New Release: Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude - Looking For Love

Looking for Love - Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude |

We all know how obsessed I am with Platnum, and I had planned to catch up on my blog in time for this new music release, however I am so far behind right now that I'm just taking one day at a time and trying to focus every single day and attempt to catch up to today's date; and I will eventually, it's just going to take some time. I have been obsessed with this song ever since Platnum and Sweet Female Attitude debuted the track at Staffordshire University's LRV - which is the uni I used to go to; their gigs are always pure fire and beyond worth going if you ever get the chance. Watch Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude dance and perform their collaboration song whilst they light up in UV lighting intersected by a group of dancers and fire performers in this music video for "Looking For Love".

Platnum are a duo consisting of Aaron Evers and Michelle McKenna, they were originally a three-piece with Mina Poli and went on to achieve success at the start of their career by featuring on H2O's track "What's It Gonna Be" before having a solo hit for themselves titled "Love Shy (Thinking About You)". They have gone on to release awesome fired-up tracks that I am still obsessed with today. Now, as a two-piece, this is their first song since they've been a duo, keeping their Platnum edge and style whilst making it more current. For the song, they teamed-up with classic garage artist and friend, Sweet Female Attitude, which is now the stage name for Leanne Brown. She's best known for the 90's track "Flowers". She's also had an amazing career to date and continues to drop new music; she easily stays current and totally slays when it comes to her vocals, just listen to what she brings to this song! This was a collaboration made in heaven, something we've needed in our lives before we knew it. We can only hope they team up again in the future, as this track is pure fire.

The music video is basic, filled with unstoppable energy throughout. It's clear that both these acts love being in front of a camera doing their thing and singing their songs. The track is upbeat and undeniably catchy, and all three artists convey that in the performance visual.

There's a lot going on although the main section of the video is the performance piece which sees Platnum and Sweet Female Attitude embody the musical energy of the song and unleash it out to every single viewer. This is the same energy that they bring to the stage at every single event that they go to. I've seen Platnum twice and I hope I continue to see them again and again as the years come and go.

Other shots see three dancers nailing choreography that works perfectly with the song, as well as a fire performer. There are also some interesting UV shots that see the stars wearing UV paint and lighting up in the dark. It's a great basic music video that I could watch over and over again. I cannot wait to see what these artists release next. What a way to kick off their 2018.
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New Release: Justin Timberlake - Filthy

Filthy - Justin Timberlake |

I used to be a massive fan of Justin Timberlake, but my love of his music certainly fell as time went on, and I'm glad it did since I do not like this song, or it's accompanying music video. He's made quite the comeback this year, but it falls short. He is one of the top male singers in the whole world, and yet his latest music hasn't quite slammed the charts as his past tracks have done. Watch Justin Timberlake present to the world the first dancing robot that copies his moves on stage in this futuristic music video for "Filthy".

Justin Timberlake released this track as the first single from his new album, which is his first in five years. Usually, if an artist has waited so long to release an album, you would expect a brilliant collection of tracks. However, he doesn't meet our expectations when it comes to this album, and it really does make us miss his previous tracks. He came back with the awesome "Can't Stop This Feeling", last year which got us all excited about new music, yet this all just falls short, in my opinion. Since his latest singles haven't hit the charts hard, it just shows I'm not the only one who thinks this. However, there's bound to be a surge soon as he performed at the Super Bowl's LII halftime show. This song was written by Justin Timberlake, Larrance Dopson, James Fauntleroy, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, and Timothy Mosley.

Directed by Mark Romanek, the music video is set in 2028 at the Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He takes inspiration from Steve Jobs and presents his new creation, this robot. He pulls off the geeky-look effortlessly whilst still remaining professional.

This is quite on the freaky side, it reminds me so much of iRobot and all the other robot films where it just doesn't turn out all that great. I keep expecting something to happen every single time I watch this music video, but all we are watching is a dancing robot.

There is a slight twist at the end, but rather than the robot deciding to think for itself and kill everyone, we have Justin Timberlake disappearing from existence. He really is a holographic image! It's an interesting concept of a music video, which becomes slightly relatable to the song as the dancing continues; however, they should've done more with it, there's nothing to keep the audience entertained unless your a robot fanatic and cannot wait to see what this robot does next. Nope, that's not me.
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New Release: Jay-Z Featuring Beyoncé - Family Feud

Family Feud (feat. Beyoncé) - Jay-Z |

I was trying my best to find a music video to review for this backdated date, but all that was coming up was this specific music video. Annoyingly, it is claimed to have been released on 29 December 2017; however, the video itself states that it was released on 4 January 2018. According to reports, it was first made available on Tidal before making its way onto YouTube. Either way, I'm not spending any more time trying to find another music video to review, as I don't think any others were released. The song isn't to my liking, yet Beyoncé's riffs are certainly perfection - nothing new there. Watch events unfold from 2444 before going into the past, through generations, to present day where Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy spend time in a church together in this music video for "Family Feud".

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, is an internationally known rapper. Everyone practically knows who he is and the ones who don't, certainly knows his wife, Beyoncé; she is also the featured singer on this specific song. He is one of the best-selling musicians of all time and has been following a career in music for decades. This song is taken from his 13th studio album titled 4:44. The album was released on 30 June 2017, so technically this isn't a new song; however, the music video is new, hence why I'm using it as my new release blog review. "Family Feud" was written by Shawn Carter, Dion Wilson, Beyoncé Knowles, and Elbernita Clark.

Directed by Ava DuVernay, the music video starts off in the future and then goes back in time to present day. It's quite a unique idea, although I bet others have thought of it before him. It has an all-star cast consisting of Trevante Rhodes, Janet Mock, Rashida Jones, Michael B. Jordan, Mindy Kaling, Omari Hardwick, Jessica Chastain, Thandie Newton, Emayatzy Corinealdi, David Oyelowo, America Ferrera, Storm Reid, Brie Larson, Rosario Dawson, Constance Wu, Niecy Nash, Susan Kelechi Watson, Henry Sanders, and Irene Bedard.

It spans almost eight minutes long and starts off with a quote from James Baldwin before starting a narrative in 2444. The score is by Flying Lotus. We watch a man, played by Michael B. Jordan, walk up a flight of stairs, storming into a woman's bedroom, played by Thandie Newton. We presume she is his sister; she's the face of the family and she's still in bed. Micheal B. Jordan's character thinks he should be the face of the family. She's lying in bed with a guy, played by Trevante Rhodes, who gets out and strangles her brother before she stabs him in the side with a knife.

The next scene sees two co-presidents, played by Irene Bedard and Omari Hardwick, being confronted formally about a murder in the family that led to his ascent that refutes his claim for peace. The two co-presidents push back, saying that everyone is family and throughout generations, they've worked together. Omari Hardwick goes on to narrate the rest of the story as we go back in time.

The next scene is almost 300 years ago, in 2148, where we see two protectors keeping watch over a disturbance that hasn't happened in centuries; which they then solve themselves. Back again we go to 2096 where the narrator states: "My family has fought for the law." The clip suggests that in 78 years time a fight will take place that is reminiscent of the cavemen days. America Ferrera appears in this scene. This is followed up by a scene in 2050 which sees a diverse group of women debating. Susan Kelechi Watson plays the adult Blue Ivy Carter, claiming she's one of America's founding mothers. They debate the second amendment - and Susan Kelechi Watson links it to the 13th amendment, which is what the director's Oscar-nominated documentary "13th" is about.

This is where Susan Kelechi Watson takes on a bit of a narrative, introducing us to the present day's scene. She states: "It's like I remember my father saying when I was a little girl. Nobody wins when the family feuds." This is when the actual song finally arrives. Jay-Z can be seen confessing in the church to his wife Beyoncé. She gives some amazing riffs that are added to the backing track. They're both stylish and on-point, fully giving us power-couple vibes in every way.

Overall, this music video focuses more on the film side of this and the story rather than the short song and the clips that go with it. It's cleverly put together but certainly feels long-winded. A long intro before the actual song and the specific clips have been something we've seen many times before, and these sort of music videos come around every few years. It's interesting and engaging, yet there's not enough focusing and understanding going on. Music videos are too short to be turned into films unless done correctly. This just feels like they've tried to compact too much in.
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New Release: Loïc Nottet - Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep - Loïc Nottet |

Usually, I hate this specific week of the whole entire year and the week after, purely because most artists don't release new music, let alone music videos. Luckily, for me, Loïc Nottet has come through (this blog post is backdated if you haven't already guessed). It is a Christmas-spirited music video and song, with it being a full-out piano ballad. This is certainly one of those songs that will grow on me, I automatically like every single Loïc Nottet song, but this just feels average compared to his previous tracks. Watch Loïc Nottet and Justine Vercleven dance together while the former sings at what looks like a piano in this music video for his song "Go To Sleep".

Loïc Nottet is mainly known internationally for coming fourth in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, where he represented his home country of Belgium with the song "Rhythm Inside"; he scored 217 points. Previously, he came second in the third season of The Voice Belgique. That's not the only talent shows he has been on, after Eurovision, he went on to win the sixth series of Danse avec les stars (the French version of Dancing With The Stars / Strictly Come Dancing). He released his debut album last year, titled "Selfocracy" and I chose it as my favourite album of 2017 for CelebMix - make sure you check out what other albums made the CelebMix Top 2017 Albums, the article I wrote up. I can only hope that the release of this single suggests he's working on new music for 2018. This song was written by Loïc Nottet and Eric Chevet.

Directed by Sidney Van Wichelen, this music video is displayed almost like a vertical music video, containing the imagery into a box, reminding us of when TVs used to be square.

There is a performance piece and a narrative going on. The performance side of things see Loïc Nottet singing into a camera, we can presume he is sitting at a piano, playing the song, with the camera propped up on the piano so we just see him. It's quite a different performance piece but allows focus on the dance narrative being displayed.

Together, Loïc Nottet and Justine Vercleven work brilliantly as a dance duo. They have been in a romantic relationship for years, and their passion for each other is very clear. They perform on a bench in front of a Christmas tree. The choreography is flat out amazing and totally on point, although eagle-eyed fans did notice that it was a similar dance choreography that they performed previously in a video to Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love".

Overall, this music video is completely loving and perfect for Christmas time. I like how the song isn't a typical Christmas song, and instead brings something lovely to the table. The music video is all right, but nothing as epic as what Loïc Nottet has previously released! I don't get why it's a square music video. This is nowhere near as great as "Million Eyes" or "Mud Blood", even "Doctor" is better than this; but this certainly is love-filled.
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New Release: Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli - Perfect Symphony

Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli) - Ed Sheeran |

Technically not a music video, but there isn't much of a choice upon this new release music video review. Besides, this is such a lovely visual for the song that it deserves to be reviewed by me. I previously reviewed the original version of "Perfect" for my Chart Mondays' review as it has climbed to the top this week, so it's incredible to see Ed Sheeran fight to stay at the top spot by releasing another version, this time with the incredible Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, in the hope of getting the Christmas number one (which he did). I'm not going to lie, I disliked this version very much when I first heard it, but I am growing to like it, slowly. I definitely like the symphony within the backing track. Watch Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli team up on an awesome rendition of this song, in the latter's house where the former marvels at everything around him in this music video for "Perfect Symphony".

Ed Sheeran is on top form this year! His album managed to be a huge success and every single song managed to chart in the UK top 20 - something no other artist has been able to do and no artist will be able to do since the rules have now been changed. He really is a dominant force in the music industry and the original of this song, titled just "Perfect" is most-likely the first dance at most wedding receptions. He already released a collaboration with Beyoncé titled "Perfect Duet", and then this one dropped with Andrea Bocelli. He is an Italian singer who has been blind since the age of 12, following a football accident. That hasn't stopped him at all, and he's gone on to have a stand-out career, one only singers can dream of. He's collaborated with top names and charted all over the world. He's best known for the song "Time To Say Goodbye" which was a collaboration with Sarah Brightman. This song was written by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli.

Directed by Tiziano Fioriti, this music video is almost a behind the scenes video of what happened when Ed Sheeran recorded "Perfect Symphony" with Andrea Bocelli. The camera captures some beautiful moments from the very start, even before the song kicks in. This is what makes the video that extra bit magical.

This little insight is so amazing to see. You can tell Ed Sheeran is awe-struck by the house and various things he notices. Then there are comical moments, like when he tries to learn the bits in Italian. But the truly interesting bits are the interactions and the moments they harmonise. It's so great to watch.

Although to take it all into consideration, it's a totally different viewpoint to the original "Perfect" video, and it's more of a making-of video than an actual music video since there's no narration and no performance side to this at all. It's interesting to watch and a great different take. We totally see Ed Sheeran's humble side and how incredible this is overall.
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New Release: White Lynx Featuring Emberlyon - Mysterious Thing

Mysterious Thing (feat. Emberlyon) - White Lynx |

Although this states on iTunes that it was released on 4th December, it actually appeared on the UK iTunes store on the 8th December, hence why I'm using it for this backdated New Release. I also wrote up about this for CelebMix. The song is beyond catchy, with Emberlyon reminding many people of Ellie Goulding. It excites me for the following year, as White Lynx is certainly proving to be a phenomenal Romanian DJ that we all can't help but listen to. Watch this young couple do their best to be together whilst her father or grandfather attempts to stop the relationship from forming in this comical and heart-racing music video for White Lynx's song "Mysterious Thing" featuring Emberlyon.

White Lynx, real name Andrei Prodan, has been making a few waves in the music industry this year by releasing infectious collaborations that we can't stop listening to. This is the second time he has worked with Emberlyon and it just shows what a magical team they make. This song is beyond infectious. I truly believe White Lynx has an incredible career ahead of him. As for Emberlyon, real name Georgiana Eakins, not much is known about her. Regardless, she does sound a lot like Ellie Goulding and that will certainly help her to develop a career in music. I am excited to see what the future brings her. This song was written by Georgiana Eakins and White Lynx.

Directed by Tiberius Margaian, the music video is a full narrative visual that relates to the song to a certain extent. It keeps the audience entertained from the very start to the very end, and that's what we need in a music video.

We watch an elderly man in his home. He leaves and a young couple rushes inside and they are clearly attracted to one another. The old man returns and he is not very happy, at all. It becomes apparent that he is related to the young woman, whether she's his daughter or granddaughter - that is something that isn't made known to the audience.

Various scenes follow, where we watch the older guy try to stop this relationship from forming, although at times he has a smirk, suggesting it is all a game and if the couple can make it past his challenges then he'll approve of the relationship; however, it doesn't turn out that way, and towards the end, he captures the young guy and ties him up - yes, it does look a little on the kinky side, but he doesn't stay tied up for long.

As the old man puts the young guy in the car, the young woman comes across the car keys and races to the car, and beats her relative to the vehicle, locking him out. She's won.

Overall, this music video is engaging throughout. There are some seriously cute moments throughout, like when the young guy tries to cheer up his lover. It's cute and clever, yet gets all the viewers' hearts racing when the old man returns. I would've liked to have seen more of a backstory, and maybe a performance piece thrown in too, but as a whole, this is brilliant.
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New Release: G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I

Him & I - G-Eazy & Halsey |

Once again, there wasn't much choice for my New Release music video review today (1st December - it's backdated because I'm behind on my blog), but I stumbled across this one and I absolutely adore the song, the track, and the visual. This is a perfect collaboration that works effortlessly. I could play this over and over and over again, such a catchy song and a relatable music video. This is one of those songs that should gain momentum around the world, but probably won't, like Macklemore & Kesha's "Good Old Days". Watch G-Eazy & Halsey hang out together on the streets of New York City as they showcase a loving relationship that is full of moments and teasing in this music video for their collaboration song "Him & I".

G-Eazy, real name Gerald Gillum, has certainly made waves in the music industry the past couple of years. He's collaborated with some of the biggest names and has been proving that he is an American rapper we all need to keep our eyes on. I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for his collaboration with Grace on "You Don't Own Me", it would've taken him longer to go international, but tracks like this one definitely shows off his ability to record and release an incredible song. It's a collaboration with Halsey, real name Ashley Frangipane. She's such an underrated star and has yet to have a signature solo song, although she is mostly known by many for her feature on The Chainsmokers' track "Closer". This collaboration has proven that Halsey is certainly another artist we all need to watch and keep our eyes and ears on. I expect a massive hit from her real soon - if this one doesn't become big. This song was written by Gerald Gillum, Alexander Schwartz, Joe Khajadourian, and Ashley Frangipane.

Directed by Gerald Gillum and Ashley Frangipane, the music video sees these two music artists in a loving relationship as they walk around New York City and spend time together. They are a real-life couple so everything that happens in this music video isn't them acting, so the sparks we can clearly see are extremely real. They started their relationship in November 2017.

The video starts with a quote from The Beautiful and The Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is "They were stars on this stage. Each playing to an audience of two." Scenes follow of shots of New York and then shots of G-Eazy and Halsey, with the latter singing first.

There's nothing that really stands out in this music video, there's a lot of teasing, a lot of cute and adorable moments, and a lot of passion throughout. G-Eazy and Halsey clearly are in love with one another and the fact that they've managed to easily capture that on screen in the visual is incredible.

The song is about their relationship, so it's understandable as to why they've filmed a music video that shows an insight into their lives. It doesn't go anywhere, but it doesn't need to. There's no performance or narrative, this is just G-Eazy and Halsey doing their thing together. It's such a loving heart-warming and admiring music video. Although, at times I feel like there's too much being shown at once like they had so much footage that they wanted to put it all in.
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New Release: Sam Callahan - Burns Like Fire

Burns Like Fire - Sam Callahan |

As soon as this dropped, I knew I'd be using it as my New Release for this date, after writing up about it for CelebMix. The song has been out for over two weeks now, but this blog is backdated as I attempt to catch up on my blog posts. I have supported Sam Callahan since I stumbled across "Runaway Train", and have continued to support him as the years have gone by, he even became Artist of the Month on my blog, back when I was focusing on those posts. Now he's got another brilliant song out, and I can't get enough of it. Watch Sam Callahan walk through a forest as three women throw colour powder over him and cling to his tee, eventually ripping it from him in this sexy music video for "Burns Like Fire".

Sam Callahan is a UK male singer-songwriter who has been releasing music for many years. Most notably, he was a contestant on the tenth series of The X Factor, where he made it to the live shows and came seventh overall. Since then he has been working on new music and has been dropping a lot of teasers, we've already had "Bigger Things", which was then followed up with "I Love It When You", and now we've got "Burns Like Fire" which is an extremely addicting track. He later dropped a remix and a live acoustic version of the track. The song was written by Sam Callahan and Jamie Sellers.

Directed by Johnny Marchtta, this music video has to be Sam Callahan's best one to date, for sure. There's not a lot going on throughout, as this male singer-songwriter walks slowly through the forest. Acting as his three love interests are actresses and models Rebecca Liddle, Jo Marney, and Jazmine Martin.

Taking the "before it all blew up in my face" lyric and turning it into colour powder, this music video centres around that. As Sam Callahan walks through the forest, each girl approaches, throws the colour powder at him, clings on to him, and pulls at his t-shirt.

By the end, all three women surround him and throw powder before attempting to tear his t-shirt off him; they eventually do and we're treated to a topless Sam Callahan. We then see him wake up in bed - it was all some weird colourful dream, or so he thinks. He flings the duvet from him and we see that he's covered in the colour powder. What really happened then? Your guess is as good as mine.

Overall, it's a clever concept of a music video. It's addicting, enjoyable, and interesting in every way. They all look like they had great fun filming the video, although it's clear that Sam Callahan's necklace gets in the way at times. I hope the future music videos from this talented male singer is of the same high quality.
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New Release: Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato - Échame La Culpa

Échame La Culpa - Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato |

This hot new collaboration was released on the 17 November 2017, and therefore is acting as my New Release for this backdated date. It's quite the team-up, one we all can't help but love, especially since Latin music is extremely popular right now. The song is dead catchy with ex-summer vibes displayed throughout; however, it feels like they've transformed the track into a eurodance anthem and it just feels like it's trying that little bit too hard; regardless it is fire! Watch Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato come together in this fired-up dance music video which sees them perform together for the song "Échame La Culpa".

Luis Fonsi, real name Luis López-Cepero, is from Puerto Rico and is best known for his worldwide hit "Despacito" which was a collaboration with Daddy Yankee, and was later remixed with vocals from Justin Bieber. It blew up all around the world, grabbing many number ones in various countries. It has certainly launched Luis Fonsi as an international artist, one we're all keeping our eyes on. He has been in music since the late 90's which is truly remarkable and shows that perseverance really does lead to international fame. In comparison, Demi Lovato has certainly not been in music for as long, but she is one of the rising female artists in the world, one we're all aware of and constantly listening to, so this duet was definitely the perfect collab. It just feels like it's been released a little too late, Latin music always brings the summer sunshine, but it's now winter, and this doesn't have the winter-feel to it. In English "Échame La Culpa" means "Put The Blame On Me". It was written by Luis Fonsi, Alejandro Rengifo, Mauricio Rengifo, and Andrés Torres.

Directed by Carlos R. Perez, the music video has a lot of Latin vibes to it, working well with Spanglish song. Demi Lovato's clipped Spanish isn't so bad but after a few plays, you realise she's not fluent in Spanish at all - which we already knew.

This is more of a performance piece more than anything. Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato start off with intercut scenes, she's in a bedroom, lying on a bed, whilst he's in an alleyway, walking down some stairs - he looks hot in those trousers whilst she looks hot throughout the entire visual. They talk on the phone, saying "Hey", before hitting the club where they dance the night away.

Their performance pieces are on fire, and you can expect an entertaining show with both these amazing artists on stage at a gig. Luis Fonsi brings it a little more than what Demi Lovato does, and he manages to get more video time. The elevator sure is a main visual that we presume takes us to the club, although we're not sure how Demi Lovato gets there.

Overall this music video would've worked a lot better if there had been a narrative or we had at least seen how Demi Lovato went from the bedroom to the club. She seems awkward in her dancing at the venue whilst everyone else bats out brilliant choreography. She does bring it to the performance piece, though. As for Luis Fonsi, he practically saves the whole video from completely falling apart.
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New Release: NADINE - Rise

Rise - NADINE |

Just a reminder to everyone, this has been backdated, so really it's 10 November, according to the date of this post, even though it's actually 26 November - that's how far behind I am on this blog, but I promise I will catch up. I'm actually really happy I've stumbled across this one. It's melodically haunting with NADINE bringing infectious vocals! Make sure you don't confuse her with Nadine Coyle though, who is also going mononymous as Nadine. Watch NADINE perform her new song in a church as she releases emotions on the track and feels every single lyric in the music video for "Rise".

NADINE, real name Nadine Furer, has recently released her third EP, titled RISE (on 23 November). She's making waves in her native country of Switzerland and her home country of the UK. Her vocals are shockingly brilliant, you wouldn't expect that gorgeous voice to come out of this female singer, and this is exactly how she is gaining traction. I'm actually interested in her other songs, especially after watching this music video and listening to this incredible track "Rise".

The music video was directed by Gareth Kay and was filmed at The Church of St John the Baptist, Hoxton, in London; which is mainly known as St John's Hoxton. It's a beautiful location that has really made this music video and NADINE pop.

It's a pure performance piece with NADINE fully using the whole church to create many different scenes. She has this enormous presence, especially when she sings, easily capturing every single viewer.

She brings it in and unleashes this incredible energy. This just works in every way. However, there's not a whole host of things going on, and it's all down to NADINE to keep the attention of the viewer from start to finish, and although she manages to do well, it's just not good enough. The scene with the piano does pique my interest a little bit.
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New Release: Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno - Eres Tu

Eres Tu - Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno |

Once again, I wrote up an article about this for CelebMix, but of course, I was going to cover this on my own blog. I am a fan of Micke Moreno since he collaborated with Antonia on the track "El Amor", and he has incredible vocals that he has shown as being an artist on Global Records Latin; so, I can't wait to see what the future brings him. This has really cemented Global Records Latin and displays the calibre of artists on their label. This catchy song will certainly gain momentum for the label and the boys. Watch Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri, and Micke Moreno come together in this music video that easily shows off the capabilities of each artist for their Latin single "Eres Tu".

Kryan is known for his time on La Voz Teens, where he was a semi-finalist. This is his first official release and is sure the great big step that he needed. I expect him to release more music under this label, along with the other three guys in this collaboration. Fabyan, full name Fabyan Sanchez, is known for his time on La Banda (the show that gave us CNCO). He came sixth in the show's second season, missing out on being in the five-piece group Mix5. He recently released his debut single under Global Records Latin, titled "Sin Ti". Then there's Yoandri, full name Yoandri Cabrera, he is also from La Banda, only from Season One, where he came sixth, missing out on being in five-piece boy band CNCO. After the show, he self-released three singles that have gained a lot of streams, this signing could certainly allow him to go global. And, lastly, we have Micke Moreno, who has already kick-started his career on Global Records with "El Amor", which features the incredible singer Antonia. His vocals are stunning on this single and I can't wait to see what the future brings him. This song was written by Melo Cardenas Brian Andres, Fabyan Dariel Sanchez Lopez, Yoandri Cabrera, Micke Alejandro Moreno, and Alexandru Cotoi.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, this music video tells a short story whilst allowing all four guys to shine in profile performance pieces. Engaging from start to finish with a few surprising and unplanned scenes, this visual definitely brings the Latin vibes.

Filmed in Bucharest, the boys declared that the area reminds them of home and that the scenes definitely bring the Latin American vibe, which is certainly the intention. The boys mentioned about there always being a grandmotherly figure in their home neighbourhoods and whilst on set they came across this old woman who was more than happy to be involved in the music video - talk about a great coincidence.

The boys are walking around when they spot some women on a balcony and they flirt for some time before setting off to a club to dance the night away. The boys each have a solo performance piece that truly allows each of them to shine whilst being surrounded by the women.

Overall, this definitely has a typical Latin music video vibe to it. It allows Global Records Latin to put their stamp into this music genre, and it truly works. Each of the guys will, no doubt, start their incredible music careers under this record label and I certainly look forward to following their every step.
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New Release: Laura Tesoro - Beast

Beast - Laura Tesoro |

After reviewing this for CelebMix, I knew this was going to be my New Release - mainly because the song is such a banger and deserves so much more recognition. The music video doesn't live up to the song but it relates amazingly, regardless. Laura Tesoro is one of my favourite singers to come from Eurovision, and she is completely nailing it with her follow-up songs. She deserves to have international success, just listen to her awesome vocals on this. Watch Laura Tesoro train and box before she goes on stage to perform her brand new song in this music video for "Beast".

Laura Tesoro first came to my attention when she was announced as the representative for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She sang "What's The Pressure", gaining 181 points, placing her 10th in the Grand Final. She charted with the song in various countries, and followed it up with the awesome track "Higher". Before Eurovision, she came second in The Voice van Vlaanderen season three. Now, this new track is out, and we're all feeling beastly whenever we all hear it. It was written by Mikke Vepsäläinen, Emelie Sederholm, and Elina Stridh.

This music video was directed by Aäron Beyers & Eloi Cyuzuzo Nsanzabandi. There are two scenes going on, one is Laura Tesoro training and boxing, and the other is her and her team preparing for a gig.

She shows her beast side in the training sessions. She is focused and prepared to give it her all, just like she does on stage. It really works together and showcases Laura Tesoro in a light we haven't seen before, allowing her fans to get to know her.

As for the stage side, this is clearly her passion. She enjoys performing and really manages to transcend her energy to the crowd. This is one female singer I hope I get to see live one day.

Overall, the music video really works and totally relates to the song. Laura Tesoro is certainly a rising female singer who we all need to watch out for as she continues to release addicting songs like this one. I sure hope an album is on its way - because we all so want a Laura Tesoro album!
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New Release: Antonia - Amya

Amya - Antonia |

After reviewing this for CelebMix of course, I was going to review it on my blog as this week's New Release. Antonia continues to impress us all as she makes musical waves. She's come a long way and being on Global Records has definitely served her well. She's fire, fierce, sexy, and totally on point throughout this music video. She's giving it her all and I can't get enough of this song or its music video. Watch Antonia get revenge on a guy as she acts sexily and fashionable with her backing dancers in this incredible music video for her new single "Amya".

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is certainly one of the top female Romanian artists around at the moment. Her early hits had a chance to go international, and although they didn't quite chart globally, it still grabbed the attention of many people who became her fans. Recently she has been dropping banger after banger after banger, and this song and video is just another one to add to the list. We're hoping that a new album will be on its way since it's been too long since her debut LP, and considering how catchy her latest tracks are, a full album would be pure perfection. This song was written by Alex Velea and Cristian Valentin Udrea.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, we see Antonia continue down her dark path of music videos. "Dor de Tine" was also quite dark, but not to this degree, at all. Antonia clearly wants revenge on her lover, or should I say ex-lover. Who dares wrong Antonia? Like, seriously? Just look at her!

There are two sides to this music video, both of which take place in this industrialised warehouse. There is a performance piece and the slight narrative. It's not clear what this guy has done, but our guess of cheating is usually correct. He's blindfolded and made to sit in a chair as he is hauntingly teased by the girls before Antonia takes his blindfold off at the end and walks away - boy, look at what you've lost! Boy bye!

As for the performance piece, Antonia fully brings it. She's fully connected to the song and is serving it to the camera. She means business all the while looking hot, sexy, and fashionable. She's passionate about the song and performs with an air of energy that transcends perfectly to the viewers.

Overall the music video is fire from start to finish. It would've been nice to see Antonia join the girls in the choreographed dance sequence; as well as give us a more elaborate narrative that explains how the guy wronged this awesome Romanian female singer. Yet, they make up for it during the performance piece with Antonia's complete fierceness.
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New Release: Lost Kings Featuring Sabrina Carpenter - First Love

First Love (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) - Lost Kings |

Sabrina Carpenter has been on form recently, to the extent where she's slightly grabbing me as a fan; if she keeps dropping bangers then I might just have to start buying all her music. Well, that depends on the money I have and whether I can actually afford all her music, so I'm hoping she drops something I dislike soon so I that decide not to buy all her music. This collaboration is amazingly perfect, and I'm sure that after a few weeks rotation, the song will go viral and chart well globally. Watch Sabrina Carpenter and Lost Kings show off their festival gigs whilst bringing an expressive performance scene in this music video for "First Love".

Lost Kings are an American DJ duo consisting of Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz. They have been releasing music since 2015 and have collaborated with some big stars, including Emily Warren, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke, Tinashe, and now Sabrina Carpenter. They have been building up their career since they launched in 2014, and I'm pretty sure it won't be long until they start to get chart hit after chart hit. As for Sabrina Carpenter, she's best known for starring as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. She, too, has been building up her music career, and after a really tough start, she released "Thumbs", which got a whole lot of attention and charted well around the world. Since then she's gone from strength to musical strength, and I'm literally excited to see what she releases next. The song was written by Norris Shanholtz, Robert Abisi, Rami Yacoub, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Albin Nedler, and Brittany Amaradio.

The music video sees interspersed scenes of Sabrina Carpenter and the Lost Kings. The former is walking down the street, singing on her balcony, and just generally going about her day. As for the latter's scenes, they are chaotic, to say the least, full of energy, prepared to show off any way they can.

Sabrina Carpenter keeps her cool throughout, attempting to bring the emotion to the song, although not quite hitting it. With the Lost Kings going all out, she fails to keep the audience in. Both artists fall flat because their scenes are on totally different spectrums.

I feel like the Lost Kings are giving us backstage gossip and an insight into their chaotic life; whereas Sabrina Carpenter is actually trying to film a music video. The mesh of the scenes just plays around with the viewers and doesn't quite keep them engaged. They're lucky the song is a complete banger of a tune because that is the only reason viewers make it to the end of the video.
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New Release: Felix Jaehn Featuring Hearts & Colors & Adam Trigger - Like A Riddle

Like a Riddle (feat. Adam Trigger & Hearts & Colors) - Felix Jaehn |

I wrote this one up for CelebMix a while back, now I'm 11 days behind on my blog I've decided to try and type these posts up really quickly and catch up on myself. I hate being behind on my blog. Regardless, I totally adore this song and the music video is quite quirky too. The song is a total banger, one that will no doubt become a treasured track by many that never quite becomes a hit - even though it completely deserves to chart hard around the world. It has a jovial musical beat that just sends out positive vibes everytime people listen to the track. Watch Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger perform on screens as two dancers bat out contemporary choreography as they translate the song into a tough relationship in this music video for "Like A Riddle".

Felix Jaehn, real name Felix Jähn, went viral when he remixed Omi's "Cheerleader". He followed that up with a version of "Ain't Nobody" by Rufus & Chaka Khan; his song was titled "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" and featured Jasmine Thompson. He has gone on to record with some of the biggest and the best rising stars, and this is just another to add to the collection. He is planning on releasing a 25-track album, titled "I" in February 2018 - I cannot wait. This is a collaboration with Hearts & Colors and Adam Trigger. The former are a duo consisting of Philip Tillström & Nicolai Kjellberg; they hail from Sweden and went viral with their hit "Lighthouse"; it was that song that brought them to the attention of Felix Jaehn and soon enough, they came to his studio to create this song. As for Adam Trigger, he is a DJ who is fairly new on the scene, but he has brought a lot of listeners to his music, so he's bound to have some hits coming out in the future. According to Vevo, the song was written by Felix Jaehn, Adam Trigger, Aiko Rohd, Steven Bashir, Patrick Jean, and Florent Hugel.

Directed by Toyah Diebel and Niels Müter, the music video is a pure narrative, where dancers Jemima Rose Dean and Valentin Braun display their confusing relationship at an American Diner; while there is  a subtle performance visual by Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger on the screens in the diner; they also interact with the dancers, creating a great crossover visual.

We watch the two dancers in a booth at the diner, clearly not enjoying their time together. Soon enough, Jemima Rose Dean decides she wants to liven up the mood, so she dances around the table, lifting his spirits up. Next, they're back at the table, and she keeps looking at Felix Jaehn on the screen; Valentin Braun gets jealous and this leads to a fight, one that includes a milkshake being thrown which manages to transport itself into the screen and splash Felix Jaehn.

The ending sees the couple happily together, walking out the diner, just as Felix Jaehn walks in. It's a great concept that really works with the song overall. There's nothing more that could've been done to make this better, although there is definitely something missing.
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New Release: Krept & Konan - For Me

For Me - Krept & Konan |

Something new for my New Release music video review, today, only because I'm so far behind on my blogs that I haven't got a clue what was officially released on 29 September, and this was the only one I could find and come up with. If I truly want to catch up, I'm not going to waste my time trying to find something else, so this is going have to do. To be fair, it's pretty all right, just not my sort of thing, and never has been. Krept & Konan, however, have managed to impress me with this song and their part of the visual. I kind of expected the obvious when it started, but they managed to turn it around and turn it out, and the song is pretty decent too. Watch Krept & Konan reveal how much they like their girls to go low as they parade scantily-clad girls that they want to get with, in this music video for their song "For Me".

Krept & Konan are a rap and hip-hop duo consisting of Casyo "Krept" Johnson and Karl "Konan" Wilson. They've had phenomenal success in the UK, with their debut album managing to hit number two on the UK Albums Chart. The album was preceded by their massive anthem titled "Freak Of The Week" featuring Jeremih, which charted at number nine on the UK Singles Chart. They continue to show how popular they are as their recent singles have been charting as they gear up to release two mixtapes titled 7 Days and 7 Nights. This song was written by Casyo Johnson, Karl Wilson, Eyobed Getachew, and Alastair O'Donnell.

The music video was directed by KLVDR. It is a pure performance piece with some scenes showing a potential narrative that doesn't come into play.

This duo are singing this song to the women that are being showcased in the visual. The women are there to bring the sex appeal to the music video, but I feel like it is way too much. However, if you truly look at the lyrics of the song, there could be so much worse imagery that could be displayed. It's not possible to turn this song into an exact translation music video because these lyrics are really explicit with the meaning behind the song even more so.

As the video progresses, Krept & Konan step up their game and really take the spotlight in this video, proving that they can fully give their all for the visual. They are distracted at times, although we can't really blame them, as the video gets closer to the end we focus more on the women's beautiful faces.

Overall, this could have been so much better. It's quite a forgettable music video with the song being undeniably catchy, although I don't really approve of the lyrics - each to their own. I've been battling with the decision of rating this; on one-half Krept & Konan bring it during the performance side of the video, but the profile scenes of the women are too over the top for me.
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New Release: The Hunna - Summer

Summer - The Hunna |

There have been so many amazing music releases today so much so, that I thought I'd be spoilt for choice for my New Release music video review. Unfortunately, all of my favourite new releases do not have a music video, as of yet. Instead, I came across this one. The Hunna appealed to me today because I remember they did a live signing with HMV a while ago. I didn't go, but I remember considering to spend my HMV points after checking them out; I decided to save them however, that little decision has made The Hunna stand out and I'm interested in what their new music and visuals are going to be like. Watch The Hunna's Ryan Potter spend time with his on-screen lover before getting into a fight in this lovely music video for their single "Summer".

The Hunna are a four-piece rock band from Hertfordshire, England, consisting of Ryan Potter, Dan Dorney, Jermaine Angin, and Jack Metcalfe. They released their first single "Bonfire" in 2015 and it all started from there. Their debut album 100 charted in the UK at number 13, which is a highly respectable chart position. They've been gaining popularity as they continue to promote, tour, and release new music. This song in itself is beyond catchy, and definitely one that will stay in your head all day. It's one of those songs I could see going viral in the next few weeks, racking it up the UK Singles Charts.

The music video was directed by Hamish Kay. It infuses summer in every way, just as the season totally finishes and we launch into autumn. The scenes are sweet and hot; they totally make me jealous since there is a clear connection between our two main characters, and I wish I had that with someone - one day I will.

The opening scene is also the ending scene, we watch the events unfold as we see how Ryan Potter goes from one extreme to the other. It works so well. The couple spend time together in various settings, making us all completely filled with envy. Yet, it's the ending that truly surprises us.

We see another guy chatting up Ryan Potter's girl. Naturally, he goes mad and punches the guy, which just ends up with Ryan being beaten up and left bleeding on the road. To be fair, he could've handled the situation much better; yet, I love how it shows that hitting a person doesn't resolve anything, and actually could lead to you being the one battered and alone.

Overall, it's a great music video concept that relates to the song perfectly. It doesn't have a performance piece, which is a shame since The Hunna is apparently a great band to see live. The fully-fledged narrative is engaging and interesting from start to finish. It does leave the question as to what happened next but apart from that, it's something I can watch again and again. This song and music video needs to go viral!
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New Release: Bright Light Bright Light Featuring Ana Matronic - I Only Want To Please You

I Only Want to Please You - Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic |

What the hell did I just watch? I mean, really? This is more like a music video from the past. This is totally a new release and not a Thursday revisit, I assure you. This is beyond bizarre and has an Eric Prydz "Call On Me" feel to it. This is certainly a video you only want to watch once, well it is in my case. It is typical of Bright Light Bright Light to bring a music video like this, so it's not a surprise but it's still out there. Watch Bright Light Bright Light perform with a dance troupe as Ana Matronic observes and strikes off each dancer one at a time in this music video for "I Only Want To Please You".

Bright Light Bright Light, real name Rod Thomas, is an independent singer/songwriter from Wales. He initially released singles and albums under his own name, before he adopted Bright Light Bright Light, where he has started to gain success. The name comes from the film Gremlins, where character Gizmo says those exact words (I love Gizmo so I love the name, of course). He has recently collaborated with Elton John, which certainly helped bring him more success under this name. Now, he's collaborated with Ana Matronic, real name Ana Lynch, who is best known for being the female co-lead vocalist for group Scissor Sisters. She hasn't really had much of a solo career, focusing more on presenting from radio shows to TV screens. This collaboration works so well, even if it's not something we expect. The song was written by Rod Thomas.

Directed by Rod Thomas & Matthew Canada, the music video is a pure performance visual that takes place in a dance studio. The dancers seen include Rod Thomas, Josh Weidenmiller, Charlene Kaye, Madison Eastman, Adam Santos-Coy, Frank Lombardi, and Katherine Roarty. The video is based on the 80's horror film "Murderock".

Looking more like a fitness music video, we watch these dancers attempt to please Ana Matronic. She looks like a scary adjudicator who is never pleased. There are many references to RuPaul's Drag Race, quotes that are Rod Thomas' favourites.

We laters see Ana Matronic deciding that they're not good enough and getting rid of each of them, one at a time. It's intricate and totally works with her character. At times she has a look of Alyssa Edwards about her.

The dancing is very basic, but it's typical Bright Light Bright Light choreography. Some of the dancers aren't in-sync although it's extremely subtle. It works as a music video and totally relatable to the song as they're trying to please Ana Matronic, who clearly isn't easily pleased. However, it's not something I plan on ever watching again.
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New Release: EDX - We Can't Give Up

We Can't Give Up - EDX |

Not a lot of choice today for my New Release music video review; however, this one came through my email, and it's such a loving visual that I just had to review it. EDX has been building up quite the following, and I've recently been introduced to his music and he is really bringing it. This is just another deep house song that I can see myself listening to constantly for the next few weeks as the summer ends. Watch a loving couple move into a house together and go to a festival where EDX is playing in this luscious music video for "We Can't Give Up".

EDX, real name Maurizio Colella, has been going for many years, but he's starting to go viral recently. His latest singles are becoming popular and EDX is definitely a name people are becoming more and more aware of. A lot of his tracks have over a million streams on Spotify, with recent release "Feel The Rush" with five million streams. This song will no doubt gain momentum and has already racked up close to 100,000 streams - now that's what we're talking about.

Directed and edited by Jan-Philipp Behr & Marius Bohn, the music video stars a couple doing loving things together. There's a clear connection between them and it is gorgeous to watch. The characters are played by actor Mark Becher and actress Sarah Richmond.

The opening scene sees a smashed picture frame and the couple engaged in an argument. We then rewind to them moving into the house, putting the picture on the wall, and Mark Becher being a tease with the paint roller brush.

The scenes that follow are very loving, from the breakfast scene which shows a clear connection; to the outdoor scene where they clearly enjoyed their time together. Next, we see them looking at a map, as they plan their car trip to what looks like a festival.

These scenes are intercut with EDX playing at the festival, giving us performance vibes and displaying the energy we would feel at one of his shows. During a firework display, Mark Becher proposes to Sarah Richmond. We then zoom to the wedding day - I have a slight problem with this scene as he is looking way too casual to be a groom!

The ending scene sees them dancing at the wedding where he grips her arm which launches us back to the present where they are having their argument. He pulls her back, into his loving arms, and we know that this is not the end for the two of them.

Overall, this is the best EDX music video I have seen. The narrative completely relates to the song, whilst EDX gives us a taster of his shows. What more could anyone ask for? This visual deserves to go viral, and it'll be a video I'll be watching quite often. It does make me slightly jealous that I'm not in a relationship, but someone will come along for me eventually.
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New Release: Mollie King - Hair Down

Hair Down - Mollie King |

We've all been missing The Saturdays and their music but, luckily, Mollie King's brand new song and video are giving us all sorts of girl group vibes. The song itself reminds me of Girls Aloud's "Sexy! No No No...", while she impresses with her vocal range. It's something new and different for her considering she released her debut single, "Back To You", which was more of a pop-ballad. The release of this song coincides with the fifteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, which launches next week; where Mollie King has been confirmed as a contestant. Watch Mollie King dance with her girls, flipping her hair and bringing it completely for this music video for "Hair Down".

Mollie King is best known for being one-fifth of British girl group The Saturdays, who are currently on hiatus with no plans to reunite - will they ever get back together? (We shall keep dreaming of the day that they do). She is setting her sights on a solo music career, but "Back To You" totally underperformed when it was released last year; it also has a killer music video that I'll never forget. Now, she's got this new song which I can't help but love, and with her being a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing next week, this could actually become a hit single for her; I sure hope it does. This song was written by Mollie King, Ben Taylor, Brian Higgins, Carla Marie Williams, Florrie Arnold, Georgia Morgan, Keir MacCulloch, Kris Ryeland, Kyle Mackenzie, Lauren Morgan, Sarah Thompson, and Timothy Deal.

Directed by Kyle Lewis, the music video was filmed in South Africa. The song and the visual certainly has a Kylie Minogue vibe to it as well as Girls Aloud; the latter of which isn't a surprise since the song is a collaboration with Girls Aloud producers Xenomania.

There is a lot of bright colours going on and edited slow motion, both of which relate to the song perfectly. There is great dance choreography that Mollie King perfects with her backing dancers. The visual is on fire from start to finish.

There's a lot of style and fashion going on in the clip, with Mollie King totally showing herself off as a professional artist; one who is determined to make it in this industry. She easily connects with the audience, as the dance moves are something any of us could nail if we put our mind to it.

Overall, this basic music video has got me gripped. Mollie King proves that this is exactly what she should be doing. She brings performance vibes and energy that just makes this track even better. I so hope that this slowly rises on the charts as she competes in Strictly Come Dancing.
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