.

Directed by Richard Paris Wilson, this music video is extremely intricate, showing that guys get just as insecure about their looks as much as girls do. We all knew this initially, but this just shows it off at a more visual angle.

A fully narrative video, we watch as two people eye one another across a club. This is something I'm used to happening when I'm out clubbing, so it's no surprise it's happening here. He builds up the confidence to go over to her, and as she caresses his cheek, she pulls a chunk of skin off. Talk about grossing out the viewers.

We watch him go to the bathroom and then he decides to leave. But the woman who ripped his skin off comes outside and drags him back in. Whilst they're on the dancefloor, she removes her skin, revealing that she is just like him; in doing so, he also removes the rest of his skin too. They're dancing as cosmic shadows on the dancefloor.

Overall, it's actually got quite a sweet meaning behind it all. Skin is just a part of your looks, and no one can ever love someone based on their looks. It's what's on the inside that counts and this music video proves this entirely. However, it's highly gross and quite gruesome. I can't help but cringe when she removes the skin from his cheek. It's relatable, it's just a shame there isn't a performance piece to complete this music video.
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New Release: Aura - Can't Steal The Music

Can't Steal the Music - Aura |

So many new releases today, some of which are from some big names, and yet no music videos, which means I have to discover a whole new artist. This is Aura, who has an incredible voice. Slightly cheating with this because the EP to this song isn't out until March, however if you pre-order the EP you will get this song and a remix as an instant grat download, although I don't see why they have it as pre-order as it just stops two remixes of this song from being released, which people aren't all that fussed about. Nonetheless, you can actually download this song, and with vocals like that, how can you not? Aura stuns us all with this emotional performance music video of her new song "Can't Steal The Music". You can't take it away.

Aura, real name Maria Joensen, has already established herself as an artist amongst Europe, most notably in Scandinavia, especially her home country of Denmark. She previously went under the name of Aura Dione, and had a trio of hits: "I Will Love You Monday (365)", "Geronimo", and "Friends", the latter of which featured Rock Mafia. Now going with a monotonous name of Aura, she is set on releasing more music and a third studio album, named after this track. The album itself will also feature previous singles "Love Somebody" and "Indian Giver". The song was written by Aura and Jamie Hartman.

Directed by Michael Sauer, the music video shows off Aura brilliantly. She easily gets into her role proving that no one can steal music away from her.

She brings a natural stage presence to the video in the various scenes. She's completely emotional throughout, clearly thinking of her past relationship that stripped her of who she was. But music was the one thing that got her through it, hence the song and her amazing acting skills in the video.

Passionate and effective, there's also some dance sequences mixed in. Aura shows that she can dance, interpreting the lyrics amazingly into a few slow steps that accentuate this music video as a whole. There's also a possible love interest, as Aura cuddles up to a hooded person; is this the person she has been singing too, telling them that they can't steal the music from her? Who knows, but he or she looks quite shady to me. Great music video, I'm glad I chose it for my New Release music video review, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for Aura because that voice is incredible.
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New Release: London Grammar - Big Picture

Big Picture - London Grammar |

After looking over all the new releases this week, I could only come across two songs that have music videos, this one and Stormzy's "Big For Your Boots", I'm not a fan of either artist, but I have reviewed Stormzy before, whereas this is the first time London Grammar have appeared on my blog, so I might as well switch it up a bit. This song is their second single from their upcoming new album. London Grammar shows off scenic beauty and beautiful starry night skies in overlays during a performance piece of "Big Picture", this music video is glittery, space-like and quite artsy.

London Grammar are a three-piece British indie-pop group consisting of Dominic 'Dot' Major, Hannah Reid, and Dan Rothman. They've done well for themselves after the release of their debut album. They haven't quite had a hit single, yet, although "Strong" has been their highest charting single globally so far. This new album could bring an interesting direction for the group as they continue to go from strength to strength. This song was written by the group themselves.

Directed by Sophie Müller, this video focuses more on scenic beauties, of space and the stars, of mountains, and of glitter. The striking overlays really capture the essence of the song and completely shows the band off brilliantly during their performance piece.

The group shines throughout as they perform the song, it's clear that they have a major stage presence and Hannah Reid's voice totally captures the audience. This is one group that will knock it out of the stadium if you were to go to their concert.

There isn't much else for me to comment on. It's been edited well, with the overlays transitioning effectively and they transparently contrast with the performance visual of the video. It works well and is definitely relatable to the song. No narrative, but shadows are used intricately. It's good but not entirely addictively engaging.
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New Release: Missy Elliott Featuring Lamb - I'm Better

I'm Better (feat. Lamb) - Missy Elliott |

If there's one female rapper who has made her name, made her money, and still is solidly killing it in the rap market, it's Missy Elliott, who else? Here's a whole new single from her and a collaboration of a song that has embedded itself in my head once again; this woman knocks it out of the park every single time. This is another huge single from her! Watch Missy Elliott totally own it with intricate and bizarre dancers, in this music video for her new single "I'm Better" which features Lamb.

Missy Elliott, real name Melissa Elliott, is prolific. She's at the top of her genre of music, no one can reach it, she's up there and she's made it. Yet, just like every top star in the music industry, she continues to make music, for herself and for her fans, and she completely bosses it nonstop. Featured on this track is Lamb, real name Cainon Lamb, who is a Grammy-nominated, American, record producer, composer, and songwriter. He has worked with Missy Elliott for many years, and finally, he made his rapping debut on this very track.

The music video was directed by Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott. There is a full-on choreography throughout that was decided by Sean Bankhead & Missy Elliott, and it totally works even if I have my slight doubts about it.

The choreography is on point, it is fire, and yet there is just slight little bits where dancers are out of time or not in the right position. As a whole it comes off that little bit messy... It's totally not polished to the standard I was hoping for and that totally knocks the whole video off.

Lamb adds something fresh to the video, and Missy Elliott's various styles and get ups totally brings some theatrical fashion sense to the video. I love the water feature, although, again it's not polished to perfection.

This video is lacking. I know how technical and amazing this could and should have been but, to me it just isn't up there. It's slightly disappointing, but regardless, this is high production, it has been edited well, and every intricate thing has been thought about. It's just a shame it wasn't polished and full fire, like it could've and should've been.
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New Release: Rationale - Reciprocate

Reciprocate - Rationale |

Struggled, once again, to find a new release with a music video, but came across this one and I just HAD to review it. This song hits me, there's a strong emotional connection and the gorgeous soulful voice is completely powerful over the amazing upbeat dance-like backing track that would totally be drawing me on to the dancefloor. Watch Rationale perform his song "Reciprocate" on many different stages, unleashing his killer sound out to his fans and the others in the audience.

Rationale has been going for a number of years, lending his vocals for Bastille and DJ Jakwob, before releasing his debut single in 2015, which he followed up with an EP. Now into 2017, he has released this song, and it is a killer track. It may not have gained momentum, but with his amount of fans and people recognising his potential in the music industry, Rationale will become one artist you can't wait to hear more from. In a world where new artists are emerging quickly and incredibly fast, Rationale will be on everyone's radars in no time at all. This song is one of those that will blow up, or become a lost treasure; either way, you need to listen to it.

The music video is extremely basic. It's a pure performance video that combines multiple visuals of Rationale performing on stage.

At times you get to see the crowd, usually with their phone torches in the air, waving in time to the beat. This shows that energy is being unleashed into the crowd, they are so lucky to have heard him live.

As for the staging shots. The camera is at a low angle, giving Rationale an empowering stance. It doesn't help him show what he's like on stage, because of the camera angle. It isn't great viewing, but regardless, Rationale puts his all in performing on stage and that really comes across.

Overall, this could be any other tour video, it doesn't add anything new; and, certainly, doesn't make the song any better. To be fair the song is amazing, and no matter what the video was, it would still be great to listen to. The rating is based on the video alone, but it's just like any other tour music video.
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New Release: Shinedown - How Did You Love

How Did You Love - Shinedown |

I had very little choice today for my New Release music video review. I narrowed it down to a couple of music videos, but chose this one as it has been officially released as a single and not an instant grat single; although, it has been released as two different versions, an acoustic and a piano version, so not the original, but it's the best I could do. On first watch of this music video, I totally didn't get what was going on, and honestly, I still don't. Watch Shinedown perform their new single "How Did You Love" in this extremely weird and normality-flipped music video, that is completely difficult to even understand.

Shinedown are a four-piece American rock band consisting of Brent Smith, Barry Kerch, Zach Myers, and Eric Bass. They are one of those bands everyone has heard of here and there but haven't really established themselves a global hit. Their most popular song is "Second Chance", which charted amazingly in the US, but did mediocre in other countries. This song is a catchy rock song that you can't help but like after the first listen. It was written by Dave Bassett, Eric Bass, Pete Nappi, and Scott Stevens.

The music video incorporates scenes from the N.D. Wilson-directed film titled "The Hound Of Heaven", pretty much turning this music video into a soundtrack music video.

The film itself was shown at the Raindance festival and is available to download online. According to the website, the film is about: "A girl believes that she is fleeing death, when she is actually running away from her only chance at life. Set to a surreal, nightmarish poem written in the nineteenth century by a homeless addict in London."

The main performance piece of this music video easily transitions with the film scenes that are included. Intricate and full of energy, Shinedown watches the film as they perform in a conceptual split and warped way.

The film scenes used easily spins this music video into an interesting visual. As a whole, it's not something I would enjoy watching more than I have. It messed with my head although, I did find it engaging nonetheless. The song is a killer track and one I could totally imagine listening to again and again. This song deserves to be heard more.
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New Release: Kiesza - Dearly Beloved

She's BACK! Kiesza stormed the UK charts three years ago with "Hideaway", and now she has this incredibly funky new tune that easily gets stuck in my head. Since her debut song, she hasn't charted quite so well, regardless of the amazing songs she has been releasing. This is set to be just another song that should've been an international success. Kiesza honours her friend who passed away, by rocking out on her friend's guitar that was passed on to her in this fun and loving music video titled "Dearly Beloved".

Kiesza, real name Kiesa Ellestad, launched onto the music scene in 2014 with her amazing debut single "Hideaway". The song made me a fan of her music, and I have been following her career ever since. She has released some bangers, but not many have heard of them. However, this Canadian star is a fighter and she won't go down without giving it her all, "Dearly Beloved" is just another to add to her collection of awesome hits and I can't wait to see where this new direction takes her! The song was written by Kiesa Ellestad.

Directed by Supple Nam, this music video is a pure performance visual, where Kiesza rocks out to the song whilst wearing a holographic changing colour costume and white Dr Martens in a never ending white space.

The song itself is in honour of her friend Alice, who sadly passed away. Kiesza received the white guitar in the video from Alice and vowed to play the hell out of it. And, boy, does she do just that.

The song definitely links in well with the visual clip, it feels futuristic with an inspiration for disco-themed songs. It's something new and fresh that captivates me easily. As per usual, Kiesza goes all in for the music video.

What can be considered a totally simple, low-budgeted music video, is transformed with completely energetic vibes from Kiesza. She knows how to perform and let loose and it really shows. Unfortunately, there isn't a narrative and there isn't an awful lot to captivate the audience. Nonetheless, Kiesza does the best she can and is totally entertaining throughout.
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New Release: Forever In Your Mind - Compass

Compass - Forever in Your Mind |

Why is it that every time this Friday comes around, usually the last Friday of the year, there is no new releases? How am I supposed to write a music video review on a new release, when no songs are released. It has taken me all day to find this one, and the song has been out as part of an EP for months, but the music video is new, so it counts in my world. This group first came to my attention due to Disney's Descendents Christmas Holiday EP, where they contributed a Christmas song. Since then I've been aware of their music. I think I kind or remember them on The X Factor (US) but I'm not so sure. They have released an EP and various singles. In this music video for "Compass", Forever In You Mind perform in a forest. Looking cute and sexy with their amazing vocals, they prove that they deserve to be in the music industry.

Forever In Your Mind are a three-piece boy band consisting of Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia, and Liam Attridge. They were formed on The X Factor (US), back then Jon Klassen was a part of the group, but he left the band and was replaced by Liam Attridge. They made a name for themselves by mixing up songs in a medley; most famously they mixed up Disney Channel songs, which was later included on a Disney Channel album. They recently released their debut EP, and it looks like they are gaining quite a popular fan base. I cannot wait for what the future will bring for them. This song, "Compass", may seem quite simplistic, but the guys manage to fill it with passion and add perfect power and gorgeous harmonies. Forever In Your Mind will be part of a new Disney Channel TV series for 2017, titled "Forever Boys". Could they be the next Jonas Brothers?

The music video isn't anything massively entertaining. As much as we all wanted the guys to be in sailor outfits heading out to sea, much like the song suggests; the visual has chosen to be more performance-based, allowing Forever In Your Mind to show off their stage presence.

They obviously gel well as a group, and they certainly get on, but that could be due to Liam Attridge and Emery Kelly being cousins.

The group have fought to get to where they want to be, and it's probably been quite a fall not getting through to the live shows of The X Factor (US), but with the help of their fan base and Disney Channel, they will manage to prove their worth and the terrible mistake Simon Cowell made by letting this group go.

There's not a lot else to say about this. I would have preferred a more choreographed scene, just to pull them closer together in their shots, and definitely a narrative. Yet, they show their energy and their ability to show their emotion for this song, it clearly means something to them. The future is definitely bright for Forever In Your Mind, and I cannot wait to see what they release next. I also hope their Disney Channel show becomes a success.
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New Release: Sam Feldt - What About The Love

I have searched high and low for a new release this week as I refuse to promote or even write about Honey G and her single "The Honey G Show". So, instead, I've found this, and I am so grateful as I actually loved hearing this, and the music video is pretty good too. Guess some luck came my way today. So this is another Sam Feldt single, with vocals uncredited by Jasmine Thompson. Watch a guy lose his best friend, Sam Feldt, to fame in this music video for "What About The Love".

Sam Feldt, real name Sammy Renders, is one of the biggest Dutch DJs around at the moment. He hit it off big with his single "Show Me Love" which had vocals from Kimberly Anne; it was a new version of Robin S' classic song "Show Me Love". It did well internationally, pushing him into the limelight; however, his follow-up singles, much like his previous singles, haven't charted quite so well. This song was originally a remix of Hugel's "Where We Belong" which features Jasmine Thompson. This is a new version of that remix, with some lyrics removed due to Jasmine Thompson's management, according to Sam Feldt himself.

This music video starts off with a guy talking, with Japanese and English words on the screen... It says "Everyone lives in this world. But I have my own. My name is Tom Ballon. And I lost my best friend to stardom."

We watch a series of images follow, which then turn into segmented visuals. We watch Sam Feldt and his friend, who we can presume is Tom Ballon, go about Sam Feldt's superstardom.

Tom Ballon, if that's who he is, is completely lonely following in Sam Feldt's shadow. At his concert, at his home, in loads of different countries and cultures. Tom Ballon, I'm going to call him Tom Ballon, even if it isn't him; isn't having the best time. He's on the outside looking in, not enjoying what is right in front of him.

This could be because of how Sam Feldt doesn't quite include him. The song is called "What About The Love" and Sam Feldt is too interested in seeing the world, playing music to his fans, and doing other things; neglecting Tom Ballon.

The ending has Tom Ballon standing in front of Sam Feldt and still being ignored. He kind of needs to liven up once in a while, I'd do anything to travel around the world with someone; he could be a lot worse off, not going to lie. The final scene has Japanese and English words saying: "Now and then eat an apple, or else you will go bald". That pretty much sounds like a threat, and I don't see how that correlates with the music video, but, okay, although I don't like apples.

Overall, this music video relates to the song completely. It's passionate, and I love how it also shows the energy of Sam Feldt concerts, all the while focusing on this Tom Ballon guy. It's entertaining and intricate. Very clever and comedic. It works completely. The song is one I'd totally listen to again!
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New Release: Christmas Collective - Dance Tonight (It's Christmas)

Time to start my Christmas Special 2016. It's quite the battle for the top spot this year, with lots of people wanting the number one to be a Christmas song, but it seems unlikely that that will happen; what with all the UK Christmas Number Ones rarely being Christmassy at all. Hit Christmas songs, usually, settle for the top 10 and year after year climb back onto the chart. This year will be just like any other year... Only with more Christmas songs competing for the top spot. Watch the Proclaimers' Christmas Collective bring the spirit of Christmas with their song "Dance Tonight (It's Christmas)". They've got strong vocals and a sweet narrative.

The Christmas Collective are a collection of six vocalists, consisting of Faye Snelling, Hannah Roberts, Gina Natasha Cummins, Rianne Collins, Ryan Hase, and Sam Cousins. They came together for this Christmas song which is completely cheerful with so many identifiable Christmas traditions and thoughts, filled with beautiful vocals that really brings the stunning quality of this song. Some come from a musical background, hence why you might recognise them. Some are new singers on the scene. Each adds a special flavour to this song, so much so that each artist could push for a solo career and easily become successful. This is what makes this new release one of the best for Christmas number one, this year because their vocals are on point. This song was written by Mark Harvey and Sam Cousins. Public suggestions helped create the lyrics. Put together by Proclaimers Church. All proceeds from the single will be donated to local charities Break and Love Norwich.

The music video has a whole lot of festive Christmas spirit behind it. Both narrative and performance based, is there any better way to represent a Christmas song than give it a cheerful loving music video?

The performance side of things are very festive. It's good to see each of the singers get a spotlight; granted that some are seen more than others, but they equally add something fresh to the track. Each artist is different in their own right, and they've crafted the song wondrously around their voices with brilliant harmonies. The visual brings emotion into the video; this song means a lot to these singers and it really shows.

The narrative is just as festive. Christmas brings people together, and that is shown throughout. The actors bring a realness to the video, some normalcy amongst traditions such as exchanging presents. It's loving and understanding. However, Sam Cousins clearly just danced and grooved out by himself to fill the video up; this comes off slightly weird, but it's all in good spirit.

Overall, as Christmas music videos go, this is one of the best from a collection of artists. Usually, these sort of music videos come off completely flat; but this one is honest and real, with great emotion behind. If you haven't bought the track yet, you really ought to. These guys need the support, and it deserves to top the charts, even if it doesn't seem likely.
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New Release: WHOISJODY - Closer To You

Time for a bit of house music on my blog today, although the only reason is because I struggled to find a music video for any songs that were released this week. It seems this is the only one I could find, and it's pretty unimaginative. Watch a guy with painted eyelids dance away to this house song titled "Closer To You" by WHOISJODY.

WHOISJODY, real name Jody Koenders, has been known by various different names in the past including Jody Meyer and Jody San. He is from the Netherlands and has released various different songs, but he has described this project as Super House. This song has already been released on Beatport and will follow onto iTunes in 2017. I can't deny that the song is full of beats that I'd love to rave to. A perfect tune for the clubs.

The music video is a performance visual of a guy dancing. That is basically it. There's nothing else to it.

It's not engaging whatsoever, although it is kind of shocking when he removes his sunglasses. You have to give yourself some time to adjust to the weirdness of it all and to understand what is happening.

There is a guy who is dancing with his eyes closed. Only, painted on his eyelids are eyes. It reminds me of a scene out of Tom & Jerry, where they don't want to be seen to be asleep.

At the end, he opens his eyes and confuses us even more. I don't understand what is going on. Yet, I can't deny how catchy this song is.
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New Release: Jordan Gray - Platinum

I have literally been waiting for this day to come, ever since Jordan Gray announced her debut single, and then later followed it up with a music video. I have refrained from reviewing it on my blog until today because I wanted it to be my New Release this week, and here it is. Jordan Gray looks amazing during a cis male-trans female love scene with Mickey Taylor; whilst performing "Platinum" in scenes including Billie Gold and Isabella Bliss.

Jordan Gray is known for being a contestant on the fifth series of The Voice UK. She made a name for herself as being the first trans to appear on The Voice in any series across the world. Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned for her, but one of Paloma Faith's acts dropped out and she had the ability to bring someone who didn't get any turns, she chose Jordan Gray. It didn't stop there, though, Jordan Gray progressed all the way to the semi-finals. This is her debut single and she is hoping for a good chart placement. It isn't doing so well, so help her out and buy "Platinum" on iTunes.

The music video is directed by Jak Kav. It features a short narrative with various performance pieces, which really showcases Jordan Gray as an artist.

The opening scene starts the narrative as we watch Jordan Gray in a love scene with male actor Mickey Taylor, who is obviously her love interest. It is the first time there has been a cis male-trans female love scene in a mainstream music video. They are tantalisingly sexy on the bed.

There are various short snippets of performance pieces, from Jordan Gray at the piano, as well as performing on a stage surrounded by blue lighting.

Later Isabella Bliss and Billie Gold sex up the video even more in a burlesque scene, which later transitions into a black and white car scene where Jordan Gray is in the front singing the song whilst Billie Gold and Isabella Bliss are passengers in the back.

If anything, this music video is extremely thought out, definitely showcasing Jordan Gray as an artist, all the while relating to the song in every way. This music video is confident, strong, and one that will be embedded in your mind so that you have to watch it again. Fierce and sexy, with an infectious voice, Jordan Gray is on her way to superstardom.
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New Release: Britney Spears Featuring Tinashe - Slumber Party

After getting up early today to watch this music video, and then write my article for CelebMix about it, I knew I had to review it on my blog too. To me, this music video is one of the best ones from Britney Spears, mainly because of how happy she is, she's giving amazing positive vibes in this video, and it's nice to see her like this. Britney Spears and Tinashe team up for this exciting new music video for "Slumber Party". They dance, party and have fun in a spooky mansion.

Britney Spears returned with a whole new album this year titled "Glory". Personally, it's one of Britney's best albums she has released; literally, I like every single song, which is extremely rare, for me. Now, after the dire "Make Me..." video that was a rushed release after the highly anticipated one got scrapped; she has now totally redeemed herself by releasing one of her best videos yet. Teaming up with Tinashe slightly didn't add much to the song, but the video itself is, even more, fire with them both. Tinashe, full name Tinashe Kachingwe, is one of those singers that dip in and out of the charts and although she hasn't had a global hit, her songs are still known amongst the general public. Sales aren't everything, and nor are charts; Tinashe is definitely proof of that. This was her dream, to collaborate with Britney Spears, and to get to the point in your career where you complete your dream is something to be massively proud of. This song was written by Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson, Julia Michaels, and Justin Tranter.

Directed by grammy-nominated Colin Tilley, it's no surprise how amazing this video is. There's so much to this music video, that I don't even know where to start. Britney Spears' love interest in the music video is actor and model Sam Ashgari.

The opening scene is a car driving through some gates, that had opened mysteriously by themselves. Britney Spears steps out of the back and starts walking up to the mansion; she takes off her red fur coat and leaves it lying on the floor, showing off her sexy red dress.

The party is in full swing much like "If U Seek Amy"'s music video is. Only this time they have bubbles creating a haze like visual. Then she catches the eye of Sam Ashgari, and we don't blame her for checking him out.

Plenty of other scenes follow; a party scene, a luxury sitting room scene, and a killer dance scene that has Britney Spears smashing out the dance sequences like they're nothing. A true professional right there, in total sync with her backing dancers.

Tinashe soon arrives, she magically appears in the sitting room and they both start to caress each other, are they suggesting a threesome to Sam Ashgari? Wouldn't be the first time Britney Spears suggested a threesome, just listen to those lyrics in "3".

Tinashe also gets up onto the dancefloor for a one-on-one with Britney Spears. This was not a surprise, they are flawless throughout, and yet manage to make it look like they came up with the choreography there and then. The dances are easily performed and perfectly relatable to the lyrics almost a direct translation, enough where we know we'll totally be performing them when we're clubbing.

Britney Spears brings milk into the visual once again in an iconic scene. Milk previously appeared in "I Wanna Go", but this time around, it's Britney Spears who is lapping up the milk herself. It has been spilt on the table, probably when she climbed onto the table and sexily crawled her way to Sam Ashgari.

The ending sees the doors close by themselves. Quite the haunting video, it makes me wonder if they had planned for a Halloween release, but pushed it back and made it less haunting. Although why Sam Ashgari has that tattoo on his face is anyone's guess.

Overall, this is definitely one of her best videos. Relatable, fun, a killer dance scene, a brilliant collaboration, a great opening scene, a dining room table crawl scene. What more could we have asked for? Britney Spears' performance is on point throughout, and Tinashe is brilliant as a featured guest star. A little note to the dancer that has Britney Spears' head lying on his body whilst she touches his crotch, I bet not many guys can say that Britney has done that to them. This is the happiest I've seen Britney Spears in a music video for a while! Pure fire!
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